Handbook on International Sports Law


Handbook on International Sports Law

9780857934666 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by James A.R. Nafziger, Thomas B. Stoel Chairholder, Professor of Law and Director of International Law Programs, Willamette University College of Law, US and Honorary President, International Association of Sports Law and Stephen F. Ross, Professor of Law, Pennsylvania State University, US
Publication Date: 2013 ISBN: 978 0 85793 466 6 Extent: 584 pp
This Handbook presents a comprehensive collection of essays by leading scholars and practitioners in the burgeoning field of international sports law.

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This Handbook presents a comprehensive collection of essays by leading scholars and practitioners in the burgeoning field of international sports law.

The authors address significant legal issues on two gradually converging tracks: the mainstream institutional framework of the law, primarily the International Olympic Committee, international sports federations, regional and national sports authority, and the Court of Arbitration for Sport; and the commercial sports industry. Topics include the institutional structure; fundamental issues, legal principles and decisions within those institutions; mediation, arbitration and litigation of disputes; doping, gambling and the expanding use of technology in competition; athlete eligibility requirements; discrimination; and protection of athletes. The book also covers a broad range of commercial issues related to competition law and labor markets; media, image, and intellectual property rights; event sponsorships; and players'' agents. Comparative analyses of young sports models and practices in North America, Europe and elsewhere supplement the general theme of international sports law.

This major collection of essays on some of the most controversial, cutting-edge issues in international sports law, will be a captivating read for academics and students of sports law, sports management, international law and comparative law, as well as practicing lawyers and players’ agents. Senior executives and other professionals in the sports industry will also find much to interest them in this well-documented Handbook.
Critical Acclaim
‘If you are a specialist in sports law, or a lawyer who would love to get further involved in this increasingly complex field, you’ll find much to interest you in this useful Handbook on the subject published recently by Edward Elgar. . . This is a thought provoking volume which offers much to learn from and enjoy. . . Anyone professionally involved with sport will value this book’s contemporary and forward-looking approach to a topic which has now become a matter of global interest and concern.’
– Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor, The Barrister Magazine

‘Despite taking a wide variety of forms, sport is universal. Circumstances and events generating legal issues in sport are similarly universal, but sport operates under many legal systems worldwide. Fragmentation and inconsistency in legal outcomes often result. This innovative collection of essays by leading scholars of sports law addresses a gap in the literature. It advances understanding of how different legal systems respond to common issues and offers insights into the developing international system of sports law. Researchers will find this book of inescapable assistance and interest.’
– Hayden Opie, Melbourne Law School, Australia

‘Nafziger and Ross have provided an enormously useful collection of incisive and integrating essays that cover the gamut of important issues in the emerging field of international sport law.’
– Andrew Zimbalist, Smith College, US
Contributors: P.M. Anderson, I. Blackshaw, K. Clarke, L. Colantuoni, S. Cornelius, T. Davis, A.J. Dreyer, S. Gardiner, C. Graham, T. Jagodic, L. Kurlantzick, S. Lettmaier, R.B. Martins, R.H. McLaren, M.J. Mitten, J.A.R. Nafziger, C. Novazio, R. Parrish, R.W. Pound, Q.C., S.F. Ross, R. Siekmann, P. Singh, J. Soek, K. Vieweg, C. Watson

James A.R. Nafziger and Stephen F. Ross

1. International Sports Law
James A.R. Nafziger

2. The Court of Arbitration for Sport
Richard H. McLaren

3. Mediating Sports Disputes
Ian Blackshaw

4. European and North American Models of Sports Organization
James A.R. Nafziger

5. Models of Sport Governance within the European Union
Robert Siekmann and Janwillem Soek

6. Doping in Sport
Richard W. Pound, Q.C. and Kerwin Clarke

7. Gambling on Sports
Paul M. Anderson

8. Adjudicative Technology in Sports
Simon Gardiner

9. Athlete Eligibility Requirements and Legal Issues
Matthew J. Mitten and Timothy Davis

10. Anti-Discrimination Law and Policy
Klaus Vieweg and Saskia Lettmaier

11. Protection of Young Athletes
Steve Cornelius and Paul Singh

12. Competition Law and Labor Markets
Stephen F. Ross

13. The Tampering Prohibition, Antitrust, and Agreements between American and Foreign Sports Leagues
Lewis Kurlantzick

14. European Regulation of Media Rights
Chris Watson and Christine Graham

15. Intellectual Property Rights in Sports: A Comparative Overview of the USA, UK, and Italy
Lucio Colantuoni and Cristiano Novazio

16. Recent Sports-related Issues in US Intellectual Property Law
Anthony J. Dreyer

17. Image Rights
Steve Cornelius

18. Legal Aspects of International Event Sponsorship
Tone Jagodic

19. Players’ Agents
Roberto Branco Martins and Richard Parrish

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