Handbook on Pro-Environmental Behaviour Change


Handbook on Pro-Environmental Behaviour Change

9781800882126 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Birgitta Gatersleben, Professor of Environmental Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Surrey and Niamh Murtagh, Principal Research Fellow, The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, University College London (UCL), UK
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80088 212 6 Extent: 466 pp
This timely Handbook provides a state-of-the-art overview of research on changing behaviour to become less environmentally harmful. Exploring how well-designed, contextually appropriate behaviour change interventions can work, it charts a path that challenges traditional assumptions to maximise environmental impact.

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This timely Handbook provides a state-of-the-art overview of research on changing behaviour to become less environmentally harmful. Exploring how well-designed, contextually appropriate behaviour change interventions can work, it charts a path for future research that challenges traditional assumptions to maximise pro-environmental impact.

Drawing together work from diverse perspectives and disciplines, this Handbook makes six key recommendations for anyone working towards a more sustainable society. Giving a critical perspective on existing ways of thinking about research and policy, leading global scholars examine behavioural change in the public and private sphere. Through empirical analysis and theoretical reflection, they review key success stories and identify where new ideas and approaches are needed. Chapters discuss cutting-edge issues including citizen science, effectiveness of behavioural interventions, norm nudges, public participation in climate policy, and children’s pro-environmentalism.

The Handbook on Pro-Environmental Behaviour Change will be an invaluable resource for researchers and students of sustainability, social psychology, cultural and human geography, environmental governance, and natural resource management. It will also prove an essential guide for practitioners and activists seeking evidence-based strategies to induce change.
Contributors: Wokje Abrahamse, Sebastian Bamberg, Brendon Barnes, Stewart Barr, Jan Willem Bolderdijk, Kate Burningham, Susan Clayton, Silvia Collado, Sandor Czellar, Helga Dittmar, Stefan Drews, Gary W. Evans, Colin Fitzpatrick, Birgitta Gatersleben, Natalia P. Ghilardi-Lopes, Sarah E. Golding, Judith Geusen, Tabea Hoffmann, Amy Isham, Tim Jackson, Christopher R. Jones, Christian A. Klöckner, Ruediger Kuehr, Lu Liu, Melissa R. Marselle, Samantha Mertens, Natalie McCreesh, George Murrell, Niamh Murtagh, Nicholas Nash, Caroline J. Oates, Alice Owen, Keshav Parajuly, Goda Perlaviciute, Wouter Poortinga, Ward Rauws, Gerhard Reese, P. Wesley Schultz, Kate Simpson, Gregg Sparkman, Lorenzo Squintani, Linda Steg, Helen Storey, John Thøgersen, Ellen van der Werff, Susan Venn, Lorraine Whitmarsh, Marlis Wullenkord, Kayleigh J. Wyles

Introduction to the Handbook on Pro-Environmental Behaviour Change 2
Birgitta Gatersleben and Niamh Murtagh

1 Why do some behaviour change interventions not work as well as expected? 16
Wojke Abrahamse
2 Intrinsic motivation to act pro-environmentally 28
Linda Steg
3 Evaluating the effectiveness of pro-environmental behaviour change
interventions: a review of reviews 38
Birgitta Gatersleben, George Murrell and Judith Geusen
4 One thing leads to another? Pro-environmental behavioural spillover 63
Nicholas Nash and Lorraine Whitmarsh
5 Experiences in nature and children’s pro-environmentalism 78
Silvia Collado and Gary W. Evans
6 Norm nudges in neighbourhoods: when do they work and why? 96
Tabea Hoffmann, Ward Rauws, Gregg Sparkman and Jan Willem Bolderdijk

7 Measuring pro-environmental behaviour: a critical reflection 114
Birgitta Gatersleben
8 The car or the bike today? Using segmentation to understand and
change commuter decision making 125
Stewart Barr
9 Cut from the same cloth? Understanding behavioural consistency in
energy and clothes shopping 142
Christopher R. Jones, Natalie McCreesh, Caroline Oates and Helen Storey
10 Designing behavioural interventions for better e-waste management and
the circular economy 163
Keshav Parajuly, Ruediger Kuehr and Colin Fitzpatrick
11 Understanding what shapes pro-environmental behaviours in small
construction firms 185
Alice M. Owen, Niamh Murtagh and Kate Simpson

12 Is research on pro-environmental behaviour change focused on what matters? 200
Niamh Murtagh
13 Basic psychological needs and autonomous motivation: a humanistic
perspective on pro-environmental behaviour change 212
Marlis Wullenkord
14 Environmental identity as a motivator of pro-environmental behaviour 227
Susan Clayton and Sandor Czellar
15 Collective identity as a vehicle for individual and systemic change 240
Gerhard Reese
16 Promoting sustainable behaviours: the problem with materialistic values
and potential avenues to progress 252
Amy Isham, Helga Dittmar and Tim Jackson
17 Pro-environmental behaviour is a moral issue 270
Ellen van der Werff

18 Should environmental communication be more disruptive and should
psychologists study this more? 281
Christian A. Klöckner
19 Charging for change: the effectiveness of economic instruments to
change environmentally-relevant behaviours 289
Wouter Poortinga and Stefan Drews
20 Household air pollution and behaviour change: learning from
unexpected findings 308
Brendon R. Barnes
21 Citizen science as a pro-environmental behaviour and a catalyst for
further behaviour change 321
Kayleigh J. Wyles and Natalia Pirani Ghilardi-Lopes
22 Contested climate policies and public participation: an
equal-opportunities- and values-based approach (EVA) 336
Goda Perlaviciute, Lorenzo Squintani and Lu Liu

23 Applying the Behaviour Change Wheel to mitigate the biodiversity crisis 354
Melissa R. Marselle and Sarah E. Golding
24 If you want to change behaviour, start with the environment 373
P. Wesley Schultz and Samantha N. Mertens
25 From consumers to citizens – grassroots initiatives for system transformation 388
Sebastian Bamberg
26 A cognitive approach to sustainable lifestyles 405
John Thøgersen
27 Life-course transitions: thinking sociologically about sustainable consumption 423
Kate Burningham and Susan Venn

28 Concluding thoughts: what is moving us forward and what is still to be done? 443
Niamh Murtagh and Birgitta Gatersleben

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