Handbook on Space, Place and Law


Handbook on Space, Place and Law

9781035308101 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Robyn Bartel, Department of Geography and Planning, University of New England and Jennifer Carter, School of Law and Society, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 03530 810 1 Extent: 448 pp
This innovative Handbook provides an expansive interrogation of the spaces and places of law, exploring how we engage relationally in a material world, within which we are inter-dependent and reliant, and governed by laws in a dynamic process. It advances novel insights into the numerous intersections of space, place and law in our lives.

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This innovative Handbook provides an expansive interrogation of the spaces and places of law, exploring how we engage relationally in a material world, within which we are inter-dependent and reliant, and governed by laws in a dynamic process. It advances novel insights into the numerous intersections of space, place and law in our lives.

International contributors offer a range of activity-orientated analyses, focusing on methodology, embodied experience, legal pluralism, conflict and resistance, and non-human and place agency. The Handbook examines a number of cross-cutting themes including social inequality, environmental justice, sustainability, urban development, indigenous legal systems, the effects of colonialism and property law. Representing a diversity of locales from all around the world, the chapters encompass both urban and rural, terrestrial and marine areas, agential and storied spaces, and fictional as well as ‘real’ places.

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates law, human and legal geography, planning, sociology, political ecology, anthropology, and beyond, this comprehensive Handbook will be critical reading for scholars and students of these and cognate areas. Its discussion of empirical examples will also be beneficial for practitioners and policymakers interested in these fields.
Critical Acclaim
‘The editors make a distinct contribution to legal geography, shaping a diverse, expansive, and future-focused collection of essays which finely balance being critically attuned to unequal formations of law and power whilst offering optimistic approaches of how to do things with legal geography. The range of topics and breadth of imagination is undoubtedly impressive.’
– Jessica Smith, Frontiers of Socio-Legal Studies

‘A must-have for readers paying attention to space, place and law. This edited book is a journey along a braided river, with 32 chapters on Indigenous issues, non-human others, cyberlaw, the sea, cities, energy, the underground and much more. Highly readable and packed with important insights, you will need to put this book down, but you will soon pick it up again.’
– Phil McManus, University of Sydney, Australia

‘The contributors, refreshingly, are diverse and differently situated. Intellectually, they also come from many worlds – geography, law, planning, anthropology, and so on. Their work speaks to the crucial challenges, tied to systemic inequality, that we confront, while also reminding us of the diverse forms that legal geography takes. It insists that legal geography is needed now, more than ever.’
– from the Foreword by Nicholas Blomley

‘Legal geography has much promise in deepening our understanding of the linkages between societies, their governance, and the world we live in. The Handbook on Space, Place and Law offers not only a major consolidation of the field, but a significant extension. Bartel, Carter and colleagues scope widely across socio-legal contexts, policy sectors and environments, and offer deep insights of great value to geographers and lawyers alike, and indeed to anyone concerned with the conditions of people and their environments.’
– Stephen Dovers, Australian National University
Contributors: T. Baker, R. Bartel, W. Beck, C. Ben, L. Bennett, S. Berrisford, V. Brooks, O. Calder-Dawe, J. Carter, J.E. Correia, R. D’Souza, A.C. Dawson, D. Delaney, D. Drozdzewski, F. Dünckmann, B. Fladvad, L. Godden, N. Graham, C. Holley, P. Hubbard, B. Jessup, M. Jiang, J. Kaewmahanin Enright, A. Kennedy, S. Klepp, K. Kokal, F. Kwapena, N. Latulippe, A. Layard, C. Li, W. Menski, S. Muecke, C. Neuwelt-Kearns, M. Nursey-Bray, B. Offord, M. Paterson, P. Rannila, D. Robinson, J. Ryan, M. Sherval, C. Stone, I. Vaccaro, E. Van Wagner, M.Y. Wang, B. Warf, S.A. Wright, B. Yuen, D. Zinnbauer

Foreword: What is legal geography? Why, and why now? xvii
Nicholas Blomley
Introduction to space, place and law xx
Robyn Bartel and Jennifer Carter

1 How to make 1500 holes in the ground: accounting for law alongside
other place-shaping factors in the making of an exceptional Cold War network 2
Luke Bennett
2 Legislative tenure and spatial economic analysis: an illustrative
example of papaya production in Nadroga province, Fiji 14
Chethna Ben
3 In the eyes of the law: stalking and the legal (mis)construal of scopic
relational spaces 26
David Delaney and Päivi Rannila
4 All the land was stolen: investigating the aporia of justice through
countertopographies of Indigenous land rights and settler colonialism
across the Americas 38
Joel E. Correia

5 Neighbourhoods for an ageing population in Singapore 50
Belinda Yuen
6 Sexual offences and to have done with the courtroom 61
Victoria Brooks
7 Performing law: space and the unfolding of gender and violence in India 72
Kalindi Kokal and Werner Menski
8 Place: sacrifice and property law in extra-territorial nation spaces 86
Lee Godden

9 Understanding the impact of customary land tenure and reform in Papua
New Guinea 99
Flora Kwapena
10 The spatial management of sex work: placing marginality through
formal and informal practices 109
Caitlin Neuwelt-Kearns, Tom Baker and Octavia Calder-Dawe
11 Collision between two ‘public interests’ in housing demolition and
relocation in Dalian, China 118
Chen Li, Min Jiang and Mark Yaolin Wang
12 Law, place and maps 129
Antonia Layard

13 Activating rural spaces in the pursuit of unconventional energy and justice 142
Meg Sherval
14 Land territorialisation, contestation and informal place-laws of
Indigenous peoples in Phuket and Phang Nga, Thailand 156
Daniel Robinson, Danielle Drozdzewski and Jaruwan Kaewmahanin Enright
15 Indigenous land conflict and the underlying life of laws: lessons from
the Ipperwash Crisis 170
Nicole Latulippe
16 Extracting Indigenous jurisdiction on private land: the duty to consult
and Indigenous relations with place in Canadian law 182
Estair Van Wagner

17 Paying attention to the spaces in between: the social production of
space and Indigenous presence in cities 196
Melissa Nursey-Bray and Stephen Muecke
18 Negotiating privacy in the ‘vertical city’: regulating the gentrification of
the skies 207
Phil Hubbard
19 Landscapes of colonial Australian entanglement: authorities,
self-definition and cultural pedagogy 217
John Ryan and Baden Offord
20 Reclaiming land, reclaiming the ‘nomos’: towards a geography of
emerging rights 229
Benno Fladvad, Silja Klepp and Florian Dünckmann

21 Pets, pests and humane humans 241
Jennifer Carter and Mandy Paterson
22 Apples and oranges? Exchanging offsets for a place agency-based approach 254
Wendy Beck and Robyn Bartel
23 A case for ‘place’ in governing the energy–environment nexus 268
Amanda Kennedy and Cameron Holley
24 Dephysicalised property and shadow lands 281
Nicole Graham

25 Territorializing Arrakis: competing for water and melange at the edge
of the galactic empire – between desert gatherers and the spacefaring 293
Allan Charles Dawson and Ismael Vaccaro
26 Law underground: the legal geographies of gas transmission pipeline
risk regulation 304
Brad Jessup
27 Place, space, and cyberlaw 316
Barney Warf
28 Freedom and constraint in sailing: exploring a gendered attachment to
sea-places 327
Shelley A. Wright

29 Tackling corruption in urban development and planning: from
compliance to integrity in Africa and beyond 339
Dieter Zinnbauer and Stephen Berrisford
30 Land, people and places: double visions and corporate land ownership 350
Radha D’Souza
31 Making there like here: is the impossible possible? 365
Robyn Bartel and Christopher Stone
32 Where to from here? From law to place and back again 382
Robyn Bartel and Jennifer Carter

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