Handbook on Tourism and Rural Community Development


Handbook on Tourism and Rural Community Development

9781800370050 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Heather Mair, Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, University of Waterloo, Canada
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80037 005 0 Extent: 460 pp
This Handbook brings together experts from around the world to reflect critically on the relationship between tourism and rural community development. It first orients the reader in the important conceptual and epistemological foundations of the topic, before moving to consider key concepts and the most significant and salient theoretical and methodological developments in the field.

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This Handbook brings together experts from around the world to reflect critically on the relationship between tourism and rural community development. It first orients the reader in the important conceptual and epistemological foundations of the topic, before moving to consider key concepts and the most significant and salient theoretical and methodological developments in the field.

Chapters written by a range of well-established, leading and emerging scholars in the field consider crucial issues facing tourism development in rural communities across different geographical settings. The Handbook represents a variety of traditional and emerging forms of scholarly writing, including theoretically driven chapters, empirical case studies and first-person narratives, to offer a detailed study of the topic. With a forward-looking angle, it studies tourism development in rural areas, including working with rural communities, tourism governance and ethical considerations. Chapters also consider new directions in the field, examining food and tourism, degrowth, landscapes, animals, social impacts and women social entrepreneurs.

This comprehensive and innovative Handbook offers a wealth of empirical and theoretical knowledge on tourism and rural community development, and as such will be a critical resource for tourism, development studies and human geography scholars and students.
Critical Acclaim
‘Stretching well beyond the typical examination of rural tourist experiences, the authors of this collected volume set rural places and their communities front and center, driving home the message that there is no such thing as ‘good’ tourism development if it is not good for local lives and livelihoods. Both students and seasoned researchers will appreciate the book’s conceptual and epistemological content—a rarity in a research area that has largely focused on case studies. Particularly noteworthy for its global reach and inclusion of Indigenous and Black voices advocating for decolonization, this book is sure to become the foundational text on rural tourism in the post-Covid rebuild.’
– Kellee Caton, Thompson Rivers University ne Secwepemcu''lecw, Canada

‘This excellent Handbook is essential reading for anyone concerned with rural development and tourism. It is full of empirical examples and crucial concepts that affect rural communities everywhere. This collection satisfies any inquisitive mind with its balanced treatment of the ups and downs of tourism as a rural development tool.’
– Dallen J. Timothy, Arizona State University, US

‘In the wake of the recent global pandemic, tourism scholars are contending with what will follow. This work analyses the role of tourism in rural community development, with contributions from leading and emerging tourism scholars. Together, they present critical and even radical insights into the value of tourism that go far beyond its economics. Questioning the purposes of tourism, this volume centres communities and suggests the ways in which tourism can be better shaped for positive rural community futures.’
– Freya Higgins-Desbiolles, University of South Australia, Australia
Contributors: Roslizawati Che Aziz, Karla A. Boluk, Annæ Buchmann, Christine N. Buzinde, Blanca Camargo, Doris A. Carson, Katherine Dashper, Tawsif Dowla, Marco Eimermann, Sinead Francis-Coan, Bryan S.R. Grimwood, C. Michael Hall, Keith Hollinshead, Tazim Jamal, Sung Eun Jeon, Carol Kline, Bernard Lane, Dominic Lapointe, Emma Lee, Linda Lundmark, Michael Mackay, Heather Mair, David W. Marcouiller, Gianna Moscardo, Meghan Muldoon, Tracy Nelson, Can-Seng Ooi, Gaurav Panse, Mery Angeles Perez, Harvey C. Perkins, Girish Prayag, Brady Reid, Donald G. Reid, Kyle Rich, Alexander Safonov, Becky Shelley, Mark C.J. Stoddart, Jennifer Sumner, Nick Taylor, Kelly Vodden, Michael Woods, Xiaotao Yang, Yixi Yang

1 Introduction: understanding rural community development and
tourism in challenging times 1
Heather Mair

2 Understanding rural communities 15
Michael Woods
3 Understanding rural tourism 29
Donald G. Reid
4 Understanding rural development 41
Kelly Vodden, Mery Angeles Perez and Brady Reid

5 Post-positivism and mixed methods research in rural tourism 62
Girish Prayag
6 Interpretive approaches to research with rural communities:
privileging emotion in tourism encounters 76
Meghan Muldoon
7 Decolonial pedagogies as a pathway to transformational
learning for rural community and tourism development 88
Christine N. Buzinde
8 Interpreting the social impacts of tourism-led rural
regeneration: the case of the Alps to Ocean (A2O) Cycle Trail 99
Michael Mackay, Nick Taylor, Harvey C. Perkins and Tracy Nelson
9 Building rapport à soi: thinking critically about rural
community tourism development 113
Keith Hollinshead and Heather Mair
10 Refusing tourism 125
tebrakunna country, Emma Lee and Bryan S.R. Grimwood

11 Gender and rural tourism 140
Katherine Dashper
12 Food, tourism, and rural community development: close
encounters of the nourishing kind? 153
Jennifer Sumner
13 Heritage, heritage interpretation and rural tourism 166
Bernard Lane
14 Climate change 180
Mark C.J. Stoddart and Yixi Yang
15 Tourism: vulnerability and resiliency in rural regions 194
David W. Marcouiller
16 Degrowing rural tourism development: thinking globally to
save the local 205
Alexander Safonov and C. Michael Hall
17 Understanding a multifunctional rural tourism landscape:
a case study of the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia 218
Sinead Francis-Coan and Annæ Buchmann
18 Creatively regenerating St. Jacobs Village 235
Tawsif Dowla and Karla A. Boluk

19 Ethical considerations for rural community tourism 254
Tazim Jamal and Blanca Camargo
20 Sustainable tourism development in rural areas: an alternative
paradigm using the appreciative inquiry approach 272
Roslizawati Che Aziz
21 Tourism governance for rural community well-being:
challenges and creative opportunities 286
Gianna Moscardo
22 “Salvaging” presence: tourism as regional development
strategies for rural communities 301
Dominic Lapointe
23 Rural communities, tourism, and the roles of academics 316
Bernard Lane

24 Community events, rural–urban interdependencies, and rural
community development 332
Kyle Rich
25 Centering animals within rural tourism 344
Carol Kline
26 Shifting from benefiting to serving community: a case of
regenerative tourism and building cultural capital through the
Children’s University Tasmania 359
Can-Seng Ooi and Becky Shelley
27 Exploring the regenerative practices of Canadian women
tourism social entrepreneurs: a feminist ethic of care 373
Karla A. Boluk, Gaurav Panse, and Sung Eun Jeon
28 Transforming a dogsledding community: the ‘Gafsele Open’
and lifestyle migrants in sparsely populated northern Sweden 386
Marco Eimermann, Doris A. Carson and Linda Lundmark
29 Traveling workers as rural tourists: extending understandings
from Tibetan travelers 403
Xiaotao Yang
30 Conclusion: inspiring a radical politics of
community-controlled rural tourism 417
Heather Mair

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