Higher Education in a Global Society


Higher Education in a Global Society

9781848447523 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by D. Bruce Johnstone, Distinguished Service Professor of Higher and Comparative Education Emeritus and Director, International Comparative Higher Education Finance and Accessibility Project, University at Buffalo, SUNY, US, Madeleine B. d’Ambrosio, Vice President, TIAA-CREF Institute, US and Paul J. Yakoboski, Principal Research Fellow, TIAA-CREF Institute, US
Publication Date: June 2010 ISBN: 978 1 84844 752 3 Extent: 256 pp
Higher education functions in a global environment of consumers, employees, competitors, and partners. It has been a force for globalization and a model for adaptation, but nonetheless faces challenges. This volume of essays examines emerging issues and opportunities for advancing education across borders.

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Higher education functions in a global environment of consumers, employees, competitors, and partners. It has been a force for globalization and a model for adaptation, but nonetheless faces challenges. This volume of essays examines emerging issues and opportunities for advancing education across borders.

The demands upon and need for higher education have never been greater at both the individual and societal levels, and the avenues for pursuing the mission of higher education have greatly expanded due to globalization. This volume examines how strategically minded institutions can better fulfill their mission in a global environment while promoting international collaboration and strengthening the world economy. Chapter authors include prominent senior administrators from higher education and leading researchers on higher education and globalization. They provide new and actionable information to enhance decision making and inform strategic planning as well as a contemporary examination of the business of higher education and areas of potential new research.

This book is an excellent resource for academic administrators, as well as for researchers and students in business, management, economics, education, and public sector economics.
Critical Acclaim
‘The book serves as a practical guide on how to go with certain modes of internationalisation of higher education. However, this is more than a mere practical guide. . . though written from a distinctively US perspective, the insights provided by the scholars will be found useful by higher education administrators in other countries as well.’
– Jandhyala B.G. Tilak, Journal of Educational Planning and Administration

‘Higher Education in a Global Society delves deeply into the compelling challenges and opportunities facing higher education in cultivating world citizens. An exceptional range of scholars offers insights providing direction and guidance for colleges ready to respond to globalization – from institutions crossing borders to creating international experiences at home, from students studying abroad to international students journeying to the United States, and from the critical demands on administrators to the vital contributions of faculty.’
– J. Michael Adams, Fairleigh Dickinson University and International Association of University Presidents, US

‘Higher Education in a Global Society should be of tremendous practical value to deans and provosts contemplating an international partnership or program. Written in a most accessible style by a combination of higher education scholars and veteran academic administrators, it provides a nuanced understanding of both the pitfalls and unanticipated benefits from such programs.’
– Charles T. Clotfelter, Duke University, US

‘Preparing students for the 21st century labor force requires exposure to other cultures and societies. This volume discusses ways to build richer campus experiences for achieving this requirement. Different chapters explore research connections, international visitors and students, campuses abroad, study abroad programs, and curriculum changes. By presenting case studies from different types of institutions, the editors and authors offer ideas that can be useful throughout higher education.
– Teresa A. Sullivan, President, University of Virginia, US

‘This book is a very positive contribution to the literature on higher education internationalization. Written from a distinctly US perspective, it examines topics such as worldwide demographic and educational attainment trends; university R&D investments abroad and technology transfer issues; the interrelated dynamics of national policies regarding international education, migration and nation-human capacity building; and strategies to embed internationalization on campus.’
– Debra W. Stewart, Council of Graduate Schools
Contributors: P.G. Altbach, E.D. Capaldi, D.B. Carlin, M.B. d’Ambrosio, R.W. Ferguson, Jr., M. Heisel, P.S. Horn, D.B. Johnstone, M.S. Kamlet, J. Knight, M.P. McPherson, P.M. Peterson, C.E. Phelps, G. Rizvi, K.M. Waldron, P.J. Yakoboski

Roger W. Ferguson, Jr.

Paul J. Yakoboski

1. The Significance of Globalization to American Higher Education
D. Bruce Johnstone

2. The Realities of Mass Higher Education in a Globalized World
Phillip G. Altbach

3. Higher Education Crossing Borders: Programs and Providers on the Move
Jane Knight

4. International Research Collaborations
Elizabeth D. Capaldi

5. Offering Domestic Degrees Outside the United States: One University’s Experiences Over the Past Decade
Mark S. Kamlet

6. Creating Successful Study Abroad Experiences
M. Peter McPherson and Margaret Heisel

7. Creating an International Experience on the Domestic Campus
Kathleen M. Waldron

8. The Centrality of Faculty to a More Globally Oriented Campus
Patti McGill Peterson

9. Internationalizing the Scholarly Experience of Faculty
Diana Bartelli Carlin

10. Bringing International Students to Campus: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?
Charles E. Phelps

11. Reinventing Higher Education in a Global Society: A Perspective from Abroad
Gowher Rizvi and Peter S. Horn

12. American Higher Education in an Increasingly Globalized World: The Way Ahead
D. Bruce Johnstone

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