Innovation, Evolution of Industry and Economic Growth


Innovation, Evolution of Industry and Economic Growth

9781840641752 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by David B. Audretsch, Indiana University, US and the Department of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, University of Klagenfurt, Austria and the late Steven Klepper, formerly Professor of Economics and Social Science, Carnegie Mellon University, US
Publication Date: 2000 ISBN: 978 1 84064 175 2 Extent: 1,576 pp
In this wide-ranging collection of significant articles by leading scholars, the editors link the impact of innovation to the process by which firms and industries change over time and ultimately to economic development and growth.

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In this wide-ranging collection of significant articles by leading scholars, the editors link the impact of innovation to the process by which firms and industries change over time and ultimately to economic development and growth.

The books cover topics such as the impact of the product life cycle on industry evolution, the links between innovative activity and the start-up of new firms, and an analysis of the sources of diversity and the impact of diversity on economic evolution. The three key elements of the post-entry performance of firms are examined – their ability to survive, the learning process and the links between industry evolution and productivity. The books then explore the roles of turbulence and persistence in an evolutionary economy. Additional topics include the evolution of market structures, the evolution of regions and the international competitiveness of industries in an evolutionary context. Finally the books examine the implications for government policy of the links between innovation, industry evolution and economic development.
Critical Acclaim
‘The volumes . . . bring together important contributions to present the building block of the new perspective. These volumes would have great value for the researchers, students and policymakers for reorienting the debates on industrial, technological and economic policies.’
– Pradosh Nath, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
55 articles, dating from 1958 to 1998
Contributors include: A. Chandler, B. Jovanovic, R. Lucas, R. Nelson, A. Pakes, A. Shleifer, H. Simon, M. Spence, J. Stiglitz, J. Sutton

Volume I:
Acknowledgements • Introduction

Part I The Product Life Cycle and Industry Evolution
1. Dennis C. Mueller and John E. Tilton (1969), ‘Research and Development Costs as a Barrier to Entry’
2. Boyan Jovanovic and Glenn M. MacDonald (1994), ‘The Life Cycle of a Competitive Industry’
3. Steven Klepper (1996), ‘Entry, Exit, Growth, and Innovation over the Product Life Cycle’
4. Steven Klepper and Kenneth L. Simons (1997), ‘Technological Extinctions of Industrial Firms: An Inquiry into their Nature and Causes’
Part II The Start-up of New Firms
5. P.A. Geroski (1995), ‘What Do We Know about Entry?’
6. David A. Garvin (1983), ‘Spin-Offs and the New Firm Formation Process’
7. David B. Audretsch (1995), ‘New Firms’
8. John C. Hause and Gunnar Du Rietz (1984), ‘Entry, Industry Growth, and the Micro-dynamics of Industry Supply’
Part III Sources and Implications of Diversity
9. Walter Y. Oi (1983), ‘Heterogeneous Firms and the Organization of Production’
10. Glenn R. Carroll, Lyda S. Bigelow, Marc-David L. Seidel and Lucia B. Tsai (1996), ‘The Fates of De Novo and De Alio Producers in the American Automobile Industry 1885-1981’
11. Wesley M. Cohen and Steven Klepper (1992), ‘The Anatomy of Industry R&D Intensity Distributions’
Part IV The Size Distribution of Firms
12. Herbert A. Simon and Charles P. Bonini (1958), ‘The Size Distribution of Business Firms’
13. Edwin Mansfield (1962), ‘Entry, Gibrat’s Law, Innovation, and the Growth of Firms’
14. Boyan Jovanovic (1982), ‘Selection and the Evolution of Industry’
Part V Growth
15. Bronwyn H. Hall (1987), ‘The Relationship between Firm Size and Firm Growth in the US Manufacturing Sector’
16. Timothy Dunne, Mark J. Roberts and Larry Samuelson (1989), ‘The Growth and Failure of U.S. Manufacturing Plants’
17. John Sutton (1997), ‘Gibrat’s Legacy’
Name Index

Volume II:
Part I Survival
1. David B. Audretsch and Talat Mahmood (1995), ‘New Firm Survival: New Results Using a Hazard Function’
2. José Mata and Pedro Portugal (1994), ‘Life Duration of New Firms’
3. Thomas J. Holmes and James A. Schmitz, Jr. (1995), ‘On the Turnover of Business Firms and Business Managers’
4. Mark Doms, Timothy Dunne and Mark J. Roberts (1995), ‘The Role of Technology Use in the Survival and Growth of Manufacturing Plants’
Part II Learning and Adaptation
5. A. Michael Spence (1981), ‘The Learning Curve and Competition’
6. Marvin B. Lieberman (1989), ‘The Learning Curve, Technology Barriers to Entry, and Competitive Survival in the Chemical Processing Industries’
7. John R. Baldwin and Mohammed Rafiquzzaman (1995), ‘Selection versus Evolutionary Adaptation: Learning and Post-Entry Performance’
8. David B. Audretsch (1991), ‘New-Firm Survival and the Technological Regime’
9. Ariel Pakes and Richard Ericson (1998), ‘Empirical Implications of Alternative Models of Firm Dynamics’
Part III Productivity
10. Martin Neil Baily, Charles Hulten and David Campbell (1992), ‘Productivity Dynamics in Manufacturing Plants’
11. Lili Liu and James R. Tybout (1996), ‘Productivity Growth in Chile and Colombia: The Role of Entry, Exit, and Learning’
12. Paul A. Geroski (1989), ‘Entry, Innovation and Productivity Growth’
13. Frank R. Lichtenberg and Donald Siegel (1987), ‘Productivity and Changes in Ownership of Manufacturing Plants’
Part IV Turbulence
14. Dennis C. Mueller (1976), ‘Information, Mobility and Profit’
15. M.E. Beesley and R.T. Hamilton (1984), ‘Small Firms’ Seedbed Role and the Concept of Turbulence’
16. Val Eugene Lambson (1991), ‘Industry Evolution with Sunk Costs and Uncertain Market Conditions’
17. Richard Ericson and Ariel Pakes (1995), ‘Markov-Perfect Industry Dynamics: A Framework for Empirical Work’
18. Hugo A. Hopenhayn (1992), ‘Entry, Exit and Firm Dynamics in Long Run Equilibrium’
Name Index

Volume III:
Part I Persistence
1. Richard J. Gilbert and David M.G. Newbery (1982), ‘Preemptive Patenting and the Persistence of Monopoly’
2. Jennifer F. Reinganum (1983), ‘Uncertain Innovation and the Persistence of Monopoly’
3. Richard J. Gilbert and David M.G. Newbery (1984), ‘Uncertain Innovation and the Persistence of Monopoly: Comment’
4. Jennifer F. Reinganum (1984), ‘Uncertain Innovation and the Persistence of Monopoly: Reply’
5. Richard J. Gilbert and David M.G. Newbery (1984), ‘Preemptive Patenting and the Persistence of Monopoly: Reply’
6. Dennis C. Mueller (1986), ‘The Persistence of Profits above the Norm’ and ‘Profitability and Market Structure’
7. Clayton M. Christensen and Richard S. Rosenbloom (1995), ‘Explaining the Attacker’s Advantage: Technological Paradigms, Organizational Dynamics, and the Value Network’
Part II Evolution and Horizontal Market Structure
8. Steven Klepper and Elizabeth Graddy (1990), ‘The Evolution of New Industries and the Determinants of Market Structure’
9. Richard E. Caves (1998), ‘Industrial Organization and the New Findings on the Turnover and Mobility of Firms’
10. John Sutton (1991), ‘From Theory to Measurement’ and ‘Econometric Evidence’
11. Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. with the assistance of Takashi Hikino (1990), ‘Scale, Scope, and Organizational Capabilities’
12. John Sutton (1996), ‘Technology and Market Structure’
Part III Regional Evolution
13. Edward L. Glaeser, Hedi D. Kallal, José A. Scheinkman and Andrei Shleifer (1992), ‘Growth in Cities’
14. Maryann P. Feldmann and David B. Audretsch (1999), ‘Innovation in Cities: Science-based Diversity, Specialization and Localized Competition’
15. Glenn Ellison and Edward L. Glaeser (1997), ‘Geographic Concentration in U.S. Manufacturing Industries: A Dartboard Approach’
Part IV International Competitiveness of Industries
16. Robert E. Lucas, Jr. (1993), ‘Making a Miracle’
17. B.-Y. Aw and A.R. Hwang (1995), ‘Productivity and the Export Market: A Firm-Level Analysis’
Part V Public Policy
18. Wesley M. Cohen and Steven Klepper (1992), ‘The Tradeoff Between Firm Size and Diversity in the Pursuit of Technological Progress’
19. Joseph E. Stiglitz (1996), ‘Some Lessons from the East Asian Miracle’
20. Richard R. Nelson (1992), ‘National Innovation Systems: A Retrospective on a Study’
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