International Handbook of Globalization and World Cities


International Handbook of Globalization and World Cities

9781785360688 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Ben Derudder, KU Leuven, Belgium, Michael Hoyler, Geography and Environment, School of Social Sciences, Loughborough University, Peter J. Taylor, Emeritus Professor of Geography, Loughborough University and Northumbria University, UK and Frank Witlox, Ghent University, Belgium
Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 978 1 78536 068 8 Extent: 584 pp
This Handbook offers an unrivalled overview of current research into how globalization is affecting the external relations and internal structures of major cities in the world.

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This Handbook offers an unrivalled overview of current research into how globalization is affecting the external relations and internal structures of major cities in the world.

By treating cities at a global scale, it focuses on the ‘stretching’ of urban functions beyond specific place locations, without losing sight of the multiple divisions in contemporary world cities. The book firmly bases city networks in their historical context, critically discusses contemporary concepts and key empirical measures, and analyses major issues relating to world city infrastructures, economies, governance and divisions. The variety of urban outcomes in contemporary globalization is explored through detailed case studies.

Edited by leading scholars of the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network and written by over 60 experts in the field, the Handbook is a unique resource for students, researchers and academics in urban and globalization studies as well as for city professionals in planning and policy.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book offers an extremely rich variety of (short) chapters on aspects of flows in network and knowledge societies, highlighting the evolutionary shift in focus from cities and states to places in urban networks and mosaics, in which urbanization and globalization themes are blended. The book is definitely a joyful read for all those researchers interested in urban networks and world cities.’
– Martijn J. Burger and Frank G. van Oort, Journal of Regional Science

‘An academic work of greatest interest to students and scholars of urban studies, urban planning, urban anthropology, urban history, urban geography, and urban sociology.’
– M.E. Pfeifer, Choice

‘As a Handbook, this volume expertly summarizes and reviews the current world cities research. Moreover, it does so in a way that is user-friendly, with short and accessible chapters organized in a coherent framework. Thus, students and researchers new to the area of world cities stand to benefit the most from this book. Supplemented with just a few classic articles, it provides a comprehensive introduction and lays the preliminary groundwork that would be necessary to undertake research on world cities. Likewise, established world cities researchers will find it a ready reference and convenient source for preparing literature reviews. Indeed, it sets an example for the organization and accessibility that future contributions in the world cities literature – both edited volumes and research articles – should aim for.’
– Zachary Neal, Economic Geography
Contributors: M. Acuto, A.S. Alderson, H. Ali, D. Bassens, H. Bathelt, J.V. Beaverstock, J. Beckfield, A. Boulton, S.D. Brunn, L.C.S. Budd, T. Bunnell, K. Datta, B. Derudder, A. De Vos, L. Devriendt, E. Engelen, Y. Evans, J. Faulconbridge, R. Grant, T.H. Grubesic, C. Grundy-Warr, S. Hall, C. Hamnett, J. Harrison, J. Herbert, M. Hoyler, P. Hubbard, R. Keil, A.D. King, R. Kloosterman, P. Knox, E. Korcelli-Olejniczak, K.P.Y. Lai, B. Lambregts, R.E. Lang, L. Lees, C. Lizieri, E.J. Malecki, T.C. Matisziw, J. May, C. McIlwaine, D. Murakami Wood, C. Nagel, P. Newman, C. Nicholas, J. Nijman, S. Oosterlynck, K. Pain, C. Parnreiter, A.C. Pratt, J. Rennie Short, J.D. Sidaway, D. Smith, R.G. Smith, M. Sparke, P.J. Taylor, A. Thornley, B. van der Knaap, H. van der Wusten, R. Wall, A. Watson, J. Wills, F. Witlox

1. Introduction: A Relational Urban Studies
Ben Derudder, Michael Hoyler, Peter J. Taylor and Frank Witlox

I A Histories
2. Historical World City Networks
Peter J. Taylor

3. Cities in the Making of World Hegemonies
Peter J. Taylor, Michael Hoyler and Dennis Smith

4. Imperialism and World Cities
Anthony D. King

5. Political Global Cities
Herman van der Wusten

I B Contemporary Concepts
6. The Interlocking Network Model
Peter J. Taylor

7. On City Cooperation and City Competition
Peter J. Taylor

8. Global City/World City
Ben Derudder, Anneleen De Vos and Frank Witlox

9. Spatial Transformations of Cities: Global City-region? Mega-city Region?
Kathy Pain

I C Relational Empirics
10. World Cities and Airline Networks
Tony H. Grubesic and Timothy C. Matisziw

11. Internet Networks of World Cities: Agglomeration and Dispersion
Edward J. Malecki

12. Corporate Networks of World Cities
Arthur S. Alderson and Jason Beckfield

13. Advanced Producer Servicing Networks of World Cities
Peter J. Taylor, Ben Derudder, Michael Hoyler and Frank Witlox

II A World City Infrastructures
14. Airports: From Flying Fields to Twenty-first Century Aerocities
Lucy C.S. Budd

15. Global Cities, Office Markets and Capital Flows
Colin Lizieri

16. International Trade Fairs and World Cities: Temporary vs. Permanent Clusters
Harald Bathelt

17. Mega-events: Urban Spectaculars and Globalization
John Rennie Short

18 Cyberinfrastructures and ‘Smart’ World Cities: Physical, Human and Soft Infrastructures
Andrew Boulton, Stanley D. Brunn and Lomme Devriendt

II B World City Economies
19 Centrality, Hierarchy and Heterarchy of Worldwide Corporate Networks
Ronald Wall and Bert van der Knaap

20. Business Knowledges Within and Between the World City
James Faulconbridge and Sarah Hall

21. Highly Skilled International Labour Migration and World Cities: Expatriates, Executives and Entrepreneurs
Jonathan V. Beaverstock

22. Grasping the Spatial Paradoxes of Finance: Theoretical Lessons from the Case of Amsterdam
Ewald Engelen

23. The Cultural Economy and the Global City
Andy C. Pratt

24. Starchitects, Starchitecture and the Symbolic Capital of World Cities
Paul Knox

25. How Global is the ‘Global Media’? Analysing the Networked Urban Geographies of Transnational Media Corporations
Allan Watson

26. World Cities of Sex
Phil Hubbard

II C World City Governance
27. Global City-region Governance, Ten Years On
John Harrison

28. Cities and Sustainability: Reflections on a Decade of World Development
Kathy Pain

29. Planning for World Cities: Shifting Agendas and Differing Politics
Peter Newman and Andy Thornley

30. Surveillance in the World City
David Murakami Wood

31. Global Cities and Infectious Disease
Harris Ali and Roger Keil

II D World City Divisions
32. Urban Social Polarization
Chris Hamnett

33. Gentrifying the World City
Loretta Lees

34. The Privileged World City: Private Banking, Wealth Management and the Bespoke Servicing of the Global Super-rich
Jonathan V. Beaverstock

35. Global Workers for Global Cities: Low Paid Migrant Labour in London
Kavita Datta, Cathy McIlwaine, Joanna Herbert, Yara Evans, Jon May and Jane Wills

36. Cultural Diasporas
Caroline Nagel

37. Suburbanization and Global Cities
Roger Keil

38. NY-LON
Richard G. Smith

39. Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong Within a Financial Centre Network
Karen P.Y. Lai

40. More than an Ordinary City: The Role of Mexico City in Global Commodity Chains
Christof Parnreiter

41. Mumbai as a Global City: A Theoretical Essay
Jan Nijman

42. Accra: A Globalizing City
Richard Grant

43. Geographies of Power in the Indonesia–Malaysia–Singapore Growth Triangle
Tim Bunnell, Carl Grundy-Warr, James D. Sidaway and Matthew Sparke

44. Randstad Holland: Probing Hierarchies and Interdependencies in a Polycentric World City Region
Bart Lambregts and Robert Kloosterman

45. From National Capital to Dismal Political World City: The Politics of Scalar Disarticulation in Brussels
Stijn Oosterlynck

46. Las Vegas: More than a One-dimensional World City?
Robert E. Lang and Christina Nicholas

47. South Florida: World City, Edgeless City
Robert E. Lang and Christina Nicholas

48. Marked by Dynamics: Berlin and Warsaw in the Process of Functional Change
Ewa Korcelli-Olejniczak

49. ‘The World City Concept Travels East’: On Excessive Imagination and Limited Urban Sustainability in UAE World Cities
David Bassens

50. Sydney: The Wicked Power-geometry of a Greening Global City
Michele Acuto

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