International Perspectives on Business Innovation and Disruption in the Creative Industries


International Perspectives on Business Innovation and Disruption in the Creative Industries

Film, Video and Photography

9781783475339 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Robert DeFillippi, Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University, US and Patrik Wikström, Associate Professor, Digital Media Research Centre, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Publication Date: September 2014 ISBN: 978 1 78347 533 9 Extent: 288 pp
This volume examines how disruptive innovations are reshaping industry boundaries and challenging conventional business models and practices in the industries for film, video and photography. The thirteen chapters provide a rich and diverse account of these processes from a wide range of country contexts. The book fills the gap between the study of disruption by innovation scholars in business schools and the recognition of disruption by academics and practitioners from non-business school disciplines and contexts, including the broader social sciences.

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As knowledge-based economies continue to grow, creative fields are becoming increasingly important for economic growth and development. Within these fields, disruptive innovations are reshaping industry boundaries and challenging conventional business models. This highly original volume explores the digital disruptions and related industry transformations in film, video and photography.

The authors highlight new sources of creative content and examine alternative business models and value propositions currently emerging in a number of different countries. The book incorporates work on disruption from innovation scholars in business schools as well as insights from academics and practitioners in other disciplines, including the broader social sciences.

This authoritative volume is vital reading for scholars and researchers specializing in knowledge management and innovation, as well as practitioners working in a variety of image-based creative fields.
Critical Acclaim
‘Independent film makers and local media companies use the digital transformation of the business to find new ways for producing, funding and broadcasting their works of art. Their innovative ideas change the existing value chains and create new relations between artists and audiences that have previously been unimaginable. This is a great collection of chapters that give insight into a fascinating field of study: congratulations to the authors and editors!’
– Kathrin M. Möslein, University Erlangen-Nuremberg and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

‘At a time when the creative industries are becoming increasingly important for economic growth and employment prospects, this highly original and authoritative volume explores the digital disruptions and the related industry transformation in these sectors. The different studies bring to life the new sources of creative content, the new business models and value propositions emerging in different countries in a variety of creative industries associated with imagery. It is vital reading for all researchers and practitioners with a stake in understanding and contributing to a major force in the current economic transformation towards knowledge-based economies.’
– Marcela Miozzo, The University of Manchester, UK

‘This excellent set of expert chapters covers all aspects of innovative change in the creative industries. What sets this volume apart is its strong focus on very recent developments and phenomena, like customer co-creation, crowdfunding, or managing long-tail markets. I found plenty of new ideas for my own research!’
– Frank T. Piller, RWTH Aachen University, Germany and MIT, US

‘The film, video and photography industries have been transformed in recent years by digitisation, the emergence of new business models, and new modes of collaboration between “the crowd” and professional practitioners in the financing, production and distribution of media content. Through multiple case and country studies, this book augments analysis of creative industries’ dynamics and deepens understanding of business innovation and strategy in knowledge-based economies. This volume should be required reading for students, researchers and practitioners in media industries and management.’
– Ben Goldsmith, ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation, Australia.

‘The way we create, fund and share experiences is going through rapid and profound change. The chapters of DeFillippi and Wikström''s excellent book capture the sense of participation, collaboration and constant restructuring that typifies the creative industries as companies and individuals seek to define and seize new opportunities.’
– Nicholas Ind, Oslo School of Management, Norway
Contributors: S. de Vinck, R. DeFillippi, C. Dumas, N. Escoffier, N. Ferrer-Roca, A. Finney, K. Hung, P. Hunt, R. Kimani, A. Kwok, T.-Y. Lau, S. Leminen, S. Lindmark, M.E. Luka, B. McKelvey, L. Naldi, Y. Roth, P. Roy, L. Sánchez, A. Serra, S. Sparviero, M.B. von Rimscha, N. Wakabayashi, M. Westerlund, P. Wikström, J.-I. Yamada, M. Yamashita

Robert DeFillippi and Patrik Wikström

1. Value Chain Restructuring in the Film Industry: The Case of the Independent Feature Film Sector
Angus Finney

2. Business Innovation in the Film Industry Value Chain: A New Zealand Case Study
Natàlia Ferrer-Roca

3. A Case Study of Business Model Innovation and Transformation in China’s Film Industry
Tuen-Yu Lau and Axel Kwok

4. The Power of Japanese Film Production Consortia: The Evolution of Inter-firm Alliance Networks and the Revival of the Japanese Film Industry
Naoki Wakabayashi, Jin-Ichiro Yamada and Masaru Yamashita

5. European Audio-visual Production Companies Adapting to Strategic Challenges
M. Bjørn von Rimscha, Patrik Wikström and Lucia Naldi

6. When Disruption Is Driven by Established Firms: The Case of French Multiplex Theatres
Pierre Roy

7. Innovation in the Film Sector: What Lessons from the Past Tell Us About Hollywood’s Digital Future - and What That Means for Europe
Sophie de Vinck and Sven Lindmark

8. The Creative Destruction of the United States’ Audio-Visual Media Ecosystem
Sergio Sparviero

9. Modes, Flows and Networks: The Promise of Crowdfunding in Documentary Filmmaking and Audience Development
Mary Elizabeth Luka

10. Crowdsourcing in the Production of Video Advertising: The Emerging Roles of Crowd-sourcing Platforms
Yannig Roth and Rosemary Kimani

11. Using “Crowd-Wisdom Strategy” to co-create Market value: Proof-of Concept from the Movie Industry
Nadine Escoffier and Bill McKelvey

12. Crowd Sourcing and the Evolution of the Microstock Photography Industry: The case of iStockphoto and Getty Images
Robert DeFillippi, Pat Hunt, Colette Dumas and Ken Hung

13. Users as Content Creators, Aggregators, and Distributors at Citilab Living Lab
Seppo Leminen, Mika Westerlund, Laia Sánchez and Artur Serra

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