Making Inclusion Work


Making Inclusion Work

Experiences from Academia Around the World

9781848440845 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Saija Katila, Adjunct Professor of Organization and Management, Senior Lecturer, Department of Management Studies, Aalto University School of Business, Finland, Susan Meriläinen, Professor of Management, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lapland, Finland and Janne Tienari, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
Publication Date: August 2010 ISBN: 978 1 84844 084 5 Extent: 224 pp
This innovative book explores how inclusion can be enhanced in academia by considering the strategic work of expert academics from around the world. It offers a new look at academic work through the accounts of passionate practitioners who have each, in their own ways, made inclusion work.

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This innovative book explores how inclusion can be enhanced in academia by considering the strategic work of expert academics from around the world. It offers a new look at academic work through the accounts of passionate practitioners who have each, in their own ways, made inclusion work.

Making Inclusion Work exemplifies how academics can meaningfully engage in inclusive practices in their everyday work. Scholars around the world share their experiences of intervening in curriculum development, teaching and research, and reflect on practices that have worked in local contexts. The authors discuss the process for reaching greater inclusion – which begins with an honest appraisal of current local practice.

Reflective developers in academic institutions and educational administration will appreciate the unique insights provided by this book. Students interested in diversity and inclusion, academic practices, and autobiographical action-oriented research will also find the contributions invaluable.
Critical Acclaim
‘. . . the book has a practical relevance that will be particularly useful to teachers seeking to design inclusive curriculum and pedagogy. The examples given are detailed and will be helpful to practitioners. They will also provide the opportunity for both teachers and researchers to reflect on their own inclusion-based efforts and to compare these with those of others in academic communities elsewhere.’
– Kate Barnett, Journal of Educational Administration and History

‘Making Inclusion Work is undoubtedly a valuable compendium of proven practices of inclusive education with its rich array of contributors from diverse cultures and perspectives. This illuminating and innovative “must-read” and much needed text is a perceptive reference, especially for teachers, hoping to make a difference by adapting the suggested inclusive pedagogical strategies which may result in an all-encompassing society of mankind.’
– Prathiba Nagabhushan, International Review of Education

‘Full of insights for any organizational scholar still hoping to make a difference for a better world, this greatly illuminating book examines what it takes to intervene critically but positively in the mainstream of a globalized academic life, and be able to survive such interventions. The contributors offer “tried and tested” approaches – neither aggressive nor confrontational – allowing them to bring inclusion and multiplicity to their teaching and their research while carving spaces for action and resistance to hegemonic academic practices. An innovative “must read” and much needed text!’
– Marta B. Calás, University of Massachusetts, US

‘This important book should be required reading for all management educators. Starting from an incisive and timely critique of the increasingly standardized global academic system, the editors set out to offer an inclusive vision of what education can be. A rich array of contributors from diverse cultures and perspectives offer experiences and ideas about the practice of inclusive education and, perhaps more importantly, offer some hope that the logic of standardization is not immutable.’
– Christopher Grey, University of Warwick, UK
Contributors: M.P. Bell, R. Bendl, S. Billard, D.M. Boje, M.A. Danowitz, U. Eriksson-Zetterquist, S. Gherardi, J. Helms Mills, E. Henry, E. Henttonen, S. Katila, K. LaPointe, S. Meriläinen, B.D. Metcalfe, A.J. Mills, J.K. Pringle, A. Schmidt, H. Siebers, J. Tienari, F.A. Tuitt, R. Wolfgramm, P. Zanoni


1. Introduction: Making Inclusion Work in Academia
Janne Tienari, Susan Meriläinen and Saija Katila

2. Tempered Radicals Seizing the Moment: Creating a Master’s Programme on Cultural Diversity in a Dutch University
Patrizia Zanoni and Hans Siebers

3. Moving Towards Inclusive Excellence in Doctoral Studies
Mary Ann Danowitz and Frank A. Tuitt

4. From a Bottom-up Movement to a Top-down Strategy: Reframing Responsiveness to Gender Equality in an Austrian University
Regine Bendl and Angelika Schmidt

5. Teaching Diversity in a ‘Conservative’ State: Using Who I Am and Empirical Evidence to Contradict Erroneous Perceptions
Myrtle P. Bell

6. Doing Difference with Graduate Management Students: Methods Used to Develop Inclusive Practices
Sandra Billard

7. Gender in Education: An Inclusive Project
Ulla Eriksson-Zetterquist

8. Contributions of Free-to-the-Public Web Pages to Liberatory Education
David M. Boje

9. Extending Cross-ethnic Research Partnerships: Researching with Respect
Judith K. Pringle, Rachel Wolfgramm and Ella Henry

10. Making Sense of Gender: Self Reflections on the Creation of Plausible Accounts
Albert J. Mills and Jean Helms Mills

11. Carving a Niche for a Feminist Scholar: Shifting Academic Identities in UK Universities
Beverly Dawn Metcalfe

12. Carrying on the Collaborative Effort: Becoming Academics in the Wake of a Feminist Intervention Project
Elina Henttonen and Kirsi LaPointe

11. Practising Inclusion: Diversity Matters!
Silvia Gherardi

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