Multimodal Transport Security


Multimodal Transport Security

Frameworks and Policy Applications in Freight and Passenger Transport

9781783474813 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Joseph S. Szyliowicz, University of Denver, US, Luca Zamparini, University of Salento, Italy, Genserik L.L. Reniers, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands and Dawna L. Rhoades, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida, US
Publication Date: 2016 ISBN: 978 1 78347 481 3 Extent: 328 pp
The rapid growth of multimodal (intermodal) passenger and freight has created dangerous new security issues. This book addresses these issues with a multidisciplinary perspective. The evolution of policies and the organization of practices in several key countries are also described in depth. By analysing the similarities and differences in these priorities, frameworks and policies, this work identifies relevant benchmarks and best practices. It will be relevant for scholars, practitioners, and policy makers across a wide range of fields.

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Rapid globalisation has led to the realization that the traditional modal approach to transporting people and goods is insufficient. Multimodal Transport Security illustrates the inevitable shift towards multimodal transportation systems, further enabled by modern technological innovations, and succinctly assesses the demanding and new security challenges that have accompanied this.

The emergence of these complex transportation infrastructures has created exceedingly attractive terrorist targets owing to the potential for wide-scale disruption of global supply chains. Providing a conjoint analysis of key issues in both passenger and freight multimodal transportation security, expert contributors provide pivotal case studies highlighting the successes and failures of various policies and practices across several geographical regions. Adeptly drawing these strands together, the editors identify similarities and heterogeneities and in doing so, produce a practical illustration of the potential for further enhancement of multimodal security.

An ever-increasing and worldwide concern with the improvement of security in transport places this unique and comprehensive text at the forefront of transportation literature. It will be of great value to students and scholars of public policy as well as policy makers in the fields of transportation and counter-terrorism.
Critical Acclaim
‘With all the excitement in the field of transport surrounding issues like electric propulsion, shared mobility and self-driving vehicles, the way forward to sustainable transport still depends on our ability to integrate the various modes of transport into one efficient and secure transport system. This book and the four expert editors are the much needed voice of advocacy for this, almost forgotten, subject. The book is an important education tool for understanding multimodality and for thinking ‘multimodal’.’
– Moshe Givoni, Tel Aviv University, Israel

‘Transport – of both people and goods – is a necessary condition for an open and interconnected world. The achievement of efficient transport systems calls for interlinked transport modes that are smart and effective, based on a systemic perspective. To avoid fragile transport operations, transport systems need to be robust with a high level of security, so that transport vulnerability can be avoided, especially in intermodal transport connections. This is a timely publication on a worldwide concern in the modern transport field, highlighting the importance of secure intermodal transport systems. It offers both conceptual and applied research perspectives on currently prevailing issues and challenges in this field, supported by various relevant case studies. The topics addressed are of critical importance for both the research community and transport operators, as well as for policy making agencies.’
– Peter Nijkamp, VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Contributors: M. Anderson, M. Bak, J. Burnewicz, E. Depré, Y. Giat, J. Hallikas, O.-P. Hilmola, E. Irandu, J.B. Kshirsagar, P. Kumar, L. Lättilä, G. Nieuwenhuis, GL.L. Reniers, D.L. Rhoades, Y. Ru, B. Shapiro, J.S. Szyliowicz, L. Talarico, C. van Gulijk, J. Vilko, M.J. Williams, Y. Wiseman, C. Yu, L. Zamparini

1. Introduction
Genserik L.L. Renier, Dawna L. Rhoades, Joseph S. Szyliowicz and Luca Zamparini

2. Challenges for Multimodal Freight Transport
Gerrit Nieuwenhuis

3. Economic Issues in Multimodal Freight Transport Security
Luca Zamparini

4. Assessing Vulnerability in Multimodal Supply Chains
Jiry Vilko , Lauri Lättilä and Jukka Hallikas

5. Multimodal Transport Insurances
Eric Depré, Genserik L.L. Reniers and Luca Zamparini

6. Multimodal Freight Transportation Security in the United States
Brent Shapiro

7. Multimodal Freight Transportation Security in Italy
Luca Talarico and Luca Zamparini

8. Security Improvement Potential of Rail Baltica Investment
Olli-Pekka Hilmola

9. Multimodal Freight Transportation Security in Kenya
Evaristus Irandu

10. Multimodal Freight Transportation Security in China
Chunyan Yu and Yihong Ru

11. Multimodal Freight Transportation Security in Brazil
Michael J. Williams

12. Challenges for Multimodal Passenger Transport
Monika Bak and Jan Burnewicz

13. Economic and Policy Issues in Multimodal Passenger Transport Security
Luca Zamparini

14. Multi-Modal Passenger Transportation Security in the United States
Joseph S.S. Szyliowicz

15. Dutch Security Risk Analysis for Multimodal Transport
Coen Van Gulijk, Megan Anderson and Genserik L.L. Reniers

16. Multimodal Passenger Transportation Security in Israel
Yair Wiseman and Yahel Giat

17. Multimodal Passenger Transportation Security in Indian Cities
Jay B. Kshirsagar and Pawan Kumar

18. Multimodal Passenger Transportation Security in Brazil
Dawna L. Rhoades

19. Conclusions
Genserik L.L. Renier, Dawna L. Rhoades, Joseph S. Szyliowicz and Luca Zamparini


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