New Developments in Spatial Economics and Economic Geography


New Developments in Spatial Economics and Economic Geography

9781848444324 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Philip McCann, Chair in Urban and Regional Economics, The Productivity Institute, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Publication Date: 2013 ISBN: 978 1 84844 432 4 Extent: 528 pp
This volume comprises a selection of key papers which map out the latest developments in various aspects of spatial economics and economic geography.

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This volume comprises a selection of key papers which map out the latest developments in various aspects of spatial economics and economic geography. Edited by a leading authority in the field, this collection brings together papers which reflect both the depth of analysis and also the diversity of the different lines of enquiry regarding issues of Innovation and Geography, Cities and Clustering, Labour and Land Markets, and Empirics. Together these seminal pieces represent the ‘state-of-the-art’ in the field of spatial economics and economic geography and therefore provide an ideal base on which further analyses will build.

Along with an original introduction by Professor McCann, this volume will be of relevance to academics, researchers and students interested in the field of spatial economics and economic geography.
24 articles, dating from 1997 to 2011
Contributors include: L. Anselin, G. Bel, J. Elhorst, G. Ellison, B. Fingleton, K. Frenken, E. Glaeser, J. Rappaport, D. Rodrik, J. Shapiro


Introduction Philip McCann

1. Luc Anselin, Attila Varga and Zoltan Acs (1997), ‘Local Geographic Spillovers between University Research and High Technology Innovations’
2. Ron Boschma (2005), ‘Proximity and Innovation. A Critical Assessment’
3. Gerald A. Carlino, Satyajit Chatterjee and Robert M. Hunt (2007), ‘Urban Density and the Rate of Invention’
4. Riccardo Crescenzi, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Michael Storper (2007), ‘The Territorial Dynamics of Innovation: A Europe–United States Comparative Analysis’
5. Koen Frenken, Frank Van Oort and Thijs Verburg (2007), ‘Related Variety, Unrelated Variety and Regional Economic Growth’
6. Richard Shearmur and Mario Polèse (2007), ‘Do Local Factors Explain Local Employment Growth? Evidence from Canada, 1971–2001’

7. Gilles Duranton (2007), ‘Urban Evolutions: The Fast, the Slow, and the Still’
8. Glenn Ellison, Edward L. Glaeser and William R. Kerr (2010), ‘What Causes Industry Agglomeration? Evidence from Coagglomeration Patterns’
9. Ian R. Gordon and Philip McCann (2000), ‘Industrial Clusters: Complexes, Agglomeration and/or Social Networks?’
10. Edward L. Glaeser and Joshua D. Gottlieb (2006), ‘Urban Resurgence and the Consumer City’
11. J. Vernon Henderson and Hyoung Gun Wang (2007), ‘Urbanization and City Growth: The Role of Institutions’
12. Michael Storper and Anthony J. Venables (2004), ‘Buzz: Face-to-Face Contact and the Urban Economy’

13. Alessandra Faggian and Philip McCann (2009), ‘Human Capital, Graduate Migration and Innovation in British Regions’
14. Edward L. Glaeser, Joseph Gyourko and Raven E. Saks (2005), ‘Why Have Housing Prices Gone Up?’
15. Charlotta Mellander, Richard Florida and Kevin Stolarick (2011), ‘Here to Stay – The Effects of Community Satisfaction on the Decision to Stay’
16. John M. Quigley and Steven Raphael (2005), ‘Regulation and the High Cost of Housing in California’
17. Jordan Rappaport (2007), ‘Moving to Nice Weather’
18. Jesse M. Shapiro (2006), ‘Smart Cities: Quality of Life, Productivity, and the Growth Effects of Human Capital’

19. J. Paul Elhorst (2010), ‘Applied Spatial Econometrics: Raising the Bar’
20. Germà Bel and Xavier Fageda (2008), ‘Getting there Fast: Globalization, Intercontinental Flights and Location of Headquarters’
21. Bernard Fingleton and Manfred M. Fischer (2010), ‘Neoclassical Theory Versus New Economic Geography: Competing Explanations of Cross-Regional Variation in Economic Development’
22. Andrew F. Haughwout (2002), ‘Public Infrastructure Investments, Productivity and Welfare in Fixed Geographic Areas’
23. Patricia C. Melo, Daniel J. Graham and Robert B. Noland (2009), ‘A Meta-Analysis of Estimates of Urban Agglomeration Economies’
24. Dani Rodrik, Arvind Subramanian and Francesco Trebbi (2004), ‘Institutions Rule: The Primacy of Institutions Over Geography and Integration in Economic Development’
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