Organizations Evolving


Organizations Evolving

Third Edition

9781788970297 Edward Elgar Publishing
Howard E. Aldrich, Kenan Professor of Sociology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Martin Ruef, Jack and Pamela Egan Professor of Entrepreneurship, Department of Sociology, Duke University and Stephen Lippmann, Associate Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Gerontology, Miami University, US
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78897 029 7 Extent: 384 pp
Organizations Evolving offers a unique theoretical framework for understanding organizational emergence, persistence, change and decline. This updated and revised third edition presents an evolutionary view that provides a unified understanding of modern organizations and organization theory.

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Critical Acclaim
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Organizations Evolving offers a unique theoretical framework for understanding organizational emergence, persistence, change, and decline. Synthesizing and integrating six paradigmatic approaches to organization theory, this updated and revised third edition presents an evolutionary view that provides a unified understanding of modern organizations and organization theory.

Key features of the third edition include:
• A sophisticated analytic comparison of six major approaches to understanding modern organizations and their evolution

• An interdisciplinary focus, drawing extensively from sociology, social psychology, economics, history, management, and entrepreneurship research

• Supplementary materials from academic journals and the popular press, and multi-media resources in an online companion

• Extensive case examples that illustrate key evolutionary processes

• Study questions designed for extended and reflective learning.

Offering key insights and critical learning opportunities, this book is crucial reading for classes covering macro-organizational behavior and the sociology of organizations. Students of management studies and entrepreneurship, particularly those with a focus on organization theory, will also benefit from its interdisciplinary approach.
Critical Acclaim
‘Organizations Evolving is an instant classic. The go-to book for information about the future, as well as what’s current in organizations studies. It follows Aldrich’s pioneering work on entrepreneurship, with great cases, on-line supplements, and updates on digital technology and inequality. For the best primer on the study of organizations, Organizations Evolving is the clear winner.’
– Paul M. Hirsch, Northwestern University, US

‘Organizations evolve and emerge. Aldrich, Ruef and Lippmann introduce a generic framework for understanding organizational and social change. The authors are in this third edition informatively and beautifully integrating evolving knowledge about organizations. The previous edition of Organizations Evolving was my favorite book about organization. This edition is even better.’
– Morten Huse, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway

‘Organizations Evolving synthesizes in an excellent way the evolution of organizations, and clarifies the elegance of the evolutionary approach in using a few distinct concepts to explain broad and complex phenomena. In the third edition of the book, the authors have significantly updated the book, and made it more teaching-friendly, which makes it a great textbook for understanding entrepreneurship and organizations.’
– Hans Landström, Lund University, Sweden

‘This award-winning book takes an evolutionary approach to explaining how organizations emerge and change over time. It provides a clear, comprehensive and up-to-date review of cutting-edge organization research. It is essential reading for all scholars studying dynamic processes in organizations, populations and communities.’
– Andrew H. Van de Ven, University of Minnesota, US

‘This book should be required reading for anyone who studies organizations. This third edition of Organizations Evolving has been substantially updated regarding the nature and evolution of organizations and their contexts. The book is more than a summary of current scholarship, it makes an important contribution to our understanding of how and why organizations come into existence, change, and disband from an evolutionary perspective, which, from my point of view, should be the fundamental way in which organizations are understood.’
– William B. Gartner, Babson College, US

‘The fundamental metaphor of organizations evolving has been following me since I first came across the book in 1999. It remains a valuable and timeless way of approaching entrepreneurship. The book calls for more research into the topic of how organizations emerge from their environments and grow into powerful entities that transcend national borders. This work has been greatly influential, not only to me, but for the construction of the PSED/ERC studies of organizational emergence, work that recently has come to fruition. Research from these studies represents a welcome addition to this edition of the book.’
– Tomas Karlsson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT 2. The Evolutionary Approach 3. How the Evolutionary Approach Relates to Other Approaches PART II CONCEPTUALIZING ORGANIZATIONAL EMERGENCE 4. Entrepreneurs and the Emergence of New Organizations 5. Organizational Boundaries 6. Organizational Forms PART III TRANSFORMATION AT THE ORGANIZATIONAL AND POPULATION LEVELS 7. Organizational Transformation 8. Organizations and Social Change PART IV POPULATION-LEVEL DYNAMICS 9. Emergence of New Populations of Organizations 10. Reproducing Populations: Foundings and Disbandings 11. Community Evolution References Index
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