Regional Knowledge Economies


Regional Knowledge Economies

Markets, Clusters and Innovation

9781848445246 Edward Elgar Publishing
Philip Cooke, formerly University Research Professor in Regional Development and Director, Centre for Advanced Studies, University of Wales, Cardiff, Carla De Laurentis, University of the West of England, UK, Franz Tödtling, WU Wirtschaftsuniversität and Michaela Trippl, Professor of Economic Geography, Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna, Austria and Professor, Department of Working Life and Innovation, University of Agder, Norway
Publication Date: March 2009 ISBN: 978 1 84844 524 6 Extent: 336 pp
This original and timely book presents the most comprehensive, empirically based analysis of clustering dynamics in the high-technology sector across liberal and co-ordinated market economies.

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This original and timely book presents the most comprehensive, empirically based analysis of clustering dynamics in the high-technology sector across liberal and co-ordinated market economies.

By carefully exploring and comparing ICT and biotechnology in the UK and Austria, the authors find evidence that industry innovation characteristics can overcome some of the supposed constraints of such ‘varieties of capitalism’ and themselves usher in regulatory reforms. They also provide a first examination of the ways in which firms utilize knowledge spillovers in such settings. In addition, the book highlights the practices of ‘free-riders’ and the excess land rents that they and more collaborative firms endure as ‘diseconomies of agglomeration’. Finally, arising from these findings, the authors present a new post-sectoral, post-cluster policy methodology called ‘Innovative Platform Policy’, which they believe is more attuned to the dynamics of the knowledge economy.

This book will be of great interest to academics, especially regional and industrial economists, economic geographers, regional scientists, political scientists and economic sociologists. It will also appeal to students and researchers, as well as government officials in industry, trade and economic development at national and regional levels.
Critical Acclaim
‘The book gives a good overview, an extensive and well-organized picture, of previous regional economic studies and analyzes them from the point of view of knowledge-based industries. . . Due to the extensive theoretical consideration of topics the book is a suitable text for students interested in regional and industrial economics. On the other hand, the in-depth analyses with empirical findings make it interesting for researchers as well as for national and regional officials.’
– Ulla Kotonen, Journal of Regional Science

‘This volume represents an important information source for a broad range of disciplines – regional and development economics, public policy, economic geography and industrial studies. It will interest teachers, researchers, students and policymakers within these fields.’
– Economic Outlook and Business Review
Contents: Preface Part I: Conceptual Issues 1. Introduction: Aims of the Book 2. The Emergent Knowledge Economy: Concepts and Evidence 3. Knowledge-based Sectors: Key Drivers of Innovation and Modes of Knowledge Exchange 4. Local Clusters and Global Networks 5. Varieties of Business System and Innovation Part II: Empirical Findings 6. Introduction to Key Research Results 7. UK ICT and Biotechnology Performance: The Significance of Collaboration and Clustering 8. Austrian Catch-up in Knowledge-based Sectors: Research Exploitation, Spatial Clustering and Knowledge Links 9. Comparing the Cases and Lessons for Knowledge-based Sector Policy 10. Reflections on the Research and Conclusions for Policy Index
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