Renmin Chinese Law Review


Renmin Chinese Law Review

Selected Papers of The Jurist (法学家), Volume 7

9781789902075 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jichun Shi, Editor in Chief, The Jurist and Professor of Law, Renmin University of China Law School, China
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78990 207 5 Extent: 352 pp
Renmin Chinese Law Review, Volume 7 is the fourth work in a series of annual volumes on contemporary Chinese law which bring together the work of recognized scholars from China, offering a window on current legal research in China.

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Renmin Chinese Law Review, Volume 7 is the seventh work in a series of annual volumes on contemporary Chinese law which bring together the work of well-known scholars from China, offering an insight into current legal research in China.

Volume 7 delivers new insights into a wide range of topics including compulsory commercial insurance systems, injurious acts in competitive sports, the trust mechanism in private law, and justification of local rule of law. Distinguished contributors also consider the regulation of performance requirements, the mode of criminal proof, and the meaning of silence in civil and commercial interactions as well as a number of other pertinent developments in Chinese law.

Containing a diverse and contemporary collection of work, this study will appeal to academics and governmental professionals working in the fields of Chinese law, society, and politics in addition to members of diplomatic communities.
Contributors: G. Chen, M. Gu, L. Han, Y. Jin, Q. Liu, W. Luo, F. Ni, Y. Qian, Y. Shi, G. Sun, R. Sun, L. Wang, H. Xu

1. The Trust Mechanism in Private Law: Fiduciary Duty and Good Faith as Examples
Xu Huageng

2. On the Justification of Local Rule of Law: Based on the Jurisprudential Interpretation of Governing Autonomy
Ni Fei

3. On the Concretization of Proportionality in the Narrower Sense
Liu Quan

4. Interpretation of Constitutionality on Compulsory Commercial Insurance Systems
Wang Liwan

5. Research on the Subordinate and Independent Character of the Judgment on Unlawfulness of Administrative Offences
Sun Guoxiang

6. Justification and Boundary of Injurious Acts in Competitive Sports
Qian Yeliu

7. Corroboration and Inference to the Best Explanation – Diversification of the Mode of Criminal Proof
Luo Weipeng

8. On the ‘Time’ Presumption Rule of Joint Debt of Husband and Wife: Analysis of Article 24 of the ‘Marriage Law Interpretation II’
Sun Ruojun

9. On the Relationships between Ownership, Acquisitive Prescription and the Statute of Limitations under Chinese Law
Jin Yin

10. The Meaning of Silence in Civil and Commercial Interactions – Multi-Level Balance of Private Autonomy
Shi Yifeng

11. Research on the Civil Liability of Operators in Regard to Pedestrians Illegally Entering the Expressway
Chen Guanghua and Gu Minkang

12. Regulation of Performance Requirements in the Context of International Trade and Investment Rules
Han Liyu


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