Research Handbook of Global Leadership


Research Handbook of Global Leadership

Making a Difference

9781800886964 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Lena Zander, Professor, Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 80088 696 4 Extent: 456 pp
The Research Handbook of Global Leadership is an exciting new Handbook that brings together an international, prominent group of scholars to take a fresh look at global leadership, and query why and how global leaders can make a difference in our world both today and in the future.

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This timely Research Handbook brings together a group of internationally renowned scholars to take a fresh look at global leadership, querying in what way leaders, teams, firms, universities and business schools can make a difference in our world today and tomorrow.

Presenting contemporary studies into a vibrant field, this Research Handbook offers empirical, theoretical, critical and pedagogical-based research, placing leaders firmly in their global cultural context. Chapters cover critical issues such as how leaders and teams can understand and incorporate cultural multiplicity, how firms can engage in responsible and inclusive leadership, and how universities and business schools can innovatively educate socially conscious global leaders to have an impact on our future.

Comprehensive and insightful, this Research Handbook is critical reading for researchers of leadership seeking new avenues of enquiry. The broad and multilevel approach to the challenges and demands of contemporary leadership are also valuable for practitioners, business school teachers and students.

Critical Acclaim
''In the Research Handbook of Global Leadership, Lena Zander has masterfully charted the topography of the area of global leadership and brought together many of the leading thinkers in the field to create a timely and important reference point for anyone interested in the area. What sets the volume apart is the explicit focus on leadership that makes a difference. In the context of the current failures which are apparent in leadership at the highest levels globally, combined with the grand challenges facing nations globally, leaders who make a difference are even more important. This Handbook is an excellent point of departure in developing more responsible leadership and I highly recommend it to anyone with a research interest in the area, or to those charged with leadership development.’
– David Collings, DCU Business School, Republic of Ireland

‘This thought-provoking book is a must-read primer for anyone considering studying, researching and practicing leadership in the global context. Contributors problematize and unfold one of the most mystified concepts of modern times – global leadership. They have done it across the levels, borders, and contexts, offering truly unique perspectives and guidelines for how to exercise responsible global leadership to build an inclusive society.’
– Dana Minbaeva, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

‘Lena Zander’s Research Handbook of Global Leadership is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the increasing breadth and depth of the global leadership domain. The Handbook not only brings together an authoritative international author team, but also makes a compelling case for the differential role – and educational needs – of global leadership across team, organizational and cultural settings. It provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary account of how leaders can effectively impact employees, their organizations and society at large in an increasingly diverse global context.’
– Sebastian Reiche, IESE Business School, Spain
Contributors: M. Alvesson, A.A. Arnardottir, W. Barner-Rasmussen, C. Barzantny, L. Bibard, A. Bird, M. Borecká, L.A. Burke-Smalley, C.L. Butler, S.R. Choudhury, K. Daellenbach, A. Davila, J. De Leon, A-K. Engstrand, A. Espejo, R. Ferreira, P. Gabaldón, A. Giroud, S. Gröschl, A-W. Harzing, J.L. Herman, C. Holgersson, K. Jonsen, G. Karamustafa, K. Köster, J. Lauring, H-J. Lee, Y-T. Lee, Y.-K. Liang, G. Lücke, T. Maak, K. Mäkelä, D. Mazutis, T.C. McCausland, M.E. Mendenhall, C. Miska, A.I. Mockaitis, F. Moore, M.J. Morley, B. Myloni, L.J. Noval, S.L. O’Sullivan, G.R. Oddou, J.S. Osland, C. Pahlberg, A.K. Palaniappan, V.J. Patock, C.L. Pearce, N.M. Pless, P. Prochno, L. Romani, I. Saka-Helmhout, S.C. Schneider, R.G. Seymour, S. Siengthal, G.K. Stahl, C. Sutton, S. Sveningsson, S. Teerikangas, A. Uzunçarsih Soydas, M. Vodosek, G. Vogelgesang Lester, C.L. Wassenaar, C.M. Webster, L. Zander, U. Zander, P. Zettinig, C. Zintel

Foreword xxiv
Richard M. Steers

1 Prologue to the Research Handbook of Global Leadership: Making a Difference 1
Lena Zander

2 Multicultural leadership: keeping multiplicity alive and well 17
Gundula Lücke
3 Global leadership: sustaining classic managerialism 39
Stefan Sveningsson and Mats Alvesson
4 Action intent: getting closer to leadership behavior in 22 countries 54
Lena Zander, Audra I. Mockaitis and Anne-Wil Harzing, with Wilhelm Barner-Rasmussen, Cordula Barzantny, Srabani Roy Choudhury, Anabella Davila, Joyce De Leon, Alvaro Espejo, Rita Ferreira, Axèle Giroud, Kathrin Köster, Yung-Kuei Liang, Michael J. Morley, Barbara Myloni, Joseph O.T. Odusanya, Sharon L. O’Sullivan, Ananda Kumar Palaniappan, Paulo Prochno, Ayse Saka-Helmhout, Sununta Siengthai, Ayda Uzunçarşılı Soydaş and Linda Viswat
5 The motivational forces and moral imperatives of relational models: implications for global leadership 76
Markus Vodosek and Lena Zander
6 Meeting the challenges of globalization in order to make a difference: implications for teams and team leadership 91
Kristiina Mäkelä, Jakob Lauring, Christina L. Butler, Hyun-Jung Lee,
Gundula Lücke, Christof Miska, Cecilia Pahlberg and Günter K. Stahl
7 Making a difference: managing identities and emotions in multicultural teams 108
Yih-teen Lee and Susan C. Schneider
8 Making a difference in the digital age: global leadership and multiteam systems 126
Jeffrey L. Herman, Tracy C. McCausland and Daniel Bliton
9 The new Millennial global leaders: what a difference a generation makes! 141
Christina L. Butler, Ciara Sutton, Audra I. Mockaitis and Lena Zander
10 Leadership for tomorrow: Taiwanese youth, ethnic identity and social networking 164
Fiona Moore

11 Responsible global leadership: a multi-level framework 178
Günter K. Stahl, Christof Miska, Laura J. Noval and Verena J. Patock
12 Exploring responsible global leadership in corporate–community transactions 202
Kate Daellenbach, Richard G. Seymour and Cynthia M. Webster
13 Beyond corporate social responsibility: global leadership virtues that make a difference 221
Daina Mazutis and Christopher Zintel
14 Inclusive leadership for the ethical management of cultural diversity 235
Laurence Romani and Charlotte Holgersson
15 Developing global leaders who make a difference 251
Thomas Maak, Markéta Borecká and Nicola M. Pless
16 Middle managers in mergers and acquisitions: agents and recipients of change 266
Satu Teerikangas
17 Buffering and bridging: how leaders can make a difference during the post-merger integration process 288
Güldem Karamustafa and Susan C. Schneider
18 The Nigerian leadership crisis: is shared leadership the answer? 307
Christina L. Wassenaar and Craig L. Pearce

19 Taking the lead in making a difference: the role of business schools 320
Stefan Gröschl, Patricia Gabaldón and Laurent Bibard
20 Making a difference in the classroom: developing global leadership competencies in business school students 330
Mark E. Mendenhall, Lisa A. Burke-Smalley, Audur Arna Arnardottir,
Gary R. Oddou and Joyce S. Osland
21 Developing socially responsible global leaders and making a difference: Global Leadership Lab social innovation projects 350
Joyce S. Osland and Gretchen Vogelgesang Lester
22 Intersectional interventions in leadership education 364
Åsa-Karin Engstrand
23 In search of responsible global leadership that makes a difference 383
Allan Bird
24 A world of learning: the future of management education based on academia and practitioner universitas 393
Peter Zettinig, Udo Zander, Lena Zander and Audra I. Mockaitis
25 Epilogue: developing holistic leaders – beyond the obvious 408
Karsten Jonsen

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