Research Handbook on Authoritarianism


Research Handbook on Authoritarianism

9781802204810 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Natasha Lindstaedt, Professor, Department of Government, University of Essex, UK and Jeroen J.J. Van den Bosch, Independent scholar (PhD), Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 481 0 Extent: 424 pp
This Research Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the latest knowledge on authoritarian regimes. Combining quantitative research and in-depth case studies, it not only provides novel insight into past and current dictatorships, but also forecasts potential new developments in authoritarian politics.

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This Research Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the latest knowledge on authoritarian regimes. Combining quantitative research and in-depth case studies, it not only provides novel insights into past and current dictatorships but also forecasts potential new developments in authoritarian politics.

Through detailed analyses of diverse authoritarian regimes, including those in China, Egypt, North Korea, Syria, Turkmenistan, and Uganda, this Research Handbook examines authoritarian performance, credibility, and legitimacy. Arguing that the key to understanding authoritarian politics is the politics of survival, chapters provide detailed analysis of central actors, institutions, and strategies to illustrate the impact of efforts to retain power on wider political outcomes. With sections dedicated to exploring common issues for authoritarianism researchers and showcasing cutting-edge developments in the field, contributors provide insight into important questions on how authoritarian regimes continue to survive today.

Presenting detailed explorations of classic and contemporary trends in authoritarianism, this Research Handbook will be an essential resource for students and scholars of authoritarianism, international relations, and comparative politics. It will also be an invaluable guide for policymakers seeking to understand modern authoritarianism.
Critical Acclaim
‘What a fantastic achievement! I applaud the editors’ efforts to compile such a compendium. The Research Handbook on Authoritarianism unites insights by highly acclaimed and internationally leading scholars that not only skillfully synthesize the state of the art, but pioneer their field of study, and give stimulating orientation for future research endeavours. I am deeply impressed by the scope and depth of the contributions.’
– Johannes Gerschewski, WZB Berlin Social Science Center, Germany

‘Given the resurgence of dictatorships and recent advances in research on authoritarian politics, the Research Handbook on Authoritarianism could not be more timely. Written by a top-notch team of contributors, I have no doubt that it will serve as a one-stop source for the theoretical arguments and comparative evidence on institutions, politics, and policies under authoritarianism.’
– Alexander Baturo, Dublin City University, Ireland

‘With increasing numbers of countries exhibiting worrying signs of authoritarianism, this cutting-edge survey of the field provides a timely and incisive overview of current research on non-democratic regimes. The authors have drawn together a superb collection of analyses that promise to reset our understanding of this important topic.’
– Sarah Birch, King’s College London, UK

‘This Research Handbook offers a comprehensive overview of the predominant themes in the study of autocratic politics over the past couple of decades – all written by experts in the field from across the globe. It will remain a valuable resource for students of authoritarianism for years to come.’
– Joseph Wright, Penn State University, US
Contributors include: Thomas Ambrosio, Julia Bader, Giovanni Carbone, Andrea Cassani, Greg Chih-Hsin Sheen, Martin K. Dimitrov, Daniela Donno, Alexander Dukalskis, Ezgi Elçi, Abel Escribà-Folch, Erica Frantz, Christian Gläßel, Belén Gonzáles, Raymond Hinnebusch, Nguyen Huynh, Jude Kagoro, Steffen Kailitz, Natalie Koch, Eda Keremoğlu, Alejandra López Villegas, Marlene Mauk, Natasha Lindstaedt, Bumba Mukherjee, Sebastien Peyrouse, Adam Scharpf, Joan C. Timoneda, Hans H. Tung, Jeroen J.J. Van den Bosch, Christian von Soest, Nils B. Weidmann, Wen-Chin Wu

Introduction to the Research Handbook on Authoritarianism 1
Natasha Lindstaedt

1 Typologies of autocratic regimes 11
Steffen Kailitz
2 Electoral authoritarianism: persistence and innovation in sub-Saharan Africa 25
Andrea Cassani and Giovani Carbone
3 Authoritarian populism 42
Ezgi Elçi
4 Autocratization and democratic backsliding 59
Alejandra López Villegas and Erica Frantz

5 The personalization of power in dictatorships 76
Abel Escribà-Folch and Joan C. Timoneda
6 Why size matters: the origins and effects of variation in party size in
revolutionary and non-revolutionary communist regimes 96
Martin K. Dimitrov
7 The authoritarian security apparatus: officer careers and the trade-offs
in command 111
Christian Gläßel, Belén González and Adam Scharpf

8 Authoritarianism and digital communication 128
Eda Keremoğlu and Nils B. Weidmann
9 Citizen support for autocratic regimes 139
Marlene Mauk
10 Commitment and information problems in authoritarian regimes 153
Greg Chih-Hsin Sheen, Hans H. Tung and Wen-Chin Wu

11 Authoritarian regimes, health and disease management 167
Natasha Lindstaedt
12 Authoritarian regimes and the reversal of economic reforms 182
Bumba Mukherjee and Nguyen Huynh
13 Authoritarian regimes and women’s rights 198
Daniela Donno
14 Authoritarian regimes and the environment 213
Natalie Koch

15 Authoritarian survival 229
Erica Frantz
16 Leadership succession 244
Thomas Ambrosio
17 The assassination of autocratic leaders 261
Abel Escribà-Folch
18 Patterns of de-personalization and leader succession within personalist regimes 276
Jeroen J.J. Van den Bosch
19 Pressure proofing: how authoritarian regimes respond to sanctions 300
Christian von Soest

20 China: change and continuity 317
Julia Bader
21 Uganda: authoritarianism in the age of regular elections – a review of
the 2021 electoral violence 331
Jude Kagoro
22 Turkmenistan: authoritarianism, nation building and cult of personality 356
Sebastien Peyrouse
23 Egypt and Syria: the authoritarian republics of the Middle East 370
Raymond Hinnebusch
24 North Korea: what can it teach us about authoritarianism? 386
Alexander Dukalskis
Epilogue to the Research Handbook on Authoritarianism 399
Natasha Lindstaedt
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