Research Handbook on Chinese Environmental Law


Research Handbook on Chinese Environmental Law

9780857931412 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Qin Tianbao, Distinguished Professor of Law and Director, Research Institute of Environmental Law, Wuhan University, China
Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 978 0 85793 141 2 Extent: 480 pp
This Handbook provides a comprehensive review of the salient content and major developments of environmental law in transitional China. The core concepts, basic mechanisms and key challenges of Chinese environmental law are discussed, extending the frontier of understanding in this fundamental area. Previous knowledge of Chinese environmental law is built upon, taking into consideration the concerns of how to face environmental issues in the context of economic growth. Readers will gain an in-depth understanding of the nuances of environmental law in China from this extensive overview.

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This authoritative Research Handbook presents, for the first time, a comprehensive overview of the salient content and major developments in environmental law in transitional China. Through this rigorous examination, it gives a unique insight into the implementation problems and reform needs of environmental governance in China.

This timely book explores the core concepts, basic mechanisms and key challenges of Chinese environmental law, extending the frontier of understanding in this fundamental area. Combining theory and practice, the expert contributors provide an introduction to and comments on relevant environmental laws and regulations and their latest developments. The Research Handbook builds upon previous knowledge of Chinese environmental law, divulging concerns on redressing environmental protection issues in the context of economic growth and sustainable development. Readers will gain a discerning insight into the nuances of environmental regulation in China from this extensive review.

This necessary exploration of Chinese environmental law will be an indispensible reference point for academics and advanced students of environmental studies in general, and environmental law in particular. Practitioners will find the work both informative and important.
Critical Acclaim
''The newly amended Environmental Protection Law of PRC (2014) indicates the prominence of law and its key role in the development of environmental management and protection in China. At the same time, interest in Chinese environmental law is growing as China begins to play an increasingly important role in economic and environmental affairs globally. This Research Handbook provides a comprehensive and precise introduction to the environmental law of China and is an accessible and useful guide.''
– Wang Xi, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

‘This Research Handbook contains a profound systematic analysis of the amazing development of contemporary Chinese environmental law and its contribution to tackling the many environmental problems China is confronting. It provides foreign readers with unique access to the various branches of Chinese environmental law including the relevant law-making, administrative and judicial institutions, identifying still-existing gaps, regulatory deficiencies, implementation problems and reform needs. The Research Handbook reflects the high academic quality of the younger generation of Chinese environmental lawyers.’
– Eckard Rehbinder, Goethe University, Germany
Contributors: H. Chang, S. Chen, X. Jiang, N. Liu, T. Qin, S. Ren, X. Tou, H. Wang, W. Yu, J. Zhang, S. Zhang, X. Zhao, C. Zhou


1. Introduction
Qin Tianbao and Zhou Chen

2. The Chinese Legal System
Wang Huanhuan

3. Air Pollution Prevention Law
Yu Wenxuan and Chen Shiyin

4. Water and Ocean Law
Liu Nengye

5. Soil Protection Law
Tou Xiaodong

6. Law on Prevention of Toxic and Harmful Substances Pollution
Hou Jiaru

7. Law on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes
Hou Jiaru

8. Climate Change and Energy Law
Jiang Xiaoyi

9. Land Management Law
Tou Xiaodong

10. Ocean and Freshwater Resources Conservation Law
Chang Hong

11. Biodiversity Conservation Law
Yu Wenxuan

12. Forest Resources Law
Zhang Shijun

13. Mineral Resources Law
Zhang Shijun

14. Protected Areas Law
Ren Shidan

15. Environmental Liability
Zhao Xiaobo and Zhang Jianwei

16. Environmental Dispute Settlement in China
Zhao Xiaobo and Zhang Jianwei

17. China’s Position on International Environmental Issues
Liu Nengye

18. China’s Participation into Major International Environmental Agreements
Jiang Xiaoyi

19. Conclusion
Zhou Chen


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