Research Handbook on Health Care Policy


Research Handbook on Health Care Policy

9781800887558 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Martin Powell, Professor of Health and Social Policy, Health Services Management Centre, University of Birmingham, UK, Tuba I. Agartan, Professor of Health Sciences, School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Providence College, US and Daniel Béland, James McGill Professor of Political Science and Director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, McGill University, Canada
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80088 755 8 Extent: 610 pp
Presenting extensive coverage of key theoretical and policy issues within the field of health care research, this forward-looking Research Handbook contends that students of health care need to take policy more seriously.

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Critical Acclaim
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Presenting extensive coverage of key theoretical and policy issues within the field of health care research, this forward-looking Research Handbook contends that students of health care need to take policy more seriously.

Emphasising the critical importance of policy research and theorising for health care, the Research Handbook argues that analysts of health care policy need to draw on conceptual models of the policy process, in particular the ‘stages model’ and the ‘3 Is’ model of ideas, interests, and institutions. It considers how these models could be applied using specific cases of countries and regions across the globe, bridging the divide between the existing literature on health systems in the global North and global South. Chapters explore the various stages of the policy process, from agenda setting and policy formation to policy implementation and evaluation, before examining central topics such as governance, health care inequalities, long term care, responses to Covid-19, and providing, financing, and regulating health care.

This erudite Research Handbook will be an essential resource for postgraduate students and scholars of health care policy, public policy, and health systems research. Its astute analysis of different transnational actors and health care processes across the globe will also benefit policy makers and practitioners working in health care.
Critical Acclaim
''This is an excellent Research Handbook for anyone interested in the study of comparative health care policy. It has been written by top academics focused on health care institutions, the policy-making process, and evaluation. If you want to understand how health policy has changed over the years, I can only recommend this book.''
– Joan Costa-Font, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK



1 Introduction to the Research Handbook on Health Care Policy 1
Martin Powell, Tuba Agartan and Daniel Béland
2 Agenda-setting in health care policy 14
Martin Powell
3 Decision making and policy formulation: the case of health care coverage 30
Iestyn Williams
4 How to study the implementation of health policy interventions with
integrative frameworks? 46
Valéry Ridde, Manuela De Allegri, Marie-Brigitte Dukuze, Julia Lohmann,
Joy Mauti, Zoé Richard, Emilie Robert, Tony Zitti and Lara Gautier
5 Health policy evaluation 67
Nicholas Mays and Alec Fraser
6 Ideas, transfer, and diffusion in health care policy 85
Tuba I. Agartan and Daniel Béland
7 Institutions, interests and ideas: framing and explaining entrepreneurial
policy change in the UK health system 101
Stephen Peckham, Simon Bailey and Daniel Huggins
8 Institutions and health care research 120
Martin Powell and Daniel Béland
9 When organizations byte back – producing health and care as policy
Puzzlement 135
Jean-Louis Denis, Élizabeth Côté-Boileau and Janine Badr
10 Governance and health policy 156
Scott L. Greer and Phillip M. Singer
11 Mind the gap: tackling health inequalities 170
Mark Exworthy and David J. Hunter
12 Long-term care 191
August Österle
13 The path of the COVID-19 pandemic and the policy responses to it in
ten countries 208
Ian Greener
14 Providing, financing and regulating health care 228
Martin Powell
15 International organizations and global health policy: actors, priorities,
and recent developments 248
Shiri Noy and Derek Richardson
16 International comparisons: who has the best health system in the world? 268
Irene Papanicolas and Alberto Marino
17 Japan’s health care system – muddling through and incremental changes 288
Naoki Ikegami
18 China’s health care system and policies 307
Xian Huang and Jane Duckett
19 Health policy processes in India: institutions, interests, ideas and
contemporary debates 327
Veena Sriram, Sudha Ramani and Prashanth N. Srinivas
20 Health policy in Australia 347
Jeffrey Braithwaite, Kate Churruca, Robyn Clay-Williams, Henry Cutler,
Louise A. Ellis, Janet C. Long, Rebecca Mitchell, Virginia Mumford, Frances
Rapport, Mary Simons and Yvonne Zurynski
21 The pathologies of the United States health care regime 374
Philip Rocco and Alex Waddan
22 Canada’s health care system: the promises and challenges of a federated system 393
Emmanuelle Arpin, Amélie Quesnel-Vallée, Sara Allin and Gregory P. Marchildon
23 SUS: the Brazilian health care system 418
Vera Schattan P. Coelho and Felipe Szabzon
24 Exploring and understanding how and why universal health coverage
policy implementation gaps come about 440
Janet Michel, Mary Kawonga, Mazvita Muchengeti and Marcel Tanner
25 Russian Federation: conflicting health policy logics 461
Olga Zvonareva, Ekaterina Borozdina
26 Health policy in Turkey: from a thriving past to an uncertain future 479
Volkan Yilmaz
27 Health policy in the UK 497
Alec Fraser and Nicholas Mays
28 Health policy in Germany 516
Thomas Gerlinger
29 Health policy in France 536
William Genieys and Patrick Hassenteufel
30 Health policy in Sweden: striving for equity and efficiency 553
Paula Blomqvist and Ulrika Winblad
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