Research Handbook on Line Managers


Research Handbook on Line Managers

9781035340545 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Keith Townsend, Professor of Human Resources and Employment Relations, Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing, Griffith University, Australia, Anna Bos-Nehles, Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management, Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social Sciences, University of Twente, the Netherlands and Kaifeng Jiang, Professor of Management and Human Resources, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, US
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03534 054 5 Extent: 424 pp
This timely Research Handbook brings together 24 chapters with a wide range of different theoretical perspectives, empirical research, and innovative thought provoking ideas relating to an area of organisation and management that has been neglected for many decades – line managers.

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This timely Research Handbook brings together 24 chapters with a wide range of different theoretical perspectives, empirical research, and innovative thought provoking ideas relating to an area of organisation and management that has been neglected for many decades – line managers.

With a resurgence of interest in the topic in recent decades, this Research Handbook argues that line managers are a critical element of both employee experiences and organisational performance and worthy of close attention. Split into three sections, chapters present various ways in which line managers can implement HRM practices in the organisation, considering the implementation of a variety of HRM policies and practices (content), a variety of implementation processes (process), and a variety of line management actors. It also develops future directions for research on line managers, such as the future of work, digitalisation, robotisation and AI and the gig economy.

Integrating theoretical and empirical research, the Research Handbook on Line Managers will be a key resource for scholars in the fields of business leadership, human resource management and organisation studies. It also provides managerial practices for organisations and line managers who are looking to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of their work.
Contributor: Carol Atkinson, Mieke Audenaert, Ina Aust, Hugh T.J. Bainbridge, Anindita Roy Bannya, Anna C. Bos-Nehles, Julia Brandl, Chris Brewster, Michael Brookes, Edel Conway, Charles Dahwa, Sophie De Winne, Adelien Decramer, Ewold Drent, Samantha Evans, Virginia Fisher, Brian Harney, Rina Hastuti, Rebecca Hewett, Laura Innocenti, Anne Keegan, Rebecca R. Kehoe, Violetta Khoreva, Joonyoung Kim, Karin A. King, Sue Kinsey, Eva Knies, Qian Yi Lee, Rebecca Loudoun, Ben Lupton, Elise Marescaux, Leo McCann, Jeroen Meijerink, Joanne Mildenhall, Atieh S. Mirfakhar, Kathy Monks, Silvia Profili, Maarten Renkema, Adam J. Robertson, Philip Rogiers, Sari Salojärvi, Alessia Sammarra, Richard Saundry, Amanda Shantz, David M. Sikora, Andrew R. Timming, Keith Townsend, Ashlea Troth, Jordi Trullen, Mireia Valverde, Anja Van den Broeck, Jennifer Chelsea Veres

1 Line managers in human resource management: theory, analysis and
new developments 1
Keith Townsend, Anna Bos-Nehles and Kaifeng Jiang

2 A systems theory perspective on the frontline manager role 12
Brian Harney and Qian Yi Lee
3 Fitting the line: a review of person‒environment fit theory in line
manager research 29
Adam Robertson and Jennifer Chelsea Veres
4 Line managers, role theory and HRM 52
Samantha Evans
5 Frontline managers and human resource management: a social
exchange theory perspective 65
Anindita Roy Bannya and Hugh T.J. Bainbridge
6 Line managers and HRM: a relational approach to paradox 82
Julia Brandl, Anne Keegan and Ina Aust
7 The role of line managers in the formation of employees’ HR attributions 95
Rebecca Hewett and Amanda Shantz

8 The underappreciated role of line managers in human resource management 114
Joon Young Kim and Rebecca R. Kehoe
9 Line manager capabilities and human resource practice implementation 136
David M. Sikora
10 The allocation of HRM responsibilities to line managers: where is it
most likely to happen? 156
Michael Brookes and Chris Brewster
11 Line managers in the public sector 169
Eva Knies, Adelien Decramer and Mieke Audenaert
12 HRM in small firms: owner-managers as line managers 184
Carol Atkinson, Ben Lupton and Charles Dahwa
13 The debateable leadership role of frontline managers 201
Keith Townsend, Ashlea Troth and Rebecca Loudoun
14 Line managers’ empowering leadership and employees’ task i-deals: an
explanation from self-determination theory 217
Elise Marescaux, Anja Van den Broeck and Sophie De Winne
15 Global talent management: the central role of line managers throughout
the organisation in shaping and implementing effective GTM 237
Karin A. King
16 Line management and the resolution of workplace conflict in the UK 258
Richard Saundry, Virginia Fisher and Sue Kinsey
17 Almost at the top, but not quite: senior management’s sources of power
and their influence on HRM 270
Atieh Mirfakhar, Jordi Trullen, and Mireia Valverde
18 The role of line managers in the implementation of work adjustment
practices for chronically ill employees: a qualitative study 285
Silvia Profili, Alessia Sammarra, Laura Innocenti, and Anna C. Bos-Nehles
19 Mental disability disclosure in the workplace: the role of line managers 305
Rina Hastuti and Andrew R. Timming
20 Line management in emergency services occupations: exploring
personal challenges and organizational change in a uniformed culture 320
Joanne Mildenhall and Leo McCann

21 The future of work: implications for the frontline manager’s role in HR
implementation 335
Kathy Monks and Edel Conway
22 The role of line managers in the implementation of digitalization 349
Violetta Khoreva, Anna Bos-Nehles and Sari Salojärvi
23 Reconceptualizing the HRM role of the line manager in the age of
artificial intelligence 367
Ewold Drent, Maarten Renkema and Anna Bos-Nehles
24 Line managers and the gig economy: an oxymoron? Paradox navigation
in online labor platform contexts 388
Jeroen Meijerink, Philip Rogiers and Anne Keegan

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