Research Handbook on Oil and Gas Law


Research Handbook on Oil and Gas Law

9781788978217 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Tina Soliman Hunter, Professor of Energy and Natural Resources Law, and Director of the Centre for Energy Resources Innovation and Transformation (CENRIT), Macquarie University, Australia and Madeline Taylor, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Director, Centre for Energy and Natural Resources Innovation and Transformation (CENRIT), Macquarie University and Honorary Associate, Sydney Environment Institute, Australia
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 78897 821 7 Extent: 456 pp
What does the future hold for oil and gas, what can we learn from the past and what role does law have to play in this? Using a unique temporal lens, this Research Handbook examines core themes in oil and gas regulation from historical, contemporary and forward-looking perspectives.

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What does the future hold for oil and gas, what can we learn from the past and what role does law have to play in this? Using a unique temporal lens, this Research Handbook examines core themes in oil and gas regulation from historical, contemporary and forward-looking perspectives.

Structured in three distinct parts, this Research Handbook begins by detailing the past dominance of oil, charting the role and influence of legal instruments and regulatory regimes governing petroleum. Using a diverse range of case study perspectives over several jurisdictions, the Research Handbook then turns to oil and gas in the modern world, with critical discussion of current petroleum legal regimes. It concludes with a series of forward-looking chapters that consider the future challenges and opportunities for oil and gas, and how petroleum-dependent states can both regulate and facilitate the age of energy transition.

Surveying the technological shifts of the oil and gas sector through time, this comprehensive Research Handbook will prove an invigorating read for scholars and students of energy and natural resource law disciplines. Its discussion of emerging technologies and community impact will prove particularly useful to regulators, policymakers, corporations and legal practitioners concerned with the future of energy.
Critical Acclaim
‘Soliman Hunter and Taylor bring together a fine group of legal specialists and practitioners to explore the past, present and future of oil and gas. As the world transitions towards a low carbon future, this is a very timely and important research volume on energy markets, governance and regulatory regimes.’
– Andreas Goldthau, University of Erfurt and Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany

‘An indispensable work for understanding national and international approaches to oil and gas regulations, and the relevant challenges in an era of energy transition.’
– Carlos Bernal, Member of CENRIT and Commissioner at the Inter-American Human Rights Commission
Contributors: Ahad Al Yahyai, Antero Alvarado, Carlos Bellorin, Elizabeth J. Brandon, Mostafa Elshazly, Janan Gibbins, Tina Soliman Hunter, Nikolaos Koulouris, Rachael Lorna Johnstone, Dmitriy A. Medvedev, Juan Felipe Neira, Ernesto Beltrán Nishizaki, Ernst Nordtveit, Laura Camila Ramos, Niloufer Selvadurai, Kim Talus, Madeline Taylor, Eddy Lenusira Wifa, Emma Wilson, Hannah J. Wiseman, Moritz Wüstenberg, Constantinos Yiallourides


1 Historical perspectives on the global petroleum economy 2
Tina Soliman Hunter
2 The role and influence of oil concessions on the oil and gas industry 33
Janan Gibbins
3 The ‘move’ offshore: The progressive development of international law
in relation to the access to, and control of, offshore oil and gas resources 52
Nikolaos Koulouris and Tina Soliman Hunter
4 Development of regulatory regimes for offshore petroleum exploitation:
The ‘North American’ and ‘North Sea’ perspectives 65
Tina Soliman Hunter

5 The role of law in petroleum resource governance and predicting the
natural resource paradox in Africa 90
Eddy Lenusira Wifa and Mostafa Elshazly
6 Asian liquified natural gas markets: The tomorrow will look very
different from yesterday 115
Kim Talus
7 Hydrocarbon activities on indigenous land: Substantive and procedural rights 130
Rachael Lorna Johnstone and Emma Wilson
8 The Energy Charter Treaty as a legal instrument for oil and gas disputes 158
Moritz Wüstenberg and Tina Soliman Hunter
9 Oil and gas in Latin America: Recent development on the policy and
regulation and future perspectives 175
Juan Felipe Neira, Carlos Bellorin, Ernesto Beltrán Nishizaki, Antero
Alvarado and Laura Camila Ramos
10 The shale gas revolution—the United States’ perspective 195
Hannah J. Wiseman
11 An unconventional evolution: Addressing and regulating socio-legal
issues associated with the development of shale gas and coal seam gas
resources in selected jurisdictions 219
Madeline Taylor
12 Changing perspectives on production sharing contracts 246
Ahad Al Yahyai
13 International and supranational aspects of oil and gas law and its impact
on national autonomy over petroleum development 290
Ernst Nordtveit and Tina Soliman Hunter
14 The regulatory aspects of managing contamination from oil and gas
facilities during the offshore decommissioning process 320
Elizabeth J Brandon
15 Emerging technologies in oil and gas development: regulatory and
policy perspectives 344
Tina Soliman Hunter, Madeline Taylor and Niloufer Selvadurai
16 Future security of Russia’s fuel and energy complex: The dominance of
the Arctic 372
Dmitriy A. Medvedev and Tina Soliman Hunter
17 Maritime boundaries and cooperation over straddling seabed resources
in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea 388
Constantinos Yiallourides
18 Conclusion: Energy transition in an oil and gas dependent world 409
Madeline Taylor and Tina Soliman Hunter

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