Research Handbook on Social Media and Society


Research Handbook on Social Media and Society

9781800377042 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Marko M. Skoric, Associate Professor, Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Natalie Pang, Associate Professor, Communications and New Media Department, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80037 704 2 Extent: 334 pp
As social media scholarship matures, early optimism has been replaced by a more complex and arguably gloomier picture of the role of digital media platforms in our lives. This incisive Research Handbook showcases the academic community’s responses to key societal challenges posed by evolving social media ecologies.

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Critical Acclaim
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As social media scholarship matures, early optimism has been replaced by a more complex and arguably gloomier picture of the role of digital media platforms in our lives. This incisive Research Handbook showcases the academic community’s responses to key societal challenges posed by evolving social media ecologies.

Multidisciplinary and international in outlook, leading contributors present wide-ranging and balanced coverage of social media research, including non-Western settings and the Global South. Chapters explore emerging interdisciplinary research methods which support the increasingly sophisticated, theoretical understanding in the field. They also debate the complex ethical issues confronting social media scholars today.

Students and early career researchers in communications, digital media and sociology will find this a highly valuable book. Due to its inclusion of diverse contexts and locales, this book will also be of interest to experienced researchers and academics.
Critical Acclaim
‘Taking a broad approach to social media scholarship, this book offers timely, comprehensive, and internationally diverse perspectives on how social media affects our cultural, political, and social lives. It is a milestone for our theoretical and methodological understanding of social media and an indispensable resource for students and scholars across the globe.’
– Jörg Matthes, University of Vienna, Austria

‘A perpetual challenge with social media research has been to bring together work on methods, impacts and communicative interactions in a single volume. Skoric and Pang perform this task admirably with this far reaching Handbook which showcases work by scholars from many different countries and continents. This is sure to be a widely used collection in a booming research field.’
– Terry Flew, The University of Sydney, Australia

‘This insightful Research Handbook effectively encapsulates many of the important issues and research areas related to social media. I would recommend this book as a perfect reference for students who are new to this field and an excellent addition to our growing library of social media research.''
– Muneo Kaigo, University of Tsukuba, Japan
Contributors include: Valerie Albrecht, Taylor Annabell, Emma Baulch, Márton Bene, Annisa R. Beta, Andrea Ceron, Liang Chen, Roei Davidson, Gabriele de Seta, Noella Edelmann, Manuel Goyanes, Shivani Gupta, Michelle Ho, Kokil Jaidka, Amelia Johns, Juma Kasadha, Jungup Lee, Hai Liang, Liew Kai Khiun, Sun Sun Lim, Xialing Lin, Xiaoming Liu, Michael B. MacKuen, George E. Marcus, Maria-Jose Masanet, Ariadna Matamoros-Fernández, Francis Luis Medado Torres, Sun Meicheng, Claire Moran, Sharon Yvette Xiomara Rosamor ''n Doen, W. Russell Neuman, Natalie Pang, Peter Parycek, Elianne Renaud, Brady Robards, Abdul Rohman, Carlos A. Scolari, Patric R. Spence, Tamás Tóth, Bimlesh Wadhwa, Yang Wang, Barui K. Waruwu, Fan Yang, Qinfeng Zhu

Introduction to the Research Handbook on Social Media and Society:
social media scholarship reaches maturity xvii
Marko M. Skoric and Natalie Pang

1 Social media and performative parenting 2
Sun Sun Lim and Yang Wang
2 Factors predicting parental mediation in adolescents’ social media use 12
Liang Chen and Xiaoming Liu
3 Visible, controlled, and persistent: an affordances approach to
understanding social media for transnational parenting among
migrant mothers 27
Barui K. Waruwu
4 Mapping technology-facilitated sexual violence in Singapore 42
Shivani Gupta, Francis Luis Medado Torres, Sharon Yvette Xiomara
Rosamor ’n Doen, Jungup Lee, Bimlesh Wadhwa and Michelle Ho

5 Religious influencers and socially mediated cultural politics 58
Annisa R. Beta
6 The populist rhetoric of crowdfunding on digital media 70
Roei Davidson
7 Social media and crisis research 84
Patric R. Spence and Xialing Lin
8 Social media and reconciliation in post-conflict societies 98
Juma Kasadha
9 Consumers, commons, collectives: K-pop’s digital corps de ballet 112
Liew Kai Khiun and Sun Meicheng

10 Monitoring and reputation: principal–agent relationships and
the role of social media in political representation 125
Andrea Ceron
11 Political implications of disconnective practices on social
media: unfriending, unfollowing, and blocking 135
Qinfeng Zhu
12 Teflonic social media behavior: why users refrain from
participating in political discussions and why it matters 148
Márton Bene, Tamás Tóth and Manuel Goyanes
13 The affective resonance of norm-violation rhetoric in social media 161
W. Russell Neuman, George E. Marcus and Michael B. MacKuen
14 Socio-technical and cultural threats to social movements in the
Global South: vignettes from Indonesia 181
Abdul Rohman
15 Strategic public participation in the digital age: the case of the
Austrian ‘Green Book’ 194
Noella Edelmann, Valerie Albrecht and Peter Parycek

16 Big data analytical methods 211
Hai Liang
17 Public opinion analytics with social media 224
Kokil Jaidka
18 Ethnographic approaches to digital folklore 239
Gabriele de Seta
19 Looking back on the scroll back: reflections on the social
media scroll back method 254
Claire Moran, Elianne Renaud, Taylor Annabell, Fan Yang and
Brady Robards
20 A critical review of media and communications scholarship on
messaging apps 269
Emma Baulch, Amelia Johns and Ariadna Matamoros-Fernández
21 How can we take advantage of students’ social media skills in
the classroom? An international exploration 286
Maria-Jose Masanet and Carlos A. Scolari

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