Research Handbook on Society and Mental Health

9781800378476 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Marta Elliott, Department of Sociology, University of Nevada, US
Publication Date: December 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80037 847 6 Extent: c 400 pp
This engaging Research Handbook offers a comprehensive overview of research on social factors and mental health, examining how important it is to consider the social context in which mental health issues arise, and are dealt with in the mental health care system. It illustrates how social factors affect the interactive process of psychiatric diagnosis and how society responds to people who are labelled as mentally ill.

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This engaging Research Handbook offers a comprehensive overview of research on social factors and mental health, examining how important it is to consider the social context in which mental health issues develop. It illustrates how social factors contribute to problems with mental health and how society, in turn, responds to people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders.

Expert contributors provide an in-depth review of the history of social factors and mental health, and also discuss how boundaries between disorders such as bipolar and borderline personality disorder can be blurred and contested. Past and current social factors are thoroughly reviewed such as refugee mental health, stressors linked to discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation, exposure to police violence and the impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges and stigma faced by those diagnosed with disorders, alongside prejudices and discrimination in the health care system are also examined.

The Research Handbook on Society and Mental Health will be an excellent resource for scholars studying social issues in relation to mental health or illness and researchers wishing to take an interdisciplinary approach by studying biopsychosocial factors. Mental health providers interested in well-rounded learning and those people experiencing and living with mental illness will find the alternative viewpoints to mainstream psychiatry and psychology informative and illuminating.
Critical Acclaim
‘This superb volume, edited by Marta Elliott, offers a rich and distinctly sociological exploration of classic and contemporary topics in mental health research. The authors, including emerging and eminent scholars, address core topics like stigma and medicalization as well as the mental impacts of contemporary crises like COVID-19 and environmental threats. Scholars, practitioners, and policy makers alike have much to learn from this collection.’
– Deborah Carr, Boston University, US

‘This wide-ranging and timely volume is a welcome addition to research on the social dynamics of mental health and illness. Including focused reviews and original empirical work, the contributions provide important insights on both established areas and more recent areas of concern such the COVID-19 pandemic, school shootings, and police violence.’
– Kerry Dobransky, James Madison University, Virginia, US

‘In this outstanding volume, Marta Elliott assembles an impressive range of authors to present the latest thinking on both common and novel topics in mental health research. From the classic sociological roots of mental health research to critical analyses of contemporary therapies, the chapters offer fresh insights to readers who are new to the field as well as to seasoned scholars.’
– Jane D. McLeod, Indiana University, US
Contributors include: Victoria De Anda, Meredith A. Blackwell, Breanna D. Brock, Robyn Lewis Brown, Deborah I. Bybee, Ryeora Choe, Gabriele Ciciurkaite, Deirdre A. Colburn, Preety Das, Jordan DeVylder, Michael J. Doane, Sigita Doblytė, Yuka K. Doherty, Timothy G. Edgemon, Annahita Ehsan, Daniel Eisenberg, Marta Elliott, Christopher G. Ellison, Lisa Fedina, Kevin J. Flannelly, Marta Gibin, Jessica Goodkind, Stephani L. Hatch, Carina Heckert, Julia Meredith Hess, Allan V. Horwitz, Michael Hughes, Austin H. Johnson, Ebony D. Johnson, Ann E. Jones, René Keet, Verna M. Keith, K. Jill Kiecolt, Rhiannon Lane, Megan LaMotte, David L. Lardier, Rhoshel K Lenroot, Dania Lerman, Jonathan Marsh, Antonio Maturo, Marcello A. Maviglia, Dawne M. Mouzon, Anne Nassauer, James M. Ragsdale, Thalya Reyes, Rebecca Rhead, Baker A. Rogers, Jason Schnittker, Sarah Shah, Dena T. Smith, Ming Tai-Seale, Heather A. Turner, Pınar Üstel, Manuel Vallée, Charlotte Woodhead, Sasha Zhou, Douglas Ziedonis
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