Research Handbook on Strategic Communication


Research Handbook on Strategic Communication

9781800379886 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Jesper Falkheimer, Professor of Strategic Communication and Mats Heide, Professor of Strategic Communication, Department of Strategic Communication, Lund University, Sweden
Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 978 1 80037 988 6 Extent: 522 pp
Strategic communication as a research field and a professional practice is becoming increasingly relevant for organizations. Bringing together contributions from almost 60 leading international scholars, this dynamic Research Handbook on Strategic Communication is a timely contribution to a vivid and developing academic field.

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Strategic communication as a research field and a professional practice is becoming increasingly relevant for organizations. Bringing together contributions from almost 60 leading international scholars, this dynamic Research Handbook on Strategic Communication is a timely contribution to a vivid and developing academic field.

Divided into three key parts – fundamentals, perspectives, and processes – the Research Handbook provides a holistic overview of target-oriented communication in and between organizations and society. The Handbook begins by addressing core issues in the discipline, introducing theories of communication, strategy, propaganda, and the public sphere. Chapters further explore strategic communication from a range of institutional, democratic, spatial, gendered, professional, and technological perspectives. The final section covers an extensive array of strategic communication processes, from corporate branding, communication management, and public diplomacy to corporate social responsibility, political communication, and social media.

Offering an advanced overview of relevant theories, concepts, and methods in strategic communication, this comprehensive Research Handbook will be an essential resource for graduate students and scholars of communication studies, sociology, social psychology, organizational theory, marketing, and public relations. Practitioners will benefit from its combination of theoretical and practical insights.
Critical Acclaim
‘Jesper Falkheimer and Mats Heide have been at the forefront of theory development in strategic communication for many years now. The Research Handbook on Strategic Communication is another example of their ability to keep up with new and emerging topics in the field. For this endeavor they have collected an outstanding and international group of strategic communication experts to address challenges in the field and offer new perspectives and solutions. Falkheimer and Heide’s Research Handbook should become a worldwide staple in graduate classes and in academic research in the field of strategic communication well into the future.’
– Derina Holtzhausen, Lamar University, US

‘The Research Handbook on Strategic Communication provides a fresh and informed look at current research. The Research Handbook re-examines familiar contexts and questions such as the viability of the public sphere, the function of dialogue, and the role of culture in view of an ever-evolving communication landscape, while introducing perspectives in greater need of consideration, such as the influence of place, the risks and rewards of artificial intelligence, and the importance of engagement. This is a must- read for scholars and graduate students studying strategic communication.’
– Timothy Sellnow, University of Central Florida, US
Contributors: Rickard Andersson, Mark Badham, Gemma Bridge, Alexander Buhmann, Cecilia Cassinger, Emma Christensen, Lars Thøger Christensen, Elanor Colleoni, W. Timothy Coombs, Ganga S. Dhanesh,  Sabine Einwiller, Jesper Falkheimer, Finn Frandsen, Anne Gregory, Ib T. Gulbrandsen, Robert L. Heath, Mats Heide, Sherry J. Holladay, Øyvind Ihlen, Jie Jin, Winni Johansen, Kim A. Johnston, Sine N. Just, Bente Kalsnes, Michael Kent, Anders Olof Larsson, Laurie Lewis, Jeanne Link, Irina Lock, Laura Lumimaa, Vilma Luoma-aho, Jim Macnamara, Vibeke Thøis Madsen, Sarah Marschlich, Alessandra Mazzei, Rita Men, Renee Mitson, Grazia Murtarelli, Neda Ninova-Solovykh, Camilla Nothhaft, Howard Nothhaft, Ketil Raknes, Silvia Ravazzani, Stefania Romenti, Kevin Ruck, Swaran Sandhu, Dennis Schoeneborn, Jens Seiffert-Brockmann, Charlotte Simonsson, Leysan Storie, Maureen Taylor, Ralph Tench, Åsa Thelander, Martina Topić, Chiara Valentini, Marc Vielledent, Sophia Charlotte Volk, Peter Winkler, Ansgar Zerfass

1 Introduction: the emergent field of strategic communication 1
Jesper Falkheimer and Mats Heide

2 Strategic communication: a discipline in the making? 14
Finn Frandsen and Winni Johansen
3 The saying and the doing: when communication is strategic 33
Emma Christensen and Lars Thøger Christensen
4 Persuasion, promotion, spin, propaganda? 46
Jim Macnamara
5 Strategic communication: historical overview and concept development 62
Robert L. Heath
6 Dialogue as a tool of strategic communication? 83
Michael L. Kent
7 From strategy to strategizing 99
Ib T. Gulbrandsen and Sine N. Just
8 Understandings of organization in strategic communication research 117
Peter Winkler and Dennis Schoeneborn
9 Public sphere 132
Howard Nothhaft and Camilla Nothhaft

10 The institutional perspective on strategic communication: bringing
culture and society back in 149
Swaran Sandhu
11 Democracy, strategic communication and lobbying 165
Øyvind Ihlen, Irina Lock and Ketil Raknes
12 Place matters: expanding the research agenda for strategic communication 177
Cecilia Cassinger and Åsa Thelander
13 Gender in strategic communication: feminization, stereotypes and
a search towards excellence 187
Martina Topić
14 Communication professionals 198
Gemma Bridge and Ralph Tench
15 Artificial intelligence, big data and all change 208
Anne Gregory
16 Strategic organizational listening 220
Laurie Lewis

17 Communication management: structures, processes, and business
models for value creation through corporate communications 236
Ansgar Zerfass and Jeanne Link
18 Crisis communication as strategic communication: process and insights 258
Timothy Coombs and Sherry Holladay
19 The strategic role of internal crisis communication 273
Alessandra Mazzei and Silvia Ravazzani
20 Political communication 289
Bente Kalsnes and Anders Olof Larsson
21 The past, the present, and the future of public diplomacy research 300
Sarah Marschlich and Leysan Storie
22 Corporate responsibility and strategic communication 318
Ganga S. Dhanesh
23 Corporate branding between corporate, stakeholders, and society 334
Stefania Romenti, Elanor Colleoni, and Grazia Murtarelli
24 Ethical internal communication 347
Kevin Ruck
25 Leadership communication during turbulent times 365
Linjuan Rita Men, Jie Jin, Renee Mitson, and Marc Vielledent
26 Engagement as strategy: a framework for strategic communication 383
Kim A. Johnston and Maureen Taylor
27 Agile integrated communication: a content-based approach 399
Sabine Einwiller, Jens Seiffert-Brockmann, and Neda Ninova-Solovykh
28 Digital strategic communication through digital media-arenas 415
Mark Badham, Vilma Luoma-aho, Chiara Valentini and Laura Lumimaa
29 Internal social media: a promise of participatory communication and
organizational transparency 430
Vibeke Thøis Madsen
30 Exploring the vertical communication chain in the light of post-bureaucracy 444
Charlotte Simonsson
31 Communicative coworkership 459
Rickard Andersson
32 Measurement and evaluation: framework, methods, and critique 474
Alexander Buhmann and Sophia C. Volk

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