Research Handbook on the Enforcement of EU Law


Research Handbook on the Enforcement of EU Law

9781802208023 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Miroslava Scholten, Associate Professor of EU law enforcement, Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE), Department of International and EU law, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 802 3 Extent: 580 pp
This comprehensive Research Handbook investigates the success of EU law enforcement processes. Going beyond traditional analyses of administrations and courts in isolation, it focuses on the increased cooperation seen between national and EU authorities, and on the widening variety of means used to enhance compliance with EU norms.

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This comprehensive Research Handbook investigates the success of EU law enforcement processes. Going beyond traditional analyses of administrations and courts in isolation, it focuses on the increased cooperation seen between national and EU authorities, and on the widening variety of means used to enhance compliance with EU norms.

Bringing together leading experts from law, political science, economics and socio-legal studies, this Research Handbook provides a state-of-the-art analysis of EU enforcement laws, policies, and scholarship. It presents conceptual, institutional, and sectoral perspectives on EU law enforcement, advancing existing knowledge on why, when, and how laws are being followed or disobeyed. Contributors explore enforcement in specific EU policy areas, including foreign relations, economic policy, the internal market, competitiveness, and citizen rights. It argues that an overarching EU enforcement strategy would be more successful than the current model of diverse methods of enforcement in different policy areas.

Employing multi-dimensional and comparative approaches, the Research Handbook on the Enforcement of EU Law will be a valuable resource for scholars of European law and politics, public administration, governance, and compliance. It will also be a useful guide for public officials seeking to (re)design and assess effective and enforceable policies.
Critical Acclaim
‘The Research Handbook on the Enforcement of EU Law is a must-read and standard reference for anyone studying how EU laws and policies are put in practice. This truly interdisciplinary, comprehensive collection of fine, in-depth scholarly contributions covers all relevant aspects of EU enforcement in many different sectors.’
– Eva Thomann, University of Konstanz, Germany

‘Offering an excellent and comprehensive overview, this Research Handbook deepens our understanding of enforcement. Using a multi-level perspective with a focus on policy sectors, it convincingly shows that enforcement is shaped by many factors, most importantly our conceptual understanding of enforcement including ideas about policy, the institutional context and the possibly conflicting interests of political actors involved. The Research Handbook enriches the current literature and forms an exciting starting point for further research.’
– Bernard Steunenberg, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Contributors: Catherine Banet, Olga Batura, Maciej Bernatt, Carola Bertone, Florentin Blanc, Peter Blok, Graham Butler, Federica Cacciatore, Roberto Caranta, Olha O. Cherednychenko, Paola Coletti, Luca Collazzo, Ton Duijkersloot, Mariolina Eliantonio, Jonathan Foster, Vítězslava Fričová, Campbell Gemmell, Mateusz Grochowski, Herwig Hofmann, Urszula Jaremba, Argyro Karagianni, Allard Knook, Willemijn Kornelius, Olivier Linden, Joseph A. McMahon, Luca Megale, Frank Meyer, Stefano Montaldo, Lisette Mustert, Salvatore Fabio Nicolosi, Frans Pennings, Christy Ann Petit, Christine Riefa, Eva Ruffing, Julius Rumpf, Miroslava Scholten, Michele Simonato, Leander Stähler, Kees Sterk, Andon Tashukov, Dimitrios Tsilikis, Ton van den Brink, Jeroen van der Heijden, Frans van Dijk, Laurens van Kreij, Thomas Verellen, Rob Widdershoven, Laura Wissink, Asya Zhelyazkova, Laura Zoboli

Foreword xii
Acknowledgements xiv

1 Introduction to Research Handbook on the Enforcement of EU Law 2
Miroslava Scholten and Leander Stähler
2 Private enforcement of EU law 19
Olha O Cherednychenko
3 Administrative law enforcement of EU law 38
Ton Duijkersloot and Rob Widdershoven
4 Criminal law enforcement of EU law and the impact of Europeanization 56
Frank Meyer and Dimitrios Tsilikis
5 Enforcement concepts and strategies in the EU 76
Jeroen van der Heijden and Olga Batura
6 Challenges in EU law enforcement and the digital age 91
Asya Zhelyazkova

7 European Commission 107
Urszula Jaremba
8 The Court of Justice of the European Union and national courts as
enforcers of EU law 123
Frans van Dijk and Kees Sterk
9 National enforcers and European networks as engines for enforcement
cooperation 139
Eva Ruffing
10 EU enforcement agencies 152
Miroslava Scholten
11 The choice of EU agencies or networks of national authorities:
exploring the relevance of regulated industry characteristics 167
Laurens van Kreij

12 The Common Commercial Policy and customs union 186
Thomas Verellen
13 Public and private enforcement possibilities within the EU’s Common
Foreign and Security Policy 199
Graham Butler
14 Economic and monetary union 215
Ton van den Brink and Luca Collazzo
15 European banking union 231
Argyro Karagianni and Laura Wissink
16 Anti-money laundering 246
Christy Ann Petit
17 A power to fine: establishing negligence and intent in infringements by
credit rating agencies and trade repositories 265
Jonathan Foster
18 The internal market 281
Olivier Linden
19 Labour law and social policy 298
Frans Pennings
20 Environmental law 315
Florentin Blanc, Paola Coletti, Campbell Gemmell and Carola Bertone
21 Food law 333
Florentin Blanc and Luca Megale
22 The enforcement of EU consumer law 349
Christine Riefa and Mateusz Grochowski
23 Energy law 364
Julius Rumpf and Catherine Banet
24 Enforcing common fisheries and agricultural policies 380
Federica Cacciatore, Mariolina Eliantonio and Joseph A McMahon
25 Competition law 397
Maciej Bernatt and Laura Zoboli
26 EU procurement and concessions law 414
Roberto Caranta and V’tězslava Fričov‡
27 State aid in the European Union 430
Allard Knook
28 Intellectual property law 444
Peter Blok and Willemijn Kornelius
29 Data protection 460
Herwig Hofmann and Lisette Mustert
30 Area of freedom, security and justice 475
Stefano Montaldo
31 The Common European Asylum System 491
Salvatore Fabio Nicolosi
32 Protection of the financial interests of the EU 508
Michele Simonato and Andon Tashukov
33 Challenges and successes of enforcement of EU law 524
Miroslava Scholten

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