Research Handbook on the Student Experience in Higher Education


Research Handbook on the Student Experience in Higher Education

9781802204186 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Chi Baik, Professor of Higher Education, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne, Australia and Ella R.Kahu, formerly Massey University, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand
Publication Date: 2023 ISBN: 978 1 80220 418 6 Extent: 592 pp
Bringing together cutting-edge research from over 50 leading international scholars, this forward-looking Research Handbook offers theoretical and empirical insights into the student experience in higher education.

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Bringing together cutting-edge research from over 50 leading international scholars, this forward-looking Research Handbook offers theoretical and empirical insights into the student experience in higher education.

The team of expert contributors shed light on the diverse factors that can influence student participation, learning and engagement in higher education, drawing on multiple disciplinary lenses including history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, human development and educational studies. Examining contemporary research on university curricula and pedagogy, learning outcomes and transitions to careers, and issues of diversity and inclusion, chapters present a wide-ranging overview of the current state of knowledge in the field and offer critical insights into the emerging challenges for student learning across the globe. Bridging theory and practice, the Research Handbook demonstrates the diversity of students entering higher education and the diversity of their experiences.

Providing in-depth analysis of student engagement and outcomes in a global context, this erudite Research Handbook will be an authoritative reference for higher education researchers and educators. Its timely and practical insights will support institutional leaders and policymakers to make evidence-based decisions to enhance the student experience.
Critical Acclaim
‘What does it mean for a student to experience higher education in today’s world? This is the best one-stop-shop for an in-depth exploration of the student experience as it covers the critical topics, is written by esteemed scholars, and thus is the most valuable resource for those seeking to enhance the quality of education and support provided to students.’
– John Hattie, University of Melbourne, Australia
Contributors: Annie Aarup Jensen, Sophie Arkoudis, Paul Ashwin, Chi Baik, Sally Baker, Ronald Barnett, Haden M. Botkin, Nicholas A. Bowman, Robert G. Bringle, Jaclyn Broadbent, Jiadi Cai, Talita Calitz, Patti H. Clayton, Alexandra Coleman, Alison Cook-Sather, Paula de Barba, Robert A. Ellis, Patricia Gurin, Die Hu, Ann-Merete Iversen, Ella R. Kahu, Sally Kift, Manja Klemenčič, Lori E. Kniffin, Lone Krogh, Chang-Kyu Kwon, Wendy Larcombe, Lydia Liu, Samantha Marangell, Simon Marginson, Matthew Mayhew, Lynn McAlpine, Eric McChesney, Oliver Mutanga, Biren (Ratnesh) A Nagda, Aliki Nicolaides, Michelle Pidgeon, Michael Prosser, Kristen A. Renn, Claudia A. Rivera Munoz, Tracii Ryan, Samah Shda, Kerry Shephard, Calvin Smith, Anni Stavnskær Pedersen, Ashley Stone, Cathy Stone, Ben Symon, Liz Thomas, Malcolm Tight, Franziska Trede, Dina Uzhegova, James Waghorne, Karena Waller, Kari E. Weaver, Wen Wen, Brandon C. Whitney, Kathryn Woods

Preface xix

1 What is ‘the student experience’? 2
Chi Baik and Ella R. Kahu
2 The ‘student experience’ in the history of English-speaking universities 13
James Waghorne
3 A theory of student agency in higher education 25
Manja Klemenčič
4 Four elements of higher education as student self-formation 41
Simon Marginson
5 Fostering student engagement: the importance of relationships and belonging face-to-face and online 58
Ella R. Kahu
6 Student wellbeing and students’ experiences in higher education 74
Chi Baik and Wendy Larcombe
7 Measuring and reviewing the student experience 89
Malcolm Tight

8 Understanding and enhancing the university student experience of learning: key aspects in a contemporary context 103
Robert A. Ellis and Michael Prosser
9 The importance of knowledge and curriculum in understanding students’ educational experiences of higher education 122
Paul Ashwin
10 Transition pedagogy for 21st-century student success 132
Sally Kift
11 Integrative learning: the lost opportunity in WIL curricula and what we can do about it 149
Calvin Smith
12 Learner-led approaches in higher education 166
Ann-Merete Iversen, Annie Aarup Jensen, Lone Krogh and Anni Stavnskær Pedersen
13 Self-regulated learning and the student experience in online higher education 179
Jaclyn Broadbent and Paula De Barba
14 The transformative potential of student-faculty partnerships 191
Alison Cook-Sather
15 Curricular service-learning by and for students 206
Lori E. Kniffin, Haden M. Botkin, Brandon C. Whitney, Patti H. Clayton, and Robert G. Bringle
16 How intergroup dialogue works: critical-dialogic foundations and extensions 223
Biren (Ratnesh) A. Nagda and Patricia Gurin
17 Generative pedagogy: learning to become response-able 237
Aliki Nicolaides and Chang-kyu Kwon
18 Academic advising and personal tutoring for student success 252
Kathryn Woods

19 Examining the effects of first-year high-impact practices on student outcomes 268
Matthew Mayhew and Eric McChesney
20 Assessing student learning outcomes of higher education 283
Ou Lydia Liu
21 The impact of diversity experiences on undergraduate student outcomes 296
Nicholas A. Bowman and Kari E. Weaver
22 Researching professional identity development: an arts-informed approach 312
Franziska Trede
23 The PhD: a time to develop career literacy to enhance mobility potential? 325
Lynn McAlpine

24 A capability approach to undergraduate student experiences of race and belonging in South African higher education 345
Talita Calitz
25 Supporting Indigenous student persistence: empowering student’s cultural integrity while transforming higher education 360
Michelle Pidgeon
26 The international student experience in Australia 377
Sophie Arkoudis and Samantha Marangell
27 International student education in China and its connections with local and global society 392
Wen Wen and Die Hu
28 Modifying an integration framework to enhance refugee student engagement in settlement higher education contexts: the case of Australia 404
Sally Baker and Samah Shda
29 Ubuntu philosophy as a framework for disability-inclusive education in South Africa and Zimbabwe 420
Oliver Mutanga
30 LGBT+ students in higher education 437
Kristen A. Renn
31 Parent, partner, carer, breadwinner and student: the multi-layered identities of mature-age women returning to education 452
Cathy Stone
32 Being a student or becoming a graduate? Contemporary student experiences through the lens of ‘commuters’ 466
Liz Thomas
33 Being working class in higher education: class, place and feeling “at home” 482
Alexandra Coleman
34 Rural student experiences in higher education 494
Ashley Stone

35 The student experience in times of major crises: key lessons from an international scoping review 507
Tracii Ryan, Samantha Marangell, Ben Symon, Karena Waller, Claudia Rivera Munoz, Jiadi Cai, Dina Uzhegova, Sophia Arkoudis and Chi Baik
36 Student experiences of higher education for sustainability and for intellectual independence 524
Kerry Shephard
37 The student in an age of anxiety: the case for agentic entanglement 538
Ronald Barnett

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