Research Handbook on Tourism, Complexity and Uncertainty


Research Handbook on Tourism, Complexity and Uncertainty

9781802203479 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Florian Kock, Full Professor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Adam Lindgreen, Full Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Extraordinary Professor, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa and Stefan Markovic, Full Professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing, NEOMA Business School, France
Publication Date: August 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 347 9 Extent: c 256 pp
Serving as an essential pedagogical tool, this Research Handbook captures the multifaceted nature of contemporary tourism from a variety of academic perspectives, including health, sociology and heritage. Through this interdisciplinary approach, it consolidates current tourism research while addressing the vast potential for further study.

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Serving as an essential pedagogical tool, this Research Handbook captures the multifaceted nature of contemporary tourism from a variety of academic perspectives, including health, sociology and heritage. Through this interdisciplinary approach, it consolidates current tourism research while addressing the vast potential for further study.

The Research Handbook on Tourism, Complexity and Uncertainty encourages a holistic understanding of the dynamic nature of the tourism industry. It investigates a plethora of challenging subjects such as conflicts between tourists and locals, the exploitation of locals, and inequalities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, examining how and why these problems occur. Analysis by esteemed contributors showcases the fragile nature of the industry when affected by political and sociological changes, while providing solutions to potential threats that may compromise it.

This illuminating Research Handbook is vital for researchers and academics focusing on tourism, hospitality and the experience economy. It is also of great benefit to students within these areas seeking to explore the future of tourism research.
Critical Acclaim
‘Tourism as a global socioeconomic force is resilient and yet it is highly susceptible to the complexity and uncertainty inherent in today’s ever-changing globalized market dynamics. Changes in consumer preferences, political landscapes, and global events pose new challenges and create uncertainty in the demand for tourism experiences and services. Navigating the landscape of uncertainties in tourism demands researchers and practitioners alike to be creative and innovative in their approach to dealing with problems and challenges. The Research Handbook on Tourism, Complexity, and Uncertainty offers novel ideas and critical approaches to current tourism challenges and brings out solutions for complex and multifaceted issues affecting the different stakeholders of the tourism ecosystem. It is a must-have book for tourism researchers, educators, and practitioners.’
– Muzaffer Uysal, Ph.D, (Provost Professor, Carney Family Endowed Professor), University of Massachusetts - Amherst, US

‘This collection critically examines important social, cultural, and environmental issues related to tourism. Such a human-centric holistic discussion not only raises the awareness and significance of these often-overlooked challenges, but also greatly contributes to the collaborative formulation of innovative and sustainable development strategies. It is a particularly welcomed addition to the literature with several studies in the context of less examined destinations.’
– Cathy Hsu, Chair Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Kowloon Hong Kong

‘In an era now defined by permacrisis, the Research Handbook on Tourism, Complexity and Uncertainty provides a much-needed comprehensive account of the challenges and problems tourism faces in an increasingly fragile world. Professors Kock, Lindgreen, and Markovic draw together a fascinating array of contributions ranging from heritage looting and animal ethics, through to political animosity, terrorism, and the aftermath of Covid-19. This Handbook showcases not only tourism’s vulnerabilities, but also the opportunities that may arise out of uncertainty. It is an instant must-read for students, scholars, and practitioners of tourism and hospitality.’
– Professor Scott Cohen, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey, UK

‘Research Handbook on Tourism, Complexity and Uncertainty is a timely volume, especially at a time when the industry faces unprecedented challenges. Strongly grounded in existing theoretical perspectives, chapters adopt interdisciplinary perspectives to investigate the intricate relationships between tourism and such sustainability challenges relating to culture, economy, environment, and politics.''
– Professor Robin Nunkoo, University of Mauritius, Mauritius

‘This comprehensive text offers insightful perspectives on the multifaceted challenges facing global tourism. The three editors skilfully navigate complex topics from host-guest conflicts to sustainability, providing a holistic understanding of lingering problems and offering potential solutions. I believe this is an essential resource for scholars, students, and practitioners committed to responsible tourism management.’
– Professor Giampaolo Viglia, University of Portsmouth, UK

''Research Handbook on Tourism, Complexity and Uncertainty, as a comprehensive book, deals with the challenges of tourism and its association with various environmental dimensions such as nature, culture, local people, politics, and public health. It is also enriched with the presentation of different case studies that appeal to broader communities around the world.’
– Dean and Professor Metin Kozak, Kadir Has University, Türkiye

Introduction to the Research Handbook on Tourism, Complexity and Uncertainty 1
Florian Kock, Adam Lindgreen and Stefan Markovic
1 Understanding intergroup conflict between residents and tourists:
a social identity perspective 8
P. Monica Chien, Brent W. Ritchie, Naho Maruyama, Takashi Oguchi, and
Florian Kock
2 Rethinking ‘resilience’: Indigenous wellbeing and romanticised
inequality in post-COVID tourism campaigns 27
Tarryn Phillips, John Taylor, Edward Narain, and Philippa Chandler
3 Understanding the well-being of tourism destination residents in the
context of complexity and uncertainty 42
Kreg Lindberg
4 The impact of host–guest conflict on residents’ attitudes: the mediating
effect of emotional solidarity and well-being 53
Adiyukh Berbekova, Sujie Wang, and Guangxin Song
5 Tourism, COVID-19 and South Africa’s informal sector: commentary
through the lens of street traders in the CBD of Cape Town 69
Alicia Fourie, Derick Blaauw and Vickey de Villiers
6 Peeping on poverty: moral considerations and tourist perspectives of
slum tourism 81
Lucia S. G. Barros and Julia von Schuckmann
7 Cultural heritage looting: a neglected global issue and its impact on
sustainable tourism development 92
Amr Al-Ansi
8 Reflections on challenges for tourism and thoroughbred racing 102
Caroline Winter
9 The evolutionary tourism paradigm: a powerful tool for predicting and
explaining behavior during and after Covid-19 116
Astrid Nørfelt and Tim Stroh
10 Environmental behaviour on vacation: insights and challenges 134
Rouven Doran, Svein Larsen, and Katharina Wolff
11 The short-term future of Arctic tourism: the complexity of seasonal
uncertainties for nature-based tourism 145
Francisco Alix Varnajot and Aapo Lundén
12 Climate change and winter (sports) tourism 161
Maximilian Witting and Jürgen Schmude
13 The impact of terrorism events on tourism arrivals and income: 30 years
of analysis 175
Cláudia Seabra, Sunil Tiwari, and Farhad Nazir
14 Complement or competition? Airbnb-based tourism and local housing
markets in four Norwegian cities 190
Birgit Leick, Bjørnar Karlsen Kivedal and Mehtap Aldogan Eklund
15 Animosity in tourism research 208
Svetlana Stepchenkova
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