Responsibility for Environmental Damage


Responsibility for Environmental Damage

9781803920702 Edward Elgar Publishing
Jason Rudall, Assistant Professor of Public International Law, Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, Leiden University, the Netherlands
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 070 2 Extent: 352 pp
Engaging with one of the most consequential issues of our time, this book offers a comprehensive analysis of responsibility for environmental damage under international law. In doing so, it considers the responsibility, liability and accountability of state and non-state actors for harm caused to the environment and non-compliance with environmental norms across a wide range of multilateral regulatory frameworks.

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Engaging with one of the most consequential issues of our time, this book provides a thoughtful analysis of responsibility for environmental damage under international law. It conceives of responsibility in a comprehensive way, tackling the legal responsibility, liability and accountability of state and non-state actors for harm they cause to the environment.

Responsibility for Environmental Damage traverses the primary and secondary rules of international law, the responsibility, liability and accountability of states, international organizations, corporations and individuals, as well as existing, new and emerging regulatory frameworks. It engages with the consequences of environmental harm, appraising both orthodox legal doctrines and cutting-edge questions like shared responsibility, equitable considerations, full reparation, response measures under liability regimes, corporate responsibility, ecocide and responsibility for climate change, amongst many others. In doing so, the book evaluates whether the law is equipped to deal with the novel challenges that environmental damage presents and argues that new legal tools are needed to effectively tackle some of the most significant threats to our planet.

This book is an essential resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as scholars who conduct research on responsibility, liability or accountability for environmental damage in the areas of public international law, international environmental law, human rights, international criminal law and international economic law. International law practitioners, judges, arbitrators, policymakers, and those working for think-tanks and NGOs will similarly benefit from this valuable work.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is an essential work on a critical topic. Rudall manages to cover the full spectrum of secondary rules, in Ago’s terminology, that describe the content of the responsibility of all the main duty-bearers, States, international organisations, companies and individuals.’
– Jorge E. Viñuales, University of Cambridge, UK and LUISS, Italy

‘With ongoing environmental degradation around the world, there is a growing need to fully use the possibilities offered by international law to hold states and other actors responsible, liable, and accountable for environmental damage. This excellent book gives a comprehensive, complete, and up-to-date overview of these possibilities and shows the way forward.’
– Jonathan Verschuuren, Tilburg University, the Netherlands
Introduction to Responsibility for Environmental Damage
1 Primary rules of international environmental law and
responsibility for damage
2 State responsibility
3 State and civil liability
4 Responsibility and accountability of international organisations
5 Non-compliance procedures
6 Corporate responsibility
7 International criminal responsibility
8 Responsibility for climate change
Conclusion on responsibility for environmental damage
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