Rethinking Socialism


Rethinking Socialism

Compass for a Sustainability Revolution

9781035326372 Edward Elgar Publishing
Klaus Dörre, Professor of Sociology, Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena, Germany
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03532 637 2 Extent: 250 pp
In this prescient book, Klaus Dörre combines a vision of a climate-just society with a reformulation of socialist ideas that can guide the way to a ‘sustainable socialism’ for the 21st Century.

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In this prescient book, Klaus Dörre combines a vision of a climate-just society with a reformulation of socialist ideas that can guide the way to a ‘sustainable socialism’ for the 21st Century.

Chapters cover a vast array of topics, including today’s economic-ecological meta-crisis, digital socialism, the need for an immediate, effective transition to more sustainable living, and the recent effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing modern-day politics’ aversion to the ‘s-word’, Dörre reformulates socialism for a contemporary audience and argues for the practicality and realisability of alternatives to capitalism. In a ground-breaking approach, Dörre uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a normative basis upon which to measure the actions and policies which will be needed to create just and resilient societies. The book outlines and recommends key transitional strategies that can serve as a compass guiding us to a sustainable world.

This timely book will be a vital resource for researchers, academics and students of sociology and sociological theory, political theory and philosophy, political economy and international politics. Providing an innovative approach to many of society’s current issues, Rethinking Socialism will also be of interest to governmental policymakers and think-tank experts as well as trade unionists, climate activists, and those involved in feminist and indigenous movements.
Critical Acclaim
‘Rethinking Socialism’s urgent call to reframe socialism in ecological terms is the book we need today to shape our social movements. Klaus Dörre makes a powerful case for why Green is Red.’
– Tithi Bhattacharya, Purdue University, US

‘In this deeply reflexive book, Klaus Dörre elaborates substantive principles for a contemporary economically and politically democratic multi-level eco-socialism that expands free time, promotes sustainability, defends collective self-ownership, and addresses climate change based on solidarity among social majorities and mass commitment to the common good.’
– Bob Jessop, Lancaster University, UK

‘Rethinking Socialism is a tour de force. As long as we have capitalism there will be visions of socialism; as capitalism transforms itself so the visions change. Klaus Dörre has brought socialism into the 21st century by addressing climate change, digitization and pandemics among other pathologies with concrete utopias aimed at realizing the UN’s sustainable development goals. The world desperately needs such brave and innovative thinking.’
– Michael Burawoy, University of California, Berkeley, US
Introduction: socialism and a sustainability revolution
1 Visions: “pandemic halts climate change!”
2 Concepts: radical humanism, post-growth, neosocialism?
3 Heuristics: socialism – from science to Utopia
4 Diagnosis: Landnahme, pincer crisis, Anthropocene
5 Reasons: why sustainable socialism?
6 Sustainability: a new order of justification
7 Foundations: contours of sustainable socialist societies
8 Productive forces: digital socialism?
9 Efficiency: democratic planning, humane work, liberated life
10 Catastrophes: socialism or pandemic
11 Transitions: sustainable socialism now!
Conclusion: socialism in the mêlée
The window of opportunity is closing! Afterword to the 2nd edition
Rethinking socialism for the 21st century: afterword to the
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