Studies in Applied Geography and Spatial Analysis


Studies in Applied Geography and Spatial Analysis

Addressing Real World Issues

9781781007129 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Robert Stimson, Emeritus Professor of Geography, University of Queensland, and Honorary Professorial Fellow of Geography, University of Melbourne, Australia and Kingsley E. Haynes, George Mason University, US
Publication Date: December 2012 ISBN: 978 1 78100 712 9 Extent: 392 pp
This timely and fascinating book illustrates how applied geography can contribute in a multitude of ways to assist policy processes, evaluate public programs, enhance business decisions, and contribute to formulating solutions for community-level problems.

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This timely and fascinating book illustrates how applied geography can contribute in a multitude of ways to assist policy processes, evaluate public programs, enhance business decisions, and contribute to formulating solutions for community-level problems.

The book showcases studies by applied geographers from across the globe collaborating with the public sector, businesses, NGOs and communities to demonstrate how geography – with its space and place perspective and its explicitly spatial methods and tools – has been employed to address significant real-world issues. The 20 case studies have been conducted at a variety of levels of scale and situational contexts, and employ a range of quantitative and qualitative approaches including spatial and statistical modelling, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), impact analysis and action research.

This enlightening and informative book will prove an invaluable reference tool for academics, students and practitioners with a specific interest in applied geography and spatial analysis.
Contributors: F. Arenas, R.G.V. Baker, D. Ballas, M. Birkin, A. Bloodworth, J.R. Bryson, W.M. Burns, M.C. Carroll, M.-H. Chan, P. Chhetri, G. Clarke, T.L. Clower, J. Corcoran, D. de Abreu, A. Esteves, M.L. Fonseca, D. Giband, T.H. Grubesic, K.E. Haynes, A. Higginson, S. Hynes, H. Ismail, P.-C. Lau, J. Lombard, C.-T. Low, F. McEvoy, P.O. McIntyre, B.E. Montz, K. Morrissey, A.T. Murray, C. O’Donoghue, H. Qian, D. Rohde, J. Roosaare, E. Sepp, E. Stern, R. Stimson, R.R. Stough, M. Taylor, D. Tong, S.C. Turner, B.L. Weinstein, M. Wong, W.-C. Wong, S.N. Wood, C. Zuo


1. Applied Geography: Relevance and Approaches
Robert Stimson and Kingsley E. Haynes

2. A Geographic Perspective on Demographic Evolution in Europe: The CEG Participation in the ESPON 1.1.4 Project
Diogo de Abreu

3. A National Transport Policy: The Case of Pakistan
Roger R. Stough

4. Spatial Modelling, GIS and Network Analysis for Improving the Sustainability of Transporting Aggregates in the UK
Chengchao Zuo, Mark Birkin, Graham Clarke, Fiona McEvoy and Andrew Bloodworth

5. SMILE: An Applied Spatial Micro-simulation Model for Ireland
Karyn Morrissey, Cathal O’Donoghue, Graham Clarke, Dimitris Ballas and Stephen Hynes

6. Using GIS and Spatial Modelling to Support School Network Planning in Estonia
Edgar Sepp, Jüri Roosaare

7. Spatial Optimization: Expanding Emergency Services to Address Regional Growth and Development
Alan T. Murray, Daoqin Tong and Tony H. Grubesic

8. Urban Growth in the Brisbane–South East Queensland Region and its Implications for Emergency Services Provision: A Geographical Information Systems-based Approach
Jonathan Corcoran, Robert Stimson, Prem Chhetri, David Rohde and Angela Higginson

9. Geographical Dimensions of Federal Investment in Small Business Development
Kingsley E. Haynes, Haifeng Qian and Sidney C. Turner

10. Geographic Modelling, Public Policy, and Informing the ‘Store Wars’ Sovereignty Debate in Australia
Robert G.V. Baker and Stephen N. Wood

11. Defending a Territory: Automobile Dealership Customer and Site Analysis
John Lombard

12. West Midlands (UK) Regional Planning (1999–2012), Functioning Economic Geography and the E3I Belt: Coping with Uncomfortable Truths
Michael Taylor and John R. Bryson

13. Technopoles: Governance and Networking
Haddad Ismail

14. Economics of Space: Estimating the Economic Significance of a NASA Testing Facility
Michael C. Carroll and Will M. Burns

15. Using Input–Output Analysis and GIS to Assess Economic, Fiscal and Developmental Impacts of Toll Roads in Dallas: A 40-Year Perspective
Bernard L. Weinstein and Terry L. Clower

16. Helping Community Groups to Address Urban Planning Issues in a Deprived Gipsy Neighbourhood: Geographical Experiences from Perpignan in a Post-riot Context
David Giband

17. Designing, Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluating an Urban Community Development Programme in Portugal
Maria Lucinda Fonseca and Alina Esteves

18. A Local Master Plan for Biospheric Conservation and Development: Concept, Methodology and Application
Eliahu Stern

19. Assessing Responses to National Weather Service Warnings: The Case of a Tornado
Burrell E. Montz

20. Managing Environmental Hazards of Outdoor Falls Among the Elderly Population of Hong Kong
Poh-Chin Lau, Wing-Cheung Wong, Ming-Houng Chan, Chien-Tat Low and Martin Wong

21. Hydropower in Chilean Patagonia: Evaluating Socio-economic Conditions for Resettlement and/or Compensation of Rural Inhabitants
Frederico Arenas and Pablo Osses McIntyre

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