Teaching Leadership


Teaching Leadership

Bridging Theory and Practice

9781788975179 Edward Elgar Publishing
The late Gama Perruci, formerly Dean, Bernard P. McDonough Center for Leadership and Business, Marietta College and Sadhana Warty Hall, formerly Deputy Director, the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences, Dartmouth College, US
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78897 517 9 Extent: 304 pp
We can teach leadership. The authors share their personal experiences of how they have bridged theory and practice in curricular and co-curricular settings to set the pace and tone for leadership development and life-long learning. Starting from theories of leadership, they share how it can be taught with rigor, intentionality, structure, and organization. Assessment is key from conception to implementation. Scholars, educators, and practitioners from different fields and professions are invited to adjust, adopt, and adapt concepts, ideas, methods and processes discussed in this book to their own institutional contexts and reality.

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Can we really teach leadership? Yes, we can, and this book provides innovative ways of doing so. It is designed to help educators contribute to their learners’ leadership development by expanding and enhancing their knowledge and competencies through a study of theory, practice and experiential learning. We need effective leaders at all levels of society. The more educators do to prepare leaders to make a positive difference, the better off the world will be. Educators can adjust, adopt, and adapt concrete examples provided in this book to fit their own organizations’ needs.

The authors explore time-tested efforts at linking leadership theory and practice in ways that promote meaningful leadership development for our learners. Starting from “why” and “what” about leadership, the book progresses to “how” to organize teaching leadership. It emphasizes lessons learned as a result of decades of experience in the design, implementation, and evaluation of nationally recognized leadership programs. Each chapter includes reflection questions that allow educators to consider how the content is relevant or can be applied to their own institutional context.

Teaching Leadership is written for educators and practitioners in undergraduate and graduate-level leadership programs, in professional schools, in technical institutes, and in government institutions, as well as for those working in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.
Critical Acclaim
‘As the author of a new book, Professionalizing Leadership, in which I take on the leadership industry, specifically the often careless and casual way in which we profess to teach how to lead, it gives me particular pleasure to highly recommend Teaching Leadership by Perruci and Hall. To anyone with any interest in leadership as pedagogical practice, especially but not exclusively at the undergraduate level, I say this book is not to be missed.’
– Barbara Kellerman, Harvard University, US and author of, among others, The End of Leadership, Followership, and Bad Leadership

‘This book is a must read for educators and students who want to master the fine art of developing leaders and becoming leaders.’
– Prasad Kaipa, Kaipa Group, US

‘Teaching Leadership takes the reader from leadership traits to leadership transformation, and models the pedagogy it professes. Those of us who bridge theory and practice on a daily basis will find the historical, theoretical, and philosophical context in which leadership education, training and development are defined an invaluable prism through which we better understand the why, what and how of leadership. While this book comes close to being the canon we incessantly seek, the authors intentionally avoid this. Instead, they present an integrated complexity of information with glorious clarity. The coalescence of scientific knowledge, philosophical grounding, intentionality, reflection, preparation, thoroughness, program design and evaluation on which Teaching Leadership is based, is a benchmark for best practice in teaching and forming leadership.’
– Katherine Tyler Scott, Ki ThoughtBridge LLC, US

‘Perruci and Hall affirm and delve deeper into the question, “Can leadership be taught?” by providing an understanding of leadership concepts conjoined with the “why” it is important to teach leadership and a framework for the “how” to go about it. In its wealth of examples, insights and suggestions every reader will find ideas of genuine value. Teaching Leadership is readily accessible, but solidly grounded in the rigor of theory and the relevance of practice.’
– Cynthia Cherrey, International Leadership Association

‘Perruci and Hall have produced an essential guidebook for faculty members who are involved in leadership education. Drawing on decades of experience educating leaders, they approach teaching leadership from an interdisciplinary perspective, one that balances curricular and co-curricular methodologies, and provides the knowledge and tools necessary for a full and dynamic program of leadership education.’
– Ronald E. Riggio, Claremont McKenna College, US

‘Teaching Leadership is a great resource for academics interested in making positional and informal leaders more effective in dealing with wicked problems in the complex and challenging world we live in. Grounded in leadership for now, this book takes in centuries of human reflection on what constitutes a good leader and breaks it down in teachable steps to ensure all have access to tools to create great positive impact for a better world. Teaching leadership ensures there are no excuses to justify the ineptitude of our leaders in action!’
– Eliane Ubalijoro, McGill University, Canada and C.L.E.A.R. International Development inc
Contents: Foreword: Facilitating Student Learning by Susan R. Komives Introduction PART I TEACHING ABOUT LEADERSHIP 1. Teaching Leadership 2. The Interdisciplinary Nature of Leadership Education 3. Developing a Leadership Curriculum 4. The ‘Smart’ Classroom PART II BUILDING LEADERSHIP CAPACITY AND COMPETENCY 5. The Learning Environment 6. Program Conceptualization and Development 7. Planning Effective Sessions: Strategies, Tools, and Logistics 8. Program Assessment and Evaluation PART III GROWING AS A LEADER 9. Leadership Development 10. Supporting Personal and Professional Growth 11. Leadership Programming for Personal Growth 12. Concluding Thoughts on Teaching Leadership Index
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