Technology and the Future of Work


Technology and the Future of Work

The Impact on Labour Markets and Welfare States

9781786434289 Edward Elgar Publishing
Bent Greve, Professor of Welfare State Analysis, Department of Society and Business, Roskilde University, Denmark
Publication Date: 2017 ISBN: 978 1 78643 428 9 Extent: 168 pp
Changes in the labour market demand new solutions to mitigate the potentially dramatic wiping away of jobs, and this important book offers both analysis and suggestions for change. Bent Greve provides a systematic and vigorous assessment of the impact of new technology on the labour market and welfare states, including comprehensive analysis of the sharing and platform economies, new types of inequality and trends of changes in the labour market.

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We are witnessing the development of new technologies that could have a dramatic impact on markets for both skilled and unskilled labour, including the use of Big Data. In addition, many welfare states have once again been restructured, sometimes weakening states’ protection of employees. This timely book provides a systematic and vigorous analysis of the impact of new technology on the labour market and different kinds of welfare states.

The book offers a novel contribution to the discussion of how welfare states can be maintained and developed to support groups in society who often need aid from a welfare state system. It also highlights the risk of increased social division as a consequence of these developments, and considers whether or not our response to this divide will have negative repercussions on the way societies function.

With comprehensive analysis of the sharing and platform economies as well as new types of inequality, Technology and the Future of Work will appeal to academics and graduate students of social policy and readers interested in societal change more broadly.
Critical Acclaim
‘The author presents and discusses the latest changes in employment generated by the international platform, from Uber to Amazon and Coworking, and presents some new social consequences of the sharing economy.’
Irena Lipowicz, European Journal of Social Security

‘Ongoing technological development brings the promise of higher productivity, increased efficiencies, and convenience, but the new technologies also raise difficult questions according to Bent Greve in this ground-breaking book concerning the impact of automation on jobs, skills, wages and inequality. Are welfare states prepared and how can they cope if there are fewer earners? Greve is the acknowledged expert on such questions. Social scientists interested in labour markets and welfare state transformations will enthusiastically welcome this book.’
– Christopher Deeming, Journal of Social Policy and University of Strathclyde, UK
Contents: Foreword 1. Introduction – the big challenges 2. New technology – what is new? 3. Pressure in modern times and in the future 4. The sharing/platform economy 5. Towards a dual labour market 6. The end of labour market organisations 7. Are welfare states prepared? 8. Impact on inequality 9. Will new types of jobs change migration? 10. Coherent or split societies Index


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eISBN: 978 1 78643 429 6
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