The Economic Valuation of Patents


The Economic Valuation of Patents

Methods and Applications

9781848445482 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Federico Munari, Associate Professor, University of Bologna, Italy and Raffaele Oriani, Associate Professor, LUISS Guido Carli University, Italy
Publication Date: 2011 ISBN: 978 1 84844 548 2 Extent: 392 pp
The Economic Valuation of Patents provides an original and essential analysis of patent valuation, presenting the main methodologies to value patents in different contexts.

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The Economic Valuation of Patents provides an original and essential analysis of patent valuation, presenting the main methodologies to value patents in different contexts.

Starting with an analysis of the relevance of patent valuation from a strategic, economic and legal perspective, the book undertakes a thorough review of the existing financial and qualitative valuation methodologies. The contributing authors, IP experts from academia and business, discuss the application of valuation issues in various contexts such as patent portfolio management, licensing agreements, IP litigation, IP-backed finance and accounting. For each topic, an introductory theoretical background is provided and specific application contexts are then investigated.

This multidisciplinary book bridges theory and practice in a unique and novel way that will be appreciated by graduate students, scholars and practitioners alike.
Critical Acclaim
‘This book fills an important gap in the literature and will be very useful both to students of intellectual property and practitioners confronted by the problem of valuing their patent portfolios. An excellent overview of an evolving and challenging area, it provides the necessary background to thinking about the problem of valuation and describes all the major methods in use, including the real options approach.’
– Bronywn H. Hall, University of California, Berkeley, US

‘In depth knowledge and a scientific approach are used to improve patent valuation techniques. . . a dream book for both researchers and practitioners interested in identifying the value of creative minds.’
– Bruno van Pottelsberghe, Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, ULB, Belgium
Contributors: M.A. Bader, O. Gassmann, H. Goddar, M. Granieri, K. Laursen, M.I. Leone, S. Morricone, U. Moser, F. Munari, M.C. Odasso, N. Omland, R. Oriani, L. Sereno, M. Sobrero, L. Toschi, P.M. Valenti

Federico Munari and Raffaele Oriani

1. Why, When and How to Value Patents? An Introduction
Federico Munari and Raffaele Oriani

2. A Law and Economics Introduction to Patent Law and Procedure
Massimiliano Granieri

3. Economic and Management Perspectives on the Value of Patents
Federico Munari and Maurizio Sobrero

4. Patent Exploitation Strategies and Value Creation
Maria Isabella Leone and Keld Laursen

5. Traditional Valuation Methods: Cost, Market and Income Approach
Heinz Goddar and Ulrich Moser

6. Advanced Valuation Methods: The Real Options Approach
Raffaele Oriani and Luigi Sereno

7. Valuing Patents through Indicators
Nils Omland

8. Patent Portfolio Management
Martin A. Bader and Oliver Gassmann

9. Patent Licensing Contracts
Massimiliano Granieri, Maria Isabella Leone and Raffaele Oriani

10. Economic Approaches to Patent Damages Analysis
Paola Maria Valenti

11. Valuing Patents for Accounting Purposes
Serena Morricone

12. Patent-backed Finance
Federico Munari, Maria Cristina Odasso and Laura Toschi

13. Stock Market Valuation of Patent Portfolios
Serena Morricone and Raffaele Oriani

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