The Politics and Practices of Apartment Living


The Politics and Practices of Apartment Living

9781786438072 Edward Elgar Publishing
Hazel Easthope, Associate Professor, City Futures Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78643 807 2 Extent: 192 pp
The majority of people now live in cities and for many that means apartment living. Apartments are where we spend our time, make our homes, raise our families and invest our money. Apartment living requires that we try to get along with our neighbours and make decisions collectively about the management of our buildings. This book examines how different housing markets, development practices, planning regimes, legal structures and social and cultural norms affect people’s everyday experiences of apartment living.

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With a majority of the world’s population now living in cities, apartment living is a necessity. This book explores the potential of private apartment developments (condominiums) to play an important role in modern cities and contribute to a positive urban future.

Addressing the influences of housing markets, development practices, planning regimes, legal structures and social and cultural norms on the development and operation of condominiums, Hazel Easthope argues that while the condominium is a child of the neo-liberal city, it has the potential to rebel against its parent by enabling local-level resident action, mobilising place-based politics, and facilitating the creation of local social ties. Including interviews with over 100 specialists across seven countries, this book is an exemplary cross-disciplinary work that studies the past, present and potential of apartment living.

A timely and original contribution to current scholarship, this book will be an interesting read for students and researchers of geography, urban studies, planning, social policy and law. Its insights into the complexities of condominiums will also be useful for lawyers, property managers and government officials.
Critical Acclaim
‘This is arguably one of the best books ever written about condominiums. Easthope has researched all aspects of the life-cycle of condominiums, from development to termination, covering multiple jurisdictions across the world. She draws out differences in structures and management, but more importantly, highlights the striking similarities in global residential development. As condominiums increasingly dominate our cities, this book will become an essential resource for all researchers.’
– Cathy Sherry, University of New South Wales, Australia

‘Motivated by a desire to help people live better in this urban century, Easthope has listened to those who build, finance, own, manage, regulate, study, provide legal advice to, and, most importantly, live in condominium apartments on four different continents. The result is a rich, interview-based analysis built around the life cycle of condominium developments that foregrounds the challenges and inequities, but also sees promise and potential for better lives and cities in condominium apartment living.’
– Douglas Harris, The University of British Columbia, Canada

‘This important new book addresses the growing international trend for multi-occupied urban housing. It uniquely combines analysis of markets, law, and planning and development policies, with the everyday experiences of condominium residents and managers. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the urban future.’
– Sarah Blandy, University of Sheffield, UK

‘In this noteworthy empirical study, Hazel Easthope captures the trials and tribulations of the major dramatis personae of these self-governing mini-municipalities – from their establishment, through constant maintenance and renovations, up to the demise and termination of the condominium, when the buildings can no longer be salvaged. The study expertly covers the life cycle of condominiums in major world cities such as New York, Toronto, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Johannesburg.’
– Cornelius Van Der Merwe, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa and University of Aberdeen, UK

Contents: 1. The Politics and Practices of Apartment Living 2. International Condominium Systems 3. Development 4. Handover 5. Early Years 6. Later Years 7. Redevelopment Conclusion: The Future Role of Condominiums Index

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