Tourist Behaviour


Tourist Behaviour

The Essential Companion

9781786438560 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by the late Philip L. Pearce, formerly James Cook University, Australia
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78643 856 0 Extent: 432 pp
Comprehensive and accessible, this Companion offers a thorough investigation into both traditional and fresh topics in tourist behaviour and experience. Arranged chronologically, the chapters examine tourist experience from the very idea of a tourist visit to the aftermath of returning home.

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Comprehensive and accessible, this Companion offers a thorough investigation into both traditional and fresh topics in tourist behaviour and experience. Arranged chronologically, the chapters examine tourist experience from the very idea of a tourist visit to the aftermath of returning home.

With contributions from leading experts and emerging scholars across the globe, this Companion establishes the importance of studying tourist behaviour. Innovative topics including packing and preparation, dreaming and longing for trips, and memory are explored in detail. The book incorporates a selection of illustrative key case studies to ensure that it is highly accessible and readable to a range of audiences, whilst ensuring academic rigour. It examines both positive and negative impacts of the tourist experience on tourists themselves and the communities and environments they visit. The concluding chapter includes a vision for how tourism and sustainable development goals can be integrated to maximise the benefits of tourist behaviour and experience.

Students and researchers of tourism and sustainability will greatly benefit from the research directions and suggestions indicated in each chapter of the book. This timely Companion will also prove to be a valuable resource for stakeholders looking to improve and expand upon the tourist experience.
Critical Acclaim
‘Tourist Behaviour: The Essential Companion situates as a must-read book that makes an outstanding contribution to tourism psychology. Without any doubt, its main strength associates with the titanic task to organize well-written 20 chapters into a coherent argumentation. Some of the contributors are well-versed scholars who have made seminal contributions in their respective fields. Needless to say, this does not appear to be an easy task. For that, the book deserves my recognition. The editor proffers an all-encompassing model that helps readers to understand deeply the complexity of tourist motivation as well as behaviour.’
– Maximiliano E. Korstanje, Anatolia - An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research

‘We’re often told that travel broadens the mind. If that were ever in doubt, we can be certain that this superb volume will broaden, as well as deepen, our understanding of tourism!’
– From the Foreword by Peter Collett, University of Oxford, UK

‘A sound understanding of tourist behaviour is fundamental to maximising the benefits of tourism for all stakeholders. The substantial benefit of this text is that it explores tourist behaviour from diverse perspectives, not just the marketing perspective that is the sole focus of so many other texts.’
– Leo Jago, University of Surrey, UK

‘The opening chapter – “Are tourists interesting?” – demands and merits the reader’s attention. Pearce’s splendid narrative structure then propels readers on a fascinating journey, prompting reflection and then insight. The momentum continues unabated into the final chapter – “Searching … for what is important”. This is truly artful scholarship – an invaluable contribution.’
– Brian King, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

‘Tourist Behaviour: The Essential Companion edited by Philip L. Pearce is an indispensable resource for courses on consumer behaviour in tourism and for all serious scholars in the field. The structure of the book is unique in following the entire consumer journey from “dreaming and longing” to “returning home”. Pearce, the preeminent scholar and author on tourist behaviour, has produced another brilliant work together with an impressive list of contributing authors.’
– Alastair Morrison, Purdue University, US
Contributors: A. Alizadeh, J.D. Bernstein, I.H. Blomstervik, E. Cohen, A. Correia, L. Dwyer, D. Edwards, D.R. Fesenmaier, S. Filep, C.M. Hall, A. Hergesell, H. Kim, M. Kozak, Z. Ma, M. McDonald, T.H.T. Nguyen, H. Oktadiana, A. Pabel, J.R. Pearce, P.L. Pearce, N.K. Prebensen, J.M. Rickley, M. Uysal, S. Wearing, J. Wen, M.-Y. Wu, C. Yagi, S. Zare

1. Are tourists interesting?
Philip L. Pearce

2. Dreaming and longing
Philip L. Pearce

3. Deciding and Choosing
Anja Hergesell, Larry Dwyer and Deborah Edwards

4. Packing and Preparing
Chiemi Yagi and John R. Pearce

5. Getting around
Mao-Ying Wu and Philip L. Pearce

6. Communicating and Interacting
Ingvild H. Blomstervik and Nina K. Prebensen

7. Sleeping and Staying
Hera Oktadiana

8. Consuming food and drinks
C. Michael Hall

9. Co-creating good times
Hyelin (Lina) Kim, Zihui Ma and Muzaffer Uysal

10. Browsing and Shopping
Antonia Correia and Metin Kozak

11. Taking photographs
Philip L. Pearce

12. Interacting with wild animals
Erik Cohen

13. Visiting Attractions
Junjie Wen

14. Joining the crowd
Jillian M. Rickly

15. Behaving badly
Philip L. Pearce

16. Behaving altruistically
Stephen Wearing, Matthew McDonald,Truc Ha Thanh Nguyen and Joshua D. Bernstein

17. Remembering
Samira Zare

18. Well-being
Abbas Alizadeh and Sebastian Filep

19. Returning Home
Anja Pabel

20. Searching … for what is important
Daniel R. Fesenmaier and Philip L. Pearce

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