Women, Business and Leadership


Women, Business and Leadership

Gender and Organisations

9781786432704 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou, Associate Professor of Psychology, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, Cary Cooper, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester and Caroline Gatrell, Professor of Organization Studies, University of Liverpool Management School, UK
Publication Date: 2019 ISBN: 978 1 78643 270 4 Extent: 488 pp
This timely and comprehensive book analyses the role of women in leadership from both managerial and socio-emotional perspectives. The authors review the issues that affect real women in business and evaluate what can be done to support and develop women managers. Chapters explore topics such as the stereotyping of leading women, gender equality and discrimination, the glass ceiling and barriers to promotion, the work/home conflict, the gender pay gap and job insecurity, female authority and career development.

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This book explores the range of challenges faced by women in business and leadership today, identifying how far we need to progress before women in business experience the same level of advancement as men.  

Including a range of different viewpoints, the book analyses women’s position at work from three perspectives: the constraints affecting women’s career advancements, gender-specific challenges to women in leadership roles, and women’s experiences of undertaking these roles while trying to maintain a work–life balance. By highlighting the specific disadvantages relating to gender, chapters outline the extent of change needed culturally, as well as through policy and attitude, if women are to achieve parity with their male counterparts.

Researchers and students of gender in management, leadership and organisation studies will find this a thought-provoking read, particularly those studying work–family balance and the future paths to breaking the glass ceiling for women in business.
Critical Acclaim
‘Women, Business and Leadership is an important contribution to the literature on gender in organisational settings. The book advances not only organisational theory but also practice by offering concrete, specific solutions that can be applied in organisations. Finally, the most important message that the book delivers is that the change in our policies, attitudes, culture, and expectations needs to come, and we cannot and should not wait for another 50 years.’
– Joanna Sosnowska, Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies
Contributors: V. Aggelou, Y.S. Ang, A.-S. Antoniou, M. Apergi, S. Arifeen, V. Bevan, S. Bisom-Rapp, R.J. Burke, P. Burkinshaw, S.D. Carter, K. Clayton-Hathway, S.R. Daniels, A. Discua Cruz, N. Drosos, E. Dunn, U. Fasbender, R. Fotinatos-Ventouratos, C. Gatrell, F.H. Gerpott, K.J. Hackney, E. Hamilton, B. Hawkins, S.L. Jack, J. Kampa, C.-T. Kechagias, M. Kourtoglou, L.M. Lavaysse, A. Lay, L. Maher, K. Otto, S. Perera, P.L. Perrewé, N. Peyton, J.C. Potwora, T.M. Probst, I. Rittenhofer, M. Sargeant, S. Schlamp, R. Sealy, R. Searle, C.D. Tully, S.C. Voelpel, L. Weis, K. White, L.D. Wojtas


1. Women’s entrepreneurship: discussing legal perspectives in light of individual and institutional drivers
Ulrike Fasbender and Yue S. Ang

2. Women in management and on corporate boards of directors: accelerating progress
Ronald J. Burke

3. Women leaders in times of economic crisis: leadership style, career self-efficacy, and job insecurity
Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou, Nikos Drosos and Mara Kourtoglou

4. For better or worse? Human resource practices and women in leadership
Sanjeewa Perera

5. Gender and authentic leadership: antecedents and consequences of leaders’ emotional labor
Laura D. Wojtas, Judith Kampa and Kathleen Otto

6. Gender and leadership in education
Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou and Marioleni Apergi

7. Goddess Athena as leader and mentor in Homeric epics
Christos-Thomas Kechagias and Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou

8. Transpersonal business leadership, global information economies, and diversity
Iris Rittenhofer

9. Understanding women’s entrepreneurial leadership in the context of families in business
Allan Discua Cruz, Eleanor Hamilton and Sarah L. Jack

10. Networking and gender equality in academic leadership
Paula Burkinshaw and Kate White

11. Gender-specific networking: mind the gap
Laura Weis and Alixe Lay

12. Female managers with male-type behavior
Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou and Virginia Aggelou

13. Gender norm enforcement at work
Jason C. Potwora and Tahira M. Probst

14. ‘Don’t you know that it’s different for girls?’: a dynamic exploration of trust, breach and violation for women en route to the top
Rosalind Searle, Ruth Sealy and Beverley Hawkins

15. Experiencing a secret career in healthcare science
Valerie Bevan

16. Pregnancy in the workplace: the role of stigmas, discrimination, and identity management
Pamela L. Perrewé, Shanna R. Daniels, Kaylee J. Hackney and Liam Maher

17. Pushback: negative career development experiences of United States post-tenure female faculty 1988–2011
Shani D. Carter and Cathyann D. Tully

18. Shattering the stained glass ceiling: women leaders in the Church of England
Caroline Gatrell and Nigel Peyton

19. The steep way to the top: barriers to female leadership in tall hierarchical organizations
Sofia Schlamp, Fabiola H. Gerpott and Sven C. Voelpel

20. The psychological and social implications of the gender wage gap
Ritsa Fotinatos-Ventouratos

21. Stereotype threat: impacts for women at work
Lindsey M. Lavaysse and Tahira M. Probst

22. Attitudes toward women managers and female authority: an empirical study among women managers in Greece
Nikos Drosos and Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou

23. Another financial crisis? The underrepresentation of women in UK financial services
Elaine Dunn

24. Women as leaders and managers in sports: understanding key career enablers and constraints in the British horseracing industry
Kate Clayton-Hathway and Ulrike Fasbender

25. Lifetime disadvantage requires lifetime solutions
Susan Bisom-Rapp and Malcolm Sargeant

26. A blind spot in organization studies: gender with ethnicity, nationality and religion
Shehla Riza Arifeen and Caroline Gatrell

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