Youth, Diversity and Employment


Youth, Diversity and Employment

Comparative Perspectives on Labour Market Policies

9781783475995 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Rune Halvorsen, Associate Professor and Bjørn Hvinden, Professor, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
Publication Date: 2018 ISBN: 978 1 78347 599 5 Extent: 256 pp
Including youth in the labour market is a major challenge facing many European countries. This book examines the transitions from education to employment with a focus on Nordic youth in the broader European context. The book combines insights from the social sciences and law by linking the challenges facing young people in general and the more specific barriers facing the more vulnerable groups of young people. Youth, Diversity and Employment provides original insights on the interdependencies or interaction between redistributive and regulatory social policies.

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The challenge of including youth in the labour market is a problem which many European countries are facing. Examining the transition from education to employment, Youth, Diversity and Employment combines insights from law and the social sciences to link the challenges and specific barriers facing young and vulnerable people today. Based on original research, this book presents ways in which social protection policies in Europe can utilise the synergy between redistribution and regulations to combat economic inactivity and exclusion of young people.

Drawing on the experiences of Nordic countries, which represent cases of high theoretical and political relevance, and systematically examining the significance of social regulation on the employment opportunities for young adults, this book develops an original approach to social protection policies. This book focuses on ways to strengthen the demand for the work capacity of European youth, identifying principles which will make the best progress in policy making to assist youth transitions into work. Arguing that gender, ethnicity, and disability are increasingly important factors to consider, chapters reveal how to ensure that the full use of skills that young adults have can be brought to the workforce effectively.

This book will be a valuable tool for students and scholars of social policy, sociology, employment and human rights law, and cultural studies, as well as for researchers, who will find the analytical framework and new data useful for future research into youth transitions, policy, and social protection policies.
Critical Acclaim
‘The book addresses very timely issues from a variety of perspectives and is thus appealing not only to scholars and students of social sciences and legal studies but also to practitioners and policymakers who seek a nuanced account of the multifaceted challenges involved with school to work transitions and youth unemployment.’
– Jennifer Shore, Social Policy and Administration
Contributors: O.M. Arnardóttir, O. Bäckman, R. Halvorsen, M.J. Hotvedt, B. Hvinden, C. Hyggen, V. Jakobsen, K. Jokumsen, L. Kolouh-Söderlund, S. Kuivalainen, T. Lorentzen, S. Niknami, K. Nousianen, T. Olsen, E. Österbacka, J.G. Rice, M.A. Schøyen, L. Schröder, M. Seeleib-Kaiser, T.F. Spreckelsen, J. Tägtström, R. Traustadóttir, M. Ventegodt, E. Wadensjö



1. Introduction
Rune Halvorsen and Bjørn Hvinden

2. Young People at Risk. School Dropout and Labour Market Exclusion in the Nordic countries
Christer Hyggen, Lidija Kolouh-Söderlund, Terje Olsen and Jenny Tägtström

3. Youth Labour Market Outsiderness: The Nordic Model compared with Britain and Germany
Martin Seeleib-Kaiser and Thees F. Spreckelsen

4. Early School Leaving and Labour Market Inclusion in the Nordic Countries
Olof Bäckman, Vibeke Jakobsen, Thomas Lorentzen and Eva Österbacka

5. Minority Ethnic Youth in the Nordic Labour Market. Policy Responses and Outcomes
Susan Niknami, Lena Schröder and Eskil Wadensjö

6. New Approach to Promoting Youth Inclusion in the Labour Market? Disability in the Nordic Welfare States
Rune Halvorsen, Bjørn Hvinden, Susan Kuivalainen and Mi Ah Schøyen

7. Nordic Disability Employment Laws and Policies in a Human Rights Perspective
Oddný Mjöll Arnardóttir, Marianne Jenum Hotvedt, Kevat Nousianen and Maria Ventegodt

8. Social networks, recruitment strategies and the ambiguities of employment activation programmes: perspectives of employers and vulnerable youth
Rannveig Traustadóttir, James G. Rice and Kristjana Jokumsen

9. Integrated discussion: managing diversity among youth in Nordic social protection policies
Rune Halvorsen and Bjørn Hvinden


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eISBN: 978 1 78347 600 8
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