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Women’s Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century

An International Multi-Level Research Analysis Edited by Kate V. Lewis, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Colette Henry, Head of School of Business and Humanities, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland and Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, UiT–The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway, Elizabeth J. Gatewood, Research Professor, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, US and John Watson, formerly Professor of Accounting and Finance, The University of Western Australia
Women’s Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century is the fourth in the series of books emanating from the Diana International Research Network. The volume takes a multi-dimensional approach to coalesce a series of chapters around the central theme: gender and entrepreneurship today and in the future. The chapters span a diverse range of countries, methodologies, and levels of analysis – however, they all seek to contribute to an advancing understanding of women and their engagement with entrepreneurial endeavours.
In Association with the Diana International Project
Extent: 336 pp
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Publication Date: 2015
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  • Gender and Management
Women’s Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century: An International Multi-level Research Analysis is the fourth in the series of books produced in partnership with the Diana International Research Network. The volume takes a multi-dimensional approach to the central theme of gender and entrepreneurship today and in the future.

The book takes a holistic approach to exploring, via empirical and theoretical lenses, why women’s involvement in venture creation matters. It offers a contemporary and diverse range of topics, written by leading scholars, that builds on a tradition of previous Diana volumes. The chapters span a wide range of countries, methodologies, and levels of analysis, all designed to contribute to advancing understanding of women and their engagement with entrepreneurial endeavours.

With its broad span of geographic relevance and research driven by empirical data, this book will prove an essential guide for academics, students and researchers in the field, as well as policymakers and practitioners.
‘The broad international scope of both the theoretical discussions and case studies provides the ideal opportunity to explore how different formal policies and less explicit influences impact women. Much credit must go to the editors for the rich conceptual framework that makes this volume succeed both as a resource compiling and interpreting global data and as a source of theory situating the data in a broad socio-cultural context. . . . This book will be a welcome addition to the shelves of academic scholars and policy professionals. Those interested in fostering women's entrepreneurship will benefit from paying attention to the practical advice that emerges.’
– Science & Public Policy

‘This book will interest current and prospective women entrepreneurs who seek to obtain funding and support to grow their businesses. The authors of 14 essays address such issues and gender differences in management style, innovation, networking behaviors, spousal support, attitudes towards growth, and ability to access funds. A valuable book for graduate business students as well as researchers, faculty, and practitioners in entrepreneurship.’
– P.G. Kishel, Choice
Contributors: C.G. Brush, J. Byrne, S. Chasserio, S. Coleman, J. Courvisanos, A. de Bruin, M. Dlouhá, T. Esnard, S. Fattoum, H. Frederick, J. Gabrielsson, E.J.Gatewood, R.T. Harrison, C. Henry, K. Ibata-Arens, M. Jomaraty, N. Jurik, A. Křížková, T. Lebègue, C.M. Leitch, K.V. Lewis, Å.L. Dahlstrand, E. Lisowska, D. Močnik, C. Nguyen, H. Nguyen, D. Politis, C. Poroli, A. Robb, N. Sappleton, K. Širec, J. Watson, F. Welter

Candida G. Brush, Nancy M. Carter, Elizabeth J. Gatewood, Patricia G. Greene and Myra M. Hart

Introduction: An International Multi-level Research Analysis
Kate V. Lewis, Colette Henry, Elizabeth J. Gatewood and John Watson

1. Advancing Theory Development in Venture Creation: Signposts for Understanding Gender
Candida Brush, Anne de Bruin and Friederike Welter

2. Academic Entrepreneurship: Multilevel Factors Associated with Female-led Incubator Projects
Diamanto Politis, Jonas Gabrielsson and Åsa Lindholm Dahlstrand

3. Gender Congruency Theory, Experience of Discrimination and Access to Finance
Natalie Sappleton

4. Female Entrepreneurship in Rural Vietnam: An Exploratory Study
Cuc Nguyen, Howard Frederick and Huong Nguyen

5. Women Entrepreneurs in Asia: Culture and the State in China and Japan
Kathryn Ibata-Arens

6. Gender Differences in Innovation among US Entrepreneurs
Alicia Robb and Susan Coleman

7. A Gender Perspective on Family Business Succession: Case Studies from France
Janice Byrne and Salma Fattoum

8. Gender Based Differences in the Performance of Slovenian High‐Growth Companies
Karin Širec and Dijana Močnik

9. Growth Process of Small and Medium-sized Manufacturing in Strongly Developing Countries: A Study of Women-owned Firms in Bangladesh
Mosfeka Jomaraty and Jerry Courvisanos

10. Women Entrepreneurs’ Networking Behaviours: Perspectives from Entrepreneurs and Network Managers
Claire M Leitch and Richard T Harrison

11. Heterogeneity of Spousal Support for French Women Entrepreneurs
Stephanie Chasserio, Typhaine Lebègue and Corinne Poroli

12. The Divisions of Labour and Responsibilities in Business and Home Among Women and Men Copreneurs in the Czech Republic
Alena Křížková, Nancy Jurik and Marie Dlouhá

13. Centering Caribbean Women’s Gendered Experiences and Identities: A Comparative Analysis of Female Entrepreneurs in St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago
Talia Esnard

14. Self-employment and Motherhood: The Case of Poland
Ewa Lisowska