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Organizations Evolving: Third Edition by H.E. Aldrich, M. Ruef and S. Lippman

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Here, Instructors will find suggestions for additional readings, study questions, exercises for group work and suggested multimedia resources.


A note for instructors:

The exercises are written to get students to think about how the theories and empirical findings discussed in each chapter apply to their lives and the world around them. All the prompts can be used “as is,” with little modification from you, but you might find it helpful to alter them to better fit with the content you cover in class. These prompts are intended to stimulate discussion in class and reinforce concepts covered in the book. Most prompts include instructions to break into groups and reconvene once the exercise is complete. After the class has come back together, consider comparing responses across groups. This can be particularly fruitful for stimulating class-wide discussion.

Ideally, these exercises will help you successfully “flip” the classroom. Consider leading the exercises with brief lectures that cover key concepts. Then, use the exercises so students deepen their understanding of those concepts. Let students challenge and learn from each other in the group exercises, encourage students to uncover any gaps in knowledge that become apparent in the mini case studies, and use the individual exercises to assess student progress and find which concepts are particularly difficult.



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