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Welcome to the online resources for

How to Manage International Multidisciplinary Research Projects edited by Linda Hantrais

Introduction to the online resources

Introductory presentation by the trainer for the online course

To accompany the publication of the book, the authors have collated a collection of short video clips covering topics explored within the text. These are split into categories and availiable to watch below.


Promotional video clips

Antimicrobial resistance in the real world (AMR)

LCEDN Powerpoint
- On Youtube



The Bloomsbury SET: science, economics, technology (B−SET)


Promoting integrity in the use of research results (PRO-RES)


Responsible AI for labour market equality (BIAS)


Families and food in hard times (FFP)

Climate, climatic change and society (CLICCS)


Different pathways to employment (POLKU)


Exchanging prevention practices on polydrug use among youth in criminal justice systems (EPPIC)


Transforming into open, innovative and collaborative governments (TROPICO)