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Transnational Intellectual Property Law: Text and Cases by R.P. Merges and S.H. Song

As companies and organisations increasingly operate across national boundaries, so the incentive to understand how to acquire, deploy and protect IP rights in multiple national jurisdictions has rapidly increased. Transnational Intellectual Property Law meets the need for a book that introduces contemporary intellectual property as it is practiced in today’s global context. Focusing on three major IP regimes – the United States, Europe and China – the unique transnational approach of this textbook will help law students and lawyers across the world understand not only how IP operates in different national contexts, but also how to coordinate IP protection across numerous national jurisdictions. International IP treaties are also covered, but in the context of an overall emphasis on transnational coordination of legal rights and strategies.


Contents Part I 1. What is “Transnational” IP Law Part II 2. Introduction to Patent Law at the Transnational Level 3. Patentable Subject Matter 4. Novelty 5. Inventive Step/Non-obviousness 6. Adequate Disclosure and Enablement 7. Claim Interpretation and Infringement 8. Remedies 9. Business Aspects of Patents Part III 10. Introduction 11. Subject Matter, Originality, Authorship 12. Rights of the Copyright Owner 13. Limitations and Exceptions 14. Infringement and Remedies 15. Digital Copyright Part IV 16. Introduction to Trademark Protection 17. Acquisition of Trademark Rights 18. Enforcement 19. Licensing Issues: Quality Supervision, Exclusive Territories, Termination Part V 20. Introduction 21. What Can Be Protected As a Trade Secret? 22. Reasonable Efforts to Protect Trade Secrets 23. Misappropriation 24. Remedies Part VI 25. Introduction 26. Subject Matter and Originality Requirements 27. Infringement 28. Defenses 29. Remedies Index


Publication Date: 2018

Extent: 864 pp

HB ISBN: 9781785368240

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eISBN: 9781785368257

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