A Research Agenda for Workplace Stress and Wellbeing


A Research Agenda for Workplace Stress and Wellbeing

9781789905014 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by E. Kevin Kelloway, Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health Psychology, Saint Mary’s University, Canada and Cary Cooper, Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78990 501 4 Extent: 264 pp
This insightful Research Agenda considers the current state of research into workplace stress and wellbeing and maps an innovative programme for future investigation that can advance understanding of the interrelationships between work and wellbeing.

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Elgar Research Agendas outline the future of research in a given area. Leading scholars are given the space to explore their subject in provocative ways, and map out the potential directions of travel. They are relevant but also visionary.
This insightful Research Agenda considers the current state of research into workplace stress and wellbeing and maps an innovative programme for future investigation that can advance understanding of the interrelationships between work and wellbeing.
Bringing together international contributors to outline the field, the book examines the various costs and impacts of workplace stress on employers and employees. Chapters address key features of the workplace that influence employee wellbeing, including technology use, leadership, work-family relationships and aggression, as well as the unique contemporary effects of Covid-19 on wellbeing. Identifying both substantive and methodological questions that remain unanswered, the book considers the benefits of intervention strategies that are designed to enhance individual wellbeing in the workplace.
Offering a unique picture of the field, this timely book is crucial reading for researchers and graduate students focused on work and wellbeing who are looking for new and innovative avenues for research. Managers and other practitioners will also benefit from its practical insights into the challenges posed by workplace stress and the potential strategies for managing stress.
Critical Acclaim
‘The economic viability of the western industrialized world depends on the wellbeing of employees. Yet, this simple fact has been ignored for too long, and stressed-out workers are stretched to their limit – with potentially disastrous results. I congratulate the authors in this volume for giving us a much-needed agenda to deal with this issue.’
– Neal Ashkanasy, University of Queensland, Australia

‘In this book, some top occupational health researchers take a forward look at where research on workplace mental health and wellbeing should go in the future. It provides a practical perspective in noting the important issues needing investigation and the solutions that will be necessary to deal with those issues.’
– Paul Spector, University of Southern Florida, US
Contributors: Carolyn Axtell, Julian Barling, James Campbell Quick, Ryan Cook, Sir Cary L. Cooper, Madeleine T. D’Agata, Arla Day, Jennifer K. Dimoff, Deniz Fikretoglu, Christine Frank, Eva Guérin, M. Sandy Hershcovis, Ute R. Hülsheger, Gary W. Ivey, Sheena Johnson, Rachael Jones-Chick, E. Kevin Kelloway, Jennifer E.C. Lee, Zhanna Lyubykh, Vanessa Myers, Karina Nielsen, Elinor O’Connor, Donna I. Pickering, Shani Pupco, Maree Roche, Winny Shen, Stacey Silins, Glorian Sorensen, Kristen M. Shockley, Megan M. Thompson, Michelle R. Tuckey, Christian van Stolk, Whitney E.S. Vogel, Ivana Vranjes, Olivia Yoder

1 Introduction to A Research Agenda for Workplace
Stress and Wellbeing 3
E. Kevin Kelloway and Cary L. Cooper
2 Workplace stress and wellbeing: pathways for
future research advances 15
James Campbell Quick
3 The cost of stress to UK employers and employees 33
Christian van Stolk

4 Leadership and well-being 53
Shani Pupco and Julian Barling
5 Observer interventions in workplace aggression:
the state of the art and future directions 73
Ivana Vranjes, Zhanna Lyubykh and M. Sandy Hershcovis
6 Are your smart technologies ‘killing it’ or killing
you? Developing a research agenda for workplace
ICT and worker wellbeing 91
Arla Day, Ryan Cook, Rachael Jones-Chick and
Vanessa Myers
7 Work–family research: questioning assumptions
and looking forward for true impact 119
Winny Shen and Kristen M. Shockley

8 Mental health in the workplace: where we’ve been
and where we’re going 137
Jennifer K. Dimoff, Whitney E.S. Vogel and Olivia Yoder
9 Managing work stress: the research agenda 157
Sheena Johnson and Elinor O’Connor
10 Cautions for mindfulness research in
organisations: taking stock and moving forward 173
Maree Roche, Michelle R. Tuckey and Ute R. Hülsheger
11 Organizational interventions – fitting the
intervention to the context to ensure the
participatory process 191
Karina Nielsen, Carolyn Axtell and Glorian Sorensen
12 COVID-19: short- and long-term impacts on work
and well-being 211
Gary W. Ivey, Jennifer E.C. Lee, Deniz Fikretoglu,
Eva Guérin, Christine Frank, Stacey Silins, Donna
I. Pickering, Megan M. Thompson and Madeleine T. D’Agata

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