Business Education in the 21st Century


Business Education in the 21st Century

Developing Discipline Competences and Transformation Capabilities

9781802202687 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Eleri Rosier, Professor, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, UK, Adam Lindgreen, Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Extraordinary Professor, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa, Antonia Erz, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, Ben Marder, Associate Professor, University of Edinburgh Business School, UK and Sylvia von Wallpach, Professor, Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 268 7 Extent: 436 pp
This timely book presents a nuanced exploration of the key pedagogical, theoretical and practical challenges facing modern business educators and students. Bringing together a cross-disciplinary team of experts, it highlights the importance of equipping students with the capabilities and mindset necessary to manage new and emerging societal problems.

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This timely book presents a nuanced exploration of the key pedagogical, theoretical and practical challenges facing modern business educators and students. Bringing together a cross-disciplinary team of experts, it highlights the importance of equipping students with the capabilities and mindset necessary to manage new and emerging societal problems.

Going beyond the traditional model of teaching only discipline-specific knowledge in business education, this book instead centres on transformation capabilities that enhance students’ current skills as well as their future potential. It analyses the diverse opportunities and challenges that this innovative style of teaching presents in the context of the business school. In particular, the book focuses on knowledge, values and action in business education, and introduces the revolutionary Nordic Nine framework created by the Copenhagen Business School.

Business Education in the 21st Century is an essential read for academics in business and management education, university management, and teaching and learning. It is also an invaluable resource for higher education teaching practitioners seeking a deeper understanding of effective practices for modern business education.
Critical Acclaim
‘A timely volume turning our gaze to character building rather than technical skills. Any technical skill has an expiry date while personal values persist. This book powerfully attests to the importance of developing responsible minds in tackling boundaryless problems and creating sustainable futures. The volume firmly places the Nordic Nine on the global map of transformative qualities to develop in the future generations of business leaders, while offering a range of practical examples of their implementation.’
– Lilia Mantai, Associate Editor of Higher Education Research & Development, The University of Sydney Business School, Australia

‘This is a transformative text that should be mandatory for all business academics and students. It showcases the importance of building capabilities in tandem with the traditional competency-based approach.’
– John Deane, Dean at the University of Wales Trinity St David, Birmingham, UK

‘In today''s dynamic educational landscape, this book offers a great source of inspiration for all business teachers who are looking to transform their education in a way that aligns with today’s society, as well as the challenges that lie ahead of us.’
– Mirella Kleijnen, Vice Dean of Education and Co-editor-in-chief of Journal of Business Research, School of Business and Economics, Vrije University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

‘The diverse and interesting collection of chapters in this edited volume, Business Education in the 21st Century: Developing Discipline Competences, and Transformation Capabilities, provides a range of perspectives to assist educators in considering their practice in higher education. No doubt there will be a highlight for everyone in reflecting on how best to prepare and enable their learners for the complex societal challenges we all face.’
– Emmajane Milton, Professor in Educational Practice, School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University, Wales
Contributors include: Sille Julie J. Abildgaard, Jiyoon An, Kristina Auxtova, Alba Barbarà-i-Molinero, Roderick J. Brodie, Gianluca Chimenti, Bo T. Christensen, Varia Christie, Daniel Clarke, Jesper Clement, Karen Clinkard, C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Antonia Etz, Sarah Eyaa, Anne Sofie Fischer, Thomas Frandsen, Susann Gjerde, Richard Gyrd-Jones, Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger, Torben Hansen, Geoff Hinchliffe, Nicholas Ind, Sarah Ivory, Jakov Jandrić, Fredrik Lange, Magnus Larsson, Adam Lindgreen, Ben Marder, Stefan Markovic, Pär Mårtensson, Peter Naudé, Bình Nghiêm-Phú, Thành Hýng Nguyễn, Nekpen Euodia Okhawere, Pernille Steen Pedersen, Dạ-Hýõng Phạm-Lê, Caroline A. Pontoppidan, Søren Baltzer Rasmussen, Sara Rosengren, Eleri Rosier, David Roura, Martina Sageder, Cristina Sancha, Carsten Scheibye, Stephanie Schreven, Letícia Vedolin Sebastião, Christian Tangkjær, Anna Thomasson, Torben Trapp, Kristin Undheim, Christine Vallaster, Milla Vasbotten, Sylvia von Wallpach, Wiley Wakeman


Preface xxii
1 Introduction: wicked problems require transformative capabilities 1
Anna Thomasson
2 Professional judgement, agency and capability 7
Geoff Hinchliffe
3 A systematic review of employability and enterprise
education learning tools: the argument for AGILE reflection 28
Karen Clinkard
4 The connection between academics’ values and students’
development of transformational capabilities 55
Nekpen Okhawere and Sarah Eyaa
5 Business school pedagogy: curating a critical thinking
learning environment 67
Sarah Birrell Ivory and Jakov Jandrić
6 Getting to know the real you: implementing a tutorial
model for developing students’ transformation capabilities 85
Pär Mårtensson, Wiley Wakeman, Gianluca Chimenti,
Fredrik Lange, and Sara Rosengren
7 Transforming for action: drawing marketers as a technique
to inspire students to aspire to become more responsible 104
Kristina Auxtova, Daniel Clarke, and Stephanie Schreven
8 Only connect …: the role of the social in 21st-century
business education 131
Kristin Undheim, Nicholas Ind and Milla Vasbotten
9 Business schools and inequality 147
Torben Trapp
10 Traditional social norms and values in today’s business
world: a study in Vietnam 169
Bình Nghiêm-Phú, Thành Hưng Nguyễn, and Dạ-Hương Phạm-Lê
11 Is mobility passé? (Online) international exposure as part
of internationalization strategies 190
Edeltraud Hanappi-Egger
12 Developing reflexivity as a leadership capability 196
Magnus Larsson, Christian Tangkjær, and Susann Gjerde
13 Mindfulness in business education: benefits, teaching
philosophy, and a case of the application of mindfulness
in a company 215
Letícia Vedolin Sebastião and Jesper Clement
14 Game on: exploring the role of games in supply chain
management 230
Cristina Sancha, Stefan Markovic, Alba
Barbarà-i-Molinero, and David Roura
15 Visual analytics for creativity and marketing: a data
science perspective 241
Jiyoon An
16 Does COVID-19 change the acceptance of virtual
teaching formats in higher education? Implications for
higher education development 253
Christine Vallaster and Martina Sageder
17 How to translate research into teaching 266
Adam Lindgreen, C. Anthony Di Benedetto, Roderick J.
Brodie, and Peter Naudé
18 Integrating transformative capabilities into program
development: learnings from two cases of Nordic Nine
integration into educational programs at Copenhagen
Business School 281
Thomas Frandsen and Carsten Scheibye
19 Transformation capabilities in a well-being perspective:
dialogue cards for training constructive collaboration and
resilience in groups 306
Pernille Steen Pedersen and Anne Fischer
20 The MSc program in Economics and Marketing and the
Nordic Nine learning objectives 327
Torben Hansen
21 Value co-creating pedagogies: capability development
through creating value for others 337
Sille Julie J. Abildgaard, Richard Gyrd-Jones, Bo T.
Christensen, and Sylvia von Wallpach
22 From resistance to agency: defining and unfolding
a curriculum design space for future capability development 357
Varia Christie and Søren Baltzer Rasmussen
23 Teaching the next generation of accountants: integrating
financial, environmental, social and governance
accounting and reporting practices 371
Caroline A. Pontoppidan
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