Elgar Encyclopedia of Climate Policy


Elgar Encyclopedia of Climate Policy

9781802209198 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Daniel J. Fiorino, Department of Public Administration and Policy, School of Public Affairs, American University, Todd A. Eisenstadt, Department of Government, School of Public Affairs, American University and Manjyot Kaur Ahluwalia, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Sustainability, University of Maryland, US
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 919 8 Extent: 482 pp
The Elgar Encyclopedia of Climate Policy provides a comprehensive and compelling account of the causes and potential solutions to one of the most pressing global challenges of the 21st century: climate change. With deep intellectual rigour, this Encyclopedia adeptly surveys the nature and application of various international climate change policies.

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The Elgar Encyclopedia of Climate Policy provides a comprehensive and compelling account of the causes and potential solutions to one of the most pressing global challenges of the 21st century: climate change. With deep intellectual rigour, this Encyclopedia adeptly surveys the nature and application of various international climate change policies.

Expertly analysing central topics such as carbon budgets and pricing, net-zero carbon, loss and damage, international trade policy, and digital climate solutions, contributors explore diverse policy approaches, policies, and technologies using case studies at both national and sub-national levels. Key concepts featured in climate debates, the roles of actors and institutions in problem-solving, the technology and policy solutions that are being used or should be considered, and the applications of proposed policies are all examined in an authoritative and pragmatic manner.

This innovative Encyclopedia is an essential read for academics and students interested in politics and public policy, environmental studies, the sustainable development goals, law, and regulation and governance.

Key Features:

● Accessible explanations of key concepts and debates
● In-depth coverage of case studies from across the globe
● Over 90 entries from international and interdisciplinary contributors
● Clearly organised into six thematic sections addressing theories and methods, evidence and impacts, concepts, actors, institutions and agreements, solutions, and case studies
Critical Acclaim
‘The climate emergency does not allow us time to reinvent the wheel. We need to act now but also learn from previous experiences. This Encyclopedia on climate policy is a valuable resource for policymakers, interest groups, and scholars. I wish this existed when I started on climate.’
– Marcelo Mena-Carrasco, The Global Methane Hub, Chile

‘This well-curated volume brings clarity to the increasingly sophisticated, diverse, complex, and contested landscape of climate policy. A guide for experts, students, and practitioners alike.’
– Thomas Hale, University of Oxford, UK

‘The Elgar Encyclopedia of Climate Policy provides an outstanding collection of articles covering salient issues in climate policy. The editors have assembled an impressive multi-disciplinary team of prominent scholars. This Encyclopedia will serve as an excellent reference text for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in climate policy.’
– Aseem Prakash, University of Washington, Seattle, US
Contributors include: Khaldoun AbouAssi, Manjyot Kaur Ahluwalia, Michele J. Aquino, Joshua A. Basseches, Christopher P. Borick, Maricélle Botes, Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo, Paul Bugala, Hailey Campbell, Kirstine Lund Christiansen, Peter Christoff, Yamide Dagnet, Dorothy M. Daley, Axel Dalman, Terry Davies, R.S. Deese, Lisa Marie Dellmuth, Kate Dooley, Evan Drake, Gabrielle Dreyfus, Todd A. Eisenstadt, Ilaria Espa, Daniel C. Esty, Crystal A. Felima, Daniel J. Fiorino, Matías Franchini, Caitlan Frederick, Erika Gerstenberger, James A. Gordon, Michelle Graff, John D. Graham, Alexander J.P. Grant, Tawfique M. Haque, Stephen Harper, Kathryn Harrison, Ellycia Harrould-Kolieb, Karl Hausker, George Hoberg, George Homsy, Khoi Hua, Mikhael G. Iglesias, Peter J. Jacques, Sirkku K. Juhola, Alexandra Jurgilevich, Tariro Kamuti, Ki Eun Kang, Janina Käyhkö, Dorit Kerret, Rakhyun E. Kim, Christopher Kiyaseh, Johannes Klein, Michael E. Kraft, Laura Kuhl, O. Damla Kuru, Denise Lach, Joanna I. Lewis, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Lorteau, Niklas Löther, Stephen E. MacAvoy, Nils Markusson, Jens Marquardt, Ana Mauad, Jan Mazurek, Amelia Murphy, Jessica Valltos Myers, Simon Nicholson, Kristian Steenson Nielsen, Dawn Levy O’Donnell, Abby Ostovar, Hyeyoon Park, Anél du Plessis, Mark Purdon, Barry G. Rabe, Leigh Raymond, Cindy Ragab, Katharina Rietig, Walter A. Rosenbaum, Devashree Saha, Clea Schumer, Gabriella A. Siegfried, Mariateresa Silvi, Jakob Skovgaard, Sarah Solomon, David Spence, Brent S. Steel, Mark Stephan, Margaret H. Swenson, Trina Chiemi Thorbjornsen, Michael P. Vandenbergh, Lisa Vanhala, Eduardo Viola, David Vogel, Edward P. Weber, Karleen Jones West, Carley A. Weted, Sharon Yadin, Yulia Yamineva, Terry F. Yosie, Parvez Hasan Yousuf, Durwood Zaelke, Anthony R. Zito

Introduction to the Elgar
Encyclopedia of Climate Policy 1
Daniel J. Fiorino, Todd A.
Eisenstadt and Manjyot Kaur
Adaptation 11
Lisa Dellmuth
The Anthropocene 15
R. S. Deese
Behavioral Economics and
Climate Policy 19
Mariateresa Silvi
Carbon Budgets 24
Axel Dalman
Carbon Pricing 29
Barry G. Rabe
Collective Action and
Distributive Politics 34
Todd A. Eisenstadt
Financial Risk Disclosure 39
Paul Bugala
Gender and Climate Policy 44
Sarah Solomon
Mitigation 49
Todd A. Eisenstadt
Political Regimes 54
Daniel J. Fiorino
Polycentricity 59
Mark Stephan
Populism and Climate Policy 63
Jens Marquardt
Positive Psychology and Climate Policy 68
Dorit Kerret
Arctic Impacts 75
Christopher Kiyaseh
Climate Denial: The Organized
Rejection of Science and Action 80
Peter J. Jacques
Environmental and Climate Justice 85
Gabriella A. Siegfried
Evolution in Scientific Understanding 90
Stephen E. MacAvoy
Freshwater Resources 94
Abby Ostovar
Health Impacts 99
Margaret H. Swenson and
Dorothy M. Daley
Justice and Vulnerable Populations 105
Yamide Dagnet
Managed Retreat and Climate Migration 111
Jennifer Lopez and Cindy Ragab
Ocean Impacts 117
Ellycia Harrould-KolieSea Level Rise: Rising Tides,
Surging Policy Agenda 123
Omur Damla Kuru
Science, Wicked Problems, and
Climate Change 128
Edward P. Weber, Denise Lach
and Brent S. Steel
Adaptation Finance 134
Laura Kuhl
Carbon Removal 138
Simon Nicholson
Climate Litigation 143
Trina Chiemi, Erika
Gerstenberger, and Durwood Zaelke
Climate Migration: Rights and
Management 150
Khaldoun AbouAssi and Carley
A. Weted
Fossil Fuel Subsidies 155
Jakob Skovgaard and Evan Drake
Green Climate Economy 160
Devashree Saha
Greenhouse Gases/Climate Pollutants 166
Caitlan Frederick, Gabrielle
Dreyfus and Durwood Zaelke
Loss and Damage 172
Lisa Vanhala
Net-Zero Emissions 177
Clea Schumer
Public Opinion on Climate Change 183
Christopher P. Borick
Renewable Energy 189
Daniel J. Fiorino
Resilience 194
Ki Eun Kang and George Homsy
Stranded Assets 197
Hyeyoon Park
Technology Innovation 202
Jan Mazurek
Transnational Litigation Norms 208
Steve Lorteau and Rakhyun E. Kim
Cities and Climate Change 213
Walter A. Rosenbaum
Corporate Actors: A Long and
Conflicting Response 218
Terry F. Yosie
Finance for Developing Countries 224
Mark Purdon
Indigenous Peoples 229
Karleen Jones West
Marrakech Partnership and the
Role of Subnational Actors 233
Manjyot Kaur Ahluwalia
The Montreal Protocol and
Kigali Amendment 238
Amelia Murphy and Durwood Zaelke
Non-State Actors 243
Katharina Rietig
The UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement 248
Yulia Yamineva and Niklas Löther
US States and Climate Policy 252
Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo
Youth Movements 256
Hailey Campbell
Agriculture and Climate Policy 262
Tariro Kamuti
Disaster Risk Management 267
Crystal A. Felima
The Food System 272
Michele J. Aquino
The Health Sector 278
Mikhael G. Iglesias
In Pursuit of Net-Zero: the US
Inflation Reduction Act 283
Karl Hausker
International Trade Policy 289
Daniel C. Esty
Just Energy Transition 295
Michelle Graff
Net-Zero Climate Goals and the
Role of Land-Use 301
Kate Dooley
Policy Integration 305
James A. Gordon
Regulatory Needs for Climate
Mitigation 310
Terry Davies
Border Carbon Adjustment 316
Ilaria Espa
Carbon Taxation 321
Kathryn Harrison
Carbon trading 326
Leigh Raymond
Information Disclosure as
Climate Policy 332
Michael P. Vandenbergh and
Kristian Steensen Nielsen
Land Use Planning 337
Alexandra Malmström,
Johannes Klein, Janina Käyhkö,
and Sirkku K. Juhola
Methane Reduction 342
Walter A. Rosenbaum
Natural Solutions to Climate Change 346
Kirstine Lund Christiansen
Product Labels and Individual
Carbon Footprints 351
Kristian Steensen Nielsen and
Michael P. Vandenbergh
Renewable Portfolio/Clean
Energy Standards 355
Joshua A. Basseches
Soft Law and Regulation Policies 361
Sharon Yadin
Tax Incentives 366
Dawn Levy O’Donnell and
Jessica Valltos Myers
Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage 372
Nils Markusson
Digital Climate Solutions 376
Stephen Harper
Electromobility 381
John D. Graham and Khoi Hua
Green Hydrogen 386
Daniel J. Fiorino
Nuclear Energy 391
Michael E. Kraft
Solar Geoengineering 396
Simon Nicholson
Australia 402
Peter Christoff
Bangladesh 408
Tawfique M. Haque and Parvez
Hasan Yousuf
Brazil: Oscillating Climate
Policies and Dependence on the
President (2003–2023) 412
Matías Franchini, Eduardo
Viola and Ana Mauad
Canada 418
George Hoberg
China 423
Joanna I. Lewis
European Union 428
Anthony R. Zito
Small Island States 433
Crystal A. Felima
South Korea 438
Hyeyoon Park
United States 443
Michael E. Kraft
California 450
David Vogel
Denver 455
Stephen Harper and Alexander
J.P. Grant
South African Municipalities 460
Anél du Plessis and Maricélle Botes
Texas 465
David Spence
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