Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Sociology


Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Sociology

9781803921037 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Christine Overdevest, Associate Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Criminology & Law, University of Florida, US
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 103 7 Extent: 580 pp
The Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Sociology serves as a repository of insight on the complex interactions, challenges and potential solutions that characterize our shared ecological reality. Presenting innovative thinking on a comprehensive range of topics, expert scholars, researchers, and practitioners illuminate the nuances, complexities and diverse perspectives that define the continually evolving field of environmental sociology.

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Critical Acclaim
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The Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Sociology serves as a repository of insight on the complex interactions, challenges and potential solutions that characterize our shared ecological reality.

Presenting innovative thinking on a comprehensive range of topics, expert scholars, researchers, and practitioners illuminate the nuances, complexities and diverse perspectives that define the continually evolving field of environmental sociology. Entries provide clear and concise explanations of complex concepts and theories on the relationship between material, ecological and social progress and barriers to progress, contributing to a wealth of thought-provoking research designed to encourage critical thinking and reflection.

This authoritative Encyclopedia will serve as a comprehensive research tool for students, researchers and scholars of environmental sociology, environmental studies and sustainability studies.

Key Features:

• 99 enlightening entries authored by an impressive collective of contributors
• An accessible and engaging format designed to cater to a wide audience of students, researchers and experts
• Timely insights on contemporary issues and developments in the field of environmental sociology, from climate adaptation and degrowth to the carbon intensity of well-being and Rights of Nature
Critical Acclaim
‘The Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Sociology is a collection of informative and up-to-date entries written by outstanding scholars on a range of key topics in environmental sociology. It is a valuable reference work that will be helpful to those new to the field and to seasoned veterans alike.’
– Richard York, University of Oregon, US
Contributors include: Alison E. Adams, Lazarus Adua, Loka L. Ashwood, Daniel Auerbach, Mariusz Baranowski, Stewart Barr, Jens Beckert, Michael M. Bell, Mauricio Betancourt, Monika Berg, Magnus Boström, Ry Brennan, Michael D. Briscoe, Jeffrey Broadbent, Phil Brown, Emily Burke, Thomas J. Burns, Simon R. Bush, Mehmet Cansoy, Stella M. Čapek, Michael Carolan, Jennifer S. Carrera, Brett Clark, Mary Collins, Alissa Cordner, Louise Crabtree-Hayes, Abigail Cunniff, Gradon Diprose, Kelly Dombroski, Michael Dowd, Jessica Duncan, Riley E. Dunlap, Angga Dwiartama, Patrick Elf, Veikko Eranti, Dana R. Fisher, Jordan Besek, David Frayne, Scott Frickel, Cassandra Johnson Gaither, Ray Galvin, Jennifer E. Givens, David R. Goyes, Don Grant, Nicholas Greenfield, Patrick Trent Greiner, Matthias Gross, Karin M. Gustafsson, Maarten Hajer, Kristin Haltinner, Sven Ove Hansson, Stephanie L. Hanus, Thomas A. Heberlein, Tobias Haas, David J. Hess, Maja Hoffmann, Cameron Holley, Gregory Hooks, Leslie Hossfeld, Xiaorui Huang, Martin Hultman, Amy Isham, Linda Kalof, Brooke Kelly, Aya H. Kimura, Mikael Klintman, Mira Kopp, Aarti Krishnan, Walter F. Kuentzel, Olivier Labussière, Machiel Lamers, Dasom Lee, Amalia Leguizamón, Katherine Legun, Sina Leipold, Michael Lengefeld, Carrie M. Leslie, Tammy L. Lewis, Yifei Li, Yao Li, Rolf Lidskog, Stewart Lockie, Michael A. Long, Stephan Lorenz, Anastasia Loukianov, Michael J. Lynch, Norah MacKendrick, Axel Marx, Michael Mascarenhas, Laura McKinney, Anne Mook, Pilar Morales-Giner, Alain Nadaï, Skye Niles, Katarina Giritli Nygren, Brian K. Obach, Susanna Öhman, Johan Öhman, Maria Ojala, Anna Olofsson, Jeroen Oomen, Peter Oosterveer, Christine Overdevest, Celine Pak, Surabhi Pant, Susan Paulson, David N. Pellow, Stephen G. Perz, Apollonya Maria Porcelli, Paul M. Pulé, Cristina Ramos, Laura T. Raynolds, Christopher M. Rea, Ortwin Renn, Liesel Ritchie, Margaux S.C. Robinson, Thomas K. Rudel, Alan P. Rudy, Stacia Ryder, Ariel Salleh, Dilshani Sarathchandra, Joshua Sbicca, Stefan Schäfer, Thomas E. Shriver, Chad. L. Smith, Linda Soneryd, Nigel South, Gert Spaargaren, Richard Stedman, Randolph P. Stuart, Göran Sundqvist, Hanne Svarstad, Kathleen Tierney, Rory Varrato, Luis Rondan Vasquez, Mathis Wackernagel, Julia Waity, Rikard H. Warlenius, Cameron T. Whitley, Devin Wright, Jens O. Zinn, Marek Ziółkowski
List of contributors ix
Acknowledgments xii
Introduction to the Elgar
Encyclopedia of Environmental
Sociology xiii
Christine Overdevest
Alternative food and agriculture
movements and initiatives 1
Nicholas Greenfield and
Laura T. Raynolds
Animals in environmental sociology 4
Linda Kalof and Cameron T. Whitley
AnthroShift 10
Dana R. Fisher and Celine Pak
Assemblage theory 12
Katharine Legun and Angga Dwiartama
Biodiversity (loss) and society 17
Karin M. Gustafsson
Bioprospecting and biopiracy 23
David R. Goyes and Nigel South
Carbon intensity of well-being 26
Jennifer E. Givens and
Michael D. Briscoe
Circular economy 29
Sina Leipold and Mira Kopp
Citizen science 36
Aya H. Kimura
Civil society and private regulation 42
Axel Marx
Clean energy conservatism 47
Dasom Lee and David J. Hess
Climate adaptation 53
Stewart Lockie
Climate change skepticism 58
Dilshani Sarathchandra, Kristin
Haltinner and Randolph P. Stuart
Climate migration 65
Pilar Morales-Giner and
Cristina Ramos
Climate and society 71
Jeffrey Broadbent
Coercive environmentalism 79
Yifei Li
Commodification and
decommodification of nature 85
Marek Zi—łkowski and
Mariusz Baranowski
Community land trusts 92
Louise Crabtree-Hayes
Consumption, sociology of 98
Peter Oosterveer
Cultural green economy 104
Stewart Barr
Culture and environmental sociology 110
Michael M. Bell and Emily Burke
Decoupling 117
Patrick Trent Greiner
Degrowth 124
Susan Paulson
Disasters, sociology of 130
Kathleen Tierney
Disproportionality 136
Mary Collins
Diverse economies 142
Kelly Dombroski and Gradon Diprose
Double diversion 148
Don Grant
Ecofeminism 153
Ariel Salleh
Ecological debt 159
Rikard H. Warlenius
Ecological democracy 165
Stephan Lorenz
Ecological Footprint 167
Mathis Wackernagel
Ecological masculinities 177
Martin Hultman and Paul M. Pulé
Ecological modernization theory 183
Simon R. Bush and Gert Spaargaren
Ecological postwork theory 188
Maja Hoffmann and David Frayne
Ecological surprise 195
Matthias Gross
Ecologically unequal exchange 200
Jennifer E. Givens and Xiaorui Huan
Energy democracy framework 206
Ry Brennan and David Pellow
Energy transition 212
Olivier Labussière and Alain Nadaï
Environmental ethnography 220
Alissa Cordner
Environmental expertise 226
Rolf Lidskog and Göran Sundqvist
Environmental flows 231
Simon R. Bush, Peter Oosterveer and
Machiel Lamers
Environmental governance 236
Cameron Holley
Environmental health and the
social sciences 242
Jennifer S. Carrera and Phil Brown
Environmental inequality 248
Stacia Ryder, Abigail Cunniff and
Skye Niles
Environmental justice 254
Michael Mascarenhas
Environmental movements 261
Yao Li
Environmental reproductive justice 267
Stephanie L. Hanus
Environmental state 272
Christopher M. Rea and Scott Frickel
Fairtrade 282
Anne Mook
Fictional expectations 287
Jens Beckert
Financialization 290
Margaux S.C. Robinson and Loka L.
Food desert 297
Devin Wright and Laura McKinney
Food insecurity 303
Julia Waity, Leslie Hossfeld and
Brooke Kelly
Food justice 307
Joshua Sbicca
Food security governance 314
Jessica Duncan
Forest transitions 319
Thomas K. Rudel
Futuring 321
Jeroen Oomen and Maarten Hajer
Global value chains,
environmental upgrading and
downgrading 328
Aarti Krishnan
Green crime 334
Michael A. Long and Michael J. Lynch
Green gentrification 339
Tammy L. Lewis
Green New Deal 345
Ray Galvin
Growth machine theory 351
Surabhi Pant and Jordan Fox
Heirs’ property and its ramifications 356
Cassandra Johnson Gaither
Hidden hazards 360
Scott Frickel
Human ecology 362
Thomas J. Burns and Carrie M. Leslie
Human exemptionalism
paradigm/new ecological paradigm 367
Riley E. Dunlap
Intersectionality theory and the
environment 375
David N. Pellow
Intersectional risk theory (IRT) 380
Katarina Giritli Nygren, Anna
Olofsson and Susanna Öhman
Jevons paradox 387
Daniel Auerbach, Brett Clark and
Lazarus Adua
Knowledge resistance 394
Mikael Klintman
Local environmental movements 401
Alison E. Adams and Thomas E. Shriver
Low-carbon good lives 406
Amy Isham, Anastasia Loukianov and
Patrick Elf
Mass/excess consumption 413
Magnus Boström
Negative emissions technologies 424
Stefan Schäfer and Tobias Haas
NIMBY – “not in my backyard” 428
Veikko Eranti
Organic movement 434
Brian K. Obach
Overshoot 439
Rory Varrato and Michael Dowd
Political ecology and the power
of sociology 449
Hanne Svarstad and
Tor A. Benjaminsen
Precautionary consumption 455
Norah MacKendrick
Precautionary principle 458
Sven Ove Hansson
Recreancy 465
Liesel Ritchie
Reflexive modernization and
risk society 471
Rolf Lidskog and Jens O. Zin
Reflexivity and anti-reflexivity 477
Magnus Boström, Monika Berg and
Rolf Lidskog
Religion and nature 482
Emily Burke and Michael M. Bell
Resilience 488
Stephen G. Perz and
Luis Rondan-Vasquez
Rights of nature 494
Martin Hultman
Risk governance 499
Ortwin Renn
Science and democracy 506
Göran Sundqvist and Linda Soneryd
Science and technology studies (STS) 512
Apollonya Maria Porcelli
Second contradiction of
capitalism thesis 518
Alan P. Rudy
Sense of place 524
Richard Stedman
Sharing economy 529
Mehmet Cansoy
Smart farming 533
Michael Carolan
Social construction of nature 539
Stella M. Čapek
Three fixes of environmental
problem-solving 547
Walter F. Kuentzel and Thomas A.
Transformative learning 553
Magnus Boström, Maria Ojala and
Johan Öhman
Treadmill of destruction 559
Michael Lengefeld, Gregory Hooks
and Chad L. Smith
Treadmill of production 563
Amalia Leguizamón
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