Handbook of Research on Strategic Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Handbook of Research on Strategic Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

9781802208801 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Zeki Simsek, Gressette Endowed Chair of Business Strategy and Planning, Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business, Clemson University, US, Ciaran Heavey, Associate Professor of Management, Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, University College Dublin, Ireland and Brian C. Fox, Assistant Professor of Management, Bentley University, US
Publication Date: July 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80220 880 1 Extent: c 614 pp
This pioneering Handbook surveys the research landscape of strategic leadership in what is referred to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’: a fusion of technologies and systems which blurs the boundaries between the digital, physical and biological spheres.

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This pioneering Handbook chronicles the research landscape of strategic leadership in what is referred to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’: a fusion of technologies and systems which blurs the boundaries between the digital, physical and biological spheres.

In this Handbook, leading global scholars and practitioners in the field recognise the profound change the Fourth Industrial Revolution will have on organizational processes, structures, and systems. Contributing authors advocate for the need to ensure theory and empirical research on strategic leadership are appropriately reflective of these developing issues. Outlining new frameworks to adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the future, authors highlight the implications of transformative technologies for the evolving roles of strategic leaders and offer unique perspectives and insights. This Handbook also provides a crucial authoritative review of the latest thought leadership on how strategic leaders can navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution and, looking ahead, suggests an ambitious agenda for future research.

Combining theoretical grounding with practical guidance, the Handbook of Research on Strategic Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a vital read for researchers, practitioners and policymakers specialising in business and management, corporate governance, strategic management and economics and finance.
Critical Acclaim
‘There is no doubt that we are experiencing yet another industrial revolution. This timely Handbook offers invaluable insights into this transformative era. It is a must-read for scholars, students, and practitioners alike, given the breadth and depth of the topics explored. The seamless progression of ideas presented by scholars worldwide is particularly noteworthy. Besides recognizing the contributors, the editors must be commended for their outstanding work.’
– Raghu Garud, Pennsylvania State University, US

‘It is not currently well understood how the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” influences opportunities and threats for firms and what it means for leadership activity. Zeki Simsek, Ciaran Heavey and Brian Fox have put together a brilliant book that represents one of the first sustained attempts at understanding these thorny but increasingly pressing issues. Highly recommend!’
– Nicolai J. Foss, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

‘In today''s world, management and technology are two sides of the same coin – and one cannot understand one without the other. This excellent Handbook offers a comprehensive account on how the two intersect in the 4th Industrial Revolution.’
– Marc Gruber, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Contributors include: Oliver Alexy, Elizabeth J. Altman, Gayan Benedict, Mar Bornay-Barrachina, Helen Brophy, Jill A. Brown, Joanna T. Campbell, Annabel Christie, Cynthia Clark, Craig Crossland, Ja-Nae Duane, Paul Dylan-Ennis, Brian C. Fox, Patrick Gibbons, Josh Goodrich, Maria Goranova, Lorenz Graf-Vlachy, Varun Grover, Julia Hautz, Ciaran Heavey, Mariano L.M. Heyden, Aaron D. Hill, David M. Huber, Donncha Kavanagh, Andreas König, Sven Kunisch, Zenlin Kwee, Christina Kyprianou, Robert Langan, Kurt Matzler, Markus Menz, Michael Moesgaard Anderson, Ann Mooney, John G. Mooney, Sibel Ozgen Novelli, Torben Pedersen, Gabriele Piccoli, Yanqiu Ren, Martin Risius, Marti Sagarra, Mónica Santana, Klaus Schwab, Anastasiya Shylina, Zeki Simsek, Sarthak Singh, Karan Sonpar, Christian Stadler, Kristina Stoiber, Esther Tippmann, Henk W. Volberda, Stephan Friedrich von den Eichen, Andrew Ward, Simon Wilkie, Michael L. Williams, Wendy York, Shaker A. Zahra

Introduction to the Handbook of Research on Strategic Leadership in the Fourth
Industrial Revolution xviii

1 What is strategic leadership? 2
Craig Crossland, Joanna T. Campbell and Aaron D. Hill
2 The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond 29
Klaus Schwab
3 Enabling technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 35
John G. Mooney and Michael L. Williams
4 The Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and strategic leadership:
new research directions and a clarion call for creating shared understanding 62
Ciaran Heavey, Zeki Simsek and Brian C. Fox

5 The impact of artificial intelligence on strategic leadership 108
David M. Huber and Oliver Alexy
6 Big data analytics and human decision-making in the context of
artificial intelligence: emerging possibilities 151
Michael Moesgaard Andersen and Torben Pedersen
7 Blockchain technology and strategic leadership 167
Marten Risius and Gayan Benedict
8 Strategic leadership of decentralized cryptocurrency and Web3 communities 196
Paul Dylan-Ennis and Donncha Kavanagh
9 Social media and strategic leadership 216
Christina Kyprianou

10 A foundational perspective of digital business strategy for strategic leaders 235
Varun Grover and Gabriele Piccoli
11 Business ecosystems and strategic leadership: a stakeholder approach 250
Josh Goodrich and Elizabeth J. Altman
12 Digital platforms, ecosystems and strategic leadership 267
Anastasiya Shylina, Andreas König and Lorenz Graf-Vlachy
13 The future of work and strategic leadership 310
Mónica Santana and Mar Bornay-Barrachina
14 Data privacy, ethics and strategic leadership 330
Jill A. Brown, Andrew Ward and Ja-Nae Duane
15 Digital globalization and strategic leadership: a framework and research
agenda for digital global leadership 348
Annabel Christie and Esther Tippmann
16 Open strategy – the role of strategic leadership 365
Kristina Stoiber, Julia Hautz, Kurt Matzler, Christian Stadler and Stephan
Friedrich von den Eichen
17 The Fourth Industrial Revolution and corporate entrepreneurship: the
role of strategic leadership 389
Shaker A. Zahra

18 Strategic leadership and ubiquitous ambient intelligence: a new
approach to reconcile exploitation and exploration in the Fourth
Industrial Revolution? 408
Mariano L.M. Heyden, Zenlin Kwee, Henk W. Volberda and Simon Wilkie
19 Chief digital officers: a framework for guiding research on a new
strategic leader 435
Markus Menz, Sven Kunisch and Robert Langan
20 Executive digital savviness 457
Ann Mooney and Sibel Ozgen
21 Corporate governance and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: promises
and challenges 475
Maria Goranova, Yanqiu Ren, Marti Sagarra, Sarthak Singh, Cynthia Clark
22 Implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for business schools 509
Wendy York
23 Implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for executive education
and development 526
Patrick T. Gibbons, Karan Sonpar and Helen Brophy

24 Implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for strategic leadership
research and practice 541
Brian C. Fox, Zeki Simsek and Ciaran Heavey
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