Encyclopedia of Citizenship Studies


Encyclopedia of Citizenship Studies

9781800880450 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Marisol García Cabeza, formerly Department of Sociology, Honorary Distinction, University of Barcelona, Spain and Thomas Faist, Faculty of Sociology, Bielefeld University, Germany
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80088 045 0 Extent: 500 pp
This Encyclopedia presents a comprehensive collection of entries addressing the normative claims and definitions of the critical concepts, principles, and approaches that make up the field of citizenship studies.

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Critical Acclaim
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This Encyclopedia presents a comprehensive collection of entries addressing the normative claims and definitions of the critical concepts, principles, and approaches that make up the field of citizenship studies.

The Encyclopedia explores the empirical realities of citizenship from a diverse array of perspectives, and covers comparative, regional and global perspectives in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Its broad coverage ranges from classical ideas of citizenship to the experience of citizenship in the Anthropocene, providing contextual insight into its expansion, erosion, and extension over the past 200 years.

With its succinct overviews of critical aspects of citizenship, the Encyclopedia of Citizenship Studies will prove an invaluable resource to postgraduate students and junior researchers of sociology, political science, political philosophy, migration, political geography and geopolitics, human rights, and population studies. Its in-depth discussion of the empirical realities of citizenship will also benefit policy makers and researchers in these areas.

Key Features:
• 78 thought-provoking entries structured into six thematic parts
• Discussion of key methodologies in, and novel approaches to, citizenship research
• Exploration of differentiated forms of modern citizenship, such as intimate, gendered and multicultural citizenship
• Examination of key issues such as statelessness, naturalization and transnational or diasporic forms of citizenship
• Consideration of territorial scales of citizenship, such as urban citizenship
Critical Acclaim
‘Authoritarianism, extremism, illiberal democracy, radicalizations, war, violence, terrorism ... in a time when so many terrific dangers are more reality than threat or ominous challenge, we need more than ever solid knowledge on the values and principles that are their contrary. Citizenship is one of these key values and principles, connected with individual rights and duties, as well as with social and political ties. This is why this Encyclopedia is so useful, enabling us to measure how impressive a domain citizenship studies is within political, human and social science, with its history and different approaches and perspectives related to democracy and human rights. This comprehensive but precise book is a real treasure.’
– Michel Wieviorka, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, France

‘This anthology of original contributions represents a watermark for citizenship studies – for the wideness of its geographical spread, its deep historicity, its grappling difference, and its sensitivity to the imminent dangers of populism and neoliberal decline.’
– Jeffrey C. Alexander, Yale University, US
Contributors include: Said Al Hashmi, Anna Amelina, Eduardo Arenas Catalán, Erica Augenstein, Azizjon Bagadirov, Martin Baldwin-Edwards, Filippo Barbera, Tanya Basok, Leah Bassel, Rainer Bauböck, David Benassi, Marta Bivand Erdal, Brad K. Blitz, Talja Blokland, Manuela Boatcă, Luigi Ceccarini, Kam Wing Chan, Manlio Cinalli, Michael Collyer, Peter Cox, Colin Crouch, Paul Dekker, Donatella Della Porta, Jan Willem Duyvendak, Jelena Džankić, Andreas Eckert, Nihad El-Kayed, Miriam Friz Trzeciak, Astrid Hedin, Anton Hemerijck, Cindy Horst, Ahmet İçduygu, Suzan Ilcan, Engin Isin, David Jacobson, Thomas Janoski, Christian Joppke, Konstantinos Kapparis, Filiz Kartal, Riva Kastoryano, Yuri Kazepov, Pauli Kettunen, Kamran Khan, Binod Khadria, Peter Kivisto, Michael Kolocek, Agnes S. Ku, Irene Langran, Jack Jin Gary Lee, Ralph Leighton, Bronwen Manby, Fethi Mansouri, Aïki Mekerian, Agustin José Menéndez, Enzo Mingione, Lydia Morris, Frank Moulaert, Benjamin Muller, Jordi Mundó, Oliver Nachtwey, Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir, Espen D.H. Olsen, Eva Østergaard-Nielsen, Anna Papoutsi, Floris Peters, Andrew Peterson, Lorenzo Piccoli, Ken Plummer, Maarten Prak, Pablo Puertas, Andy Scerri, Mathis Schnell, Martin Seeliger, Marie Sépulchre, Nando Sigona, Liana Simmons, Margaret R. Somers, Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal, Mikael Spång, Peter J. Spiro, Pauline Stoltz, Sergio Tamayo, Hideki Tarumoto, John Torpey, Phil Triadafilopoulos, Bryan Turner, Luuk van der Baaren, Maarten Vink, Antje Wiener, Elke Winter, Sophia Woodman, Ricard Zapata-Barrero,

The Encyclopedia of Citizenship
Studies 1
Thomas Faist and Marisol Garcia Cabeza
1 Citizenship in Athenian
law and society 19
Konstantinos Kapparis
2 Citizenship and the
republican idea: From
Rome to the Renaissance 25
Jordi Mundó
3 Liberal and republican
conceptions of citizenship 30
Filiz Kartal
4 Urban citizenship before
the French Revolution 35
Maarten Prak
5 Community rights and citizenship 41
Fethi Mansouri
6 Modern citizenship and
nation-state building 47
Pauli Kettunen
7 Citizenship and the welfare
state – T.H. Marshall 53
David Benassi and Enzo Mingione
8 Citizenship and life
chances – Ralf Dahrendorf 58
Bryan Turner
9 Horizons for citizenship
and democracy:
A relational approach 64
Manlio Cinalli and David Jacobson
10 Postnational citizenship:
The entangled trajectory of
citizenship and human rights 69
Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal
11 Global citizenship and
cosmopolitan citizenship 73
Irene Langran
12 The expansion and erosion
of citizenship rights 79
Peter Kivisto
13 Citizenship obligations,
civic virtues, and civil society 84
Thomas Janoski
14 Civic stratification 90
Lydia Morris
15 Migration, citizenship, and
human rights 95
Tanya Basok and Suzan Ilcan
16 Citizenship and capitalism/
industrial citizenship 100
Oliver Nachtwey and
Martin Seeliger
17 Citizenship (social) and the
market 106
Anton Hemerijck, Azizjon
Bagadirov and Pablo Puertas
18 Citizenship and political economy 111
Margaret R. Somers
19 Citizenship and workplace
democracy 117
Astrid Hedin
20 Intimate and sexual
citizenships: Research,
theory, and social change 123
Ken Plummer
21 Gendered citizenship 129
Pauline Stoltz
22 Multicultural citizenship 135
Christian Joppke
23 Racialized citizenship 141
Jack Jin Gary Lee
24 Digital citizenship 147
Luigi Ceccarini
25 Disability and citizenship 153
Marie Sépulchre
26 Citizenship and membership 160
Rainer Bauböck
27 Citizenship and the social
contract in the twenty-first century 165
John Torpey
28 Authoritarian threats to
democratic citizenship 170
Colin Crouch
29 The impact of populism on
citizenship 175
Peter Kivisto
30 Naturalisation 180
Leah Bassel and Kamran Khan
31 Dual citizenship 186
Peter J. Spiro
32 Citizenship and statelessness 192
Brad K. Blitz
33 Citizenship and irregular migrants 198
Anna Papoutsi and Nando Sigona
34 Citizenship regimes in
comparative perspective 203
Manlio Cinalli
35 Citizenship in emigration context 207
Ahmet �duygu
36 Citizenship and liberalism 212
Phil Triadafilopoulos
37 Citizenship and religion 217
Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir
38 Citizenship and education 222
Andrew Peterson
39 Citizenship and terrorism 227
Riva Kastoryano
40 Transnational and diasporic
citizenship 233
Eva Østergaard-Nielsen
41 Boundaries of citizenship 239
Mikael Spång
42 Citizenship and refugees 244
Cindy Horst
43 Citizenship and the public sphere 251
Agnes S. Ku
44 Citizenship and civil society 256
Paul Dekker
45 Social movements and
citizenship rights 262
Donatella della Porta
46 Enacting citizenship 268
Engin Isin
47 European citizenship practice 274
Antje Wiener
48 Spaces of citizenship 281
Michael Collyer
49 Intersectional perspectives
to citizenship 286
Anna Amelina and Miriam Friz
50 Urban citizenship: Status,
rights, practices, and exclusion 290
Nihad El-Kayed and
Talja Blokland
51 Citizenship and the commons 295
Filippo Barbera
52 Cities and citizenship: The
multilevel governance of
social policy 301
Yuri Kazepov
53 European citizenship 307
Agustin José Menéndez and
Espen Olsen
54 (Post)coloniality and
exclusion from citizenship
in the Americas 313
Manuela Boatcă
55 Citizenship in Latin America 319
Sergio Tamayo
56 Citizenship and (late)
colonialism in Africa 325
Andreas Eckert
57 Citizenship in
post-independence Africa 330
Bronwen Manby
58 Citizenship in the Arab world 336
Said Al Hashmi and
Erica Augenstein
59 Citizenship in the Gulf states 342
Martin Baldwin-Edwards
60 Citizenship in the world’s
largest democracy: India 349
Binod Khadria
61 Migration and citizenship
in East Asia 354
Hideki Tarumoto
62 Rural-urban dichotomy
and citizenships in China 360
Kam Wing Chan
63 Connected citizenship in
China: Through a gendered lens 366
Sophia Woodman
64 Citizenship in the Anthropocene 373
Peter Cox
65 Ecological citizenship 378
Andy Scerri
66 Citizenship and the loss of
habitat: A property rights
explanation 384
Michael Kolocek
67 Citizenship education 389
Ralph Leighton
68 Citizenship (rights)
through social innovation 394
Frank Moulaert and
Liana Simmons
69 The culturalization and
emotionalization of citizenship 400
Jan Willem Duyvendak and
Mathis Schnell
70 Investor citizenship 406
Jelena Džankić
71 Citizenship and the human
right to health 411
Eduardo Arenas Catalán
72 Discourses of citizenship
and security since 9/11 415
Benjamin Muller
73 Denizenship 421
Elke Winter and Aïki Mekerian
74 Intercultural citizenship 426
Ricard Zapata-Barrero
75 Methodologies and
identification strategies in
citizenship studies 432
Floris Peters
76 Qualitative methods in
citizenship studies 438
Marta Bivand Erdal
77 Pandemic citizenship 444
Lorenzo Piccoli
78 Exploring the
GLOBALCIT Citizenship
Law Dataset: Potential and
pitfalls of global comparison 449
Luuk van der Baaren and
Maarten Vink
Index 457
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