Encyclopedia of Critical Political Science


Encyclopedia of Critical Political Science

9781800375901 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Clyde W. Barrow, Professor of Political Science, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, US
Publication Date: March 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80037 590 1 Extent: c 828 pp
An indispensable and exemplary reference work, this Encyclopedia adeptly navigates the multidisciplinary field of critical political science, providing a comprehensive overview of the methods, approaches, concepts, scholars and journals that have come to influence the discipline’s development over the last six decades.

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Critical Acclaim
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An indispensable and exemplary reference work, this Encyclopedia adeptly navigates the multidisciplinary field of critical political science, providing a comprehensive overview of the methods, approaches, concepts, scholars and journals that have come to influence the discipline’s development over the last six decades.

Consisting of authoritative contributions from an array of eminent academics, the Encyclopedia highlights scholarship that is often overlooked by the political science discipline and explores the theories behind, and the goals of, the field. It delves deep into historical and conceptual dimensions and engages with a diverse variety of theoretical perspectives including Marxist, post-Marxist, post-modernist, feminist, ecologist, pluralist, anarchist and communist.

Both stimulating and innovative, this timely Encyclopedia will be a fundamental resource for academics, researchers, and students in the fields of critical political science, international politics, international relations, politics and public policy, political economy, political theory and gender politics.

Key Features:

● Critical perspectives on core debates
● Written in an engaging and reflective style
● Accessible explanations of central concepts
● Over 250 entries written by leading scholars and researchers
● International and interdisciplinary analysis of the field’s development
Critical Acclaim
''The Encyclopedia of Critical Political Science is a wide-ranging, informative overview of the multifaceted challenges to mainstream theories, concepts, and methodologies in the social sciences and humanities. Through a series of short but insightful entries, the work traces the origins and development of progressive perspectives, analyzes competing interpretations of constructs such as socialism and poverty, reviews leading journals that promote radical scholarship, and provides profiles of notable scholars and activists who have advanced groundbreaking critiques of and alternatives to conventional viewpoints and practices. Clyde Barrow’s Encyclopedia, which is bound to incite lively discussion among readers, is highly recommended.''
– Laura Katz Olson, Lehigh University, US

‘During a time when old Euro-American dreams have collapsed, and new ones are still waiting in the wings, this collection of critical voices in political science is both timely and highly rewarding. Political science as we have known it is caught in a cul-de-sac of its own making. The voices captured in this collection show how that has happened, and they also open new lines of flight.’
– William E. Connolly, Johns Hopkins University, US

‘Though often marginalized, critical and progressive voices have long been important to US political science. In Clyde Barrow''s masterfully edited Encyclopedia, they are all here, weighing in and commenting on a rich variety of ideas, key intellectual figures, and theoretical traditions. This is an indispensable contribution not only to scholarship in political science but to the struggle for a new and more just political and social order. Highly recommended!’
– William E. Scheuerman, Indiana University, US
Contributors include: Asma Abbas, Benjamin Abrams, Chris Agee, Jeffrey S. Ahlman, Azaan W. Akbar, Greg Albo, Natasha Altema-McNeely, Beatrice Anane-Bediakoh, Carla Angulo-Pasel, David Anshen, Scott M. Aquanno, Olivia Atkinson, Kiff Bamford, Clyde W. Barrow, Paul J. Baumgardner, David Beech, Adolphus Belk, Jr., Berch Berberoglu, Josh Berkenpas, Daniel Bin, Carl Boggs, Jocelyn M. Boryzcka, Scott R. Bowman, Mark B. Brown, Brooke Burns, Stephanie Burkhalter, Mathieu Charbonneau, James J. Chriss, Eli Cook, Ximena Cordova, Scott Crow, Ludo Cuyvers, Juliana Santos de Carvalho, Anthony DiMaggio, Ana Cecilia Dinerstein, Jennifer Leigh Disney, G. William Domhoff, Julie E. Dowsett, Peter Dreier, John Paul Dunne, Omari L. Dyson, John Ehrenberg, Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro, Alex Farrington, David Fasenfest, Clement Fatovic, Guy Feldman, Lucien Ferguson, Gilberto Garcia, Sofía Pérez Gil, Pedro Gonsalves de Alcântara Formiga, Kevin Funk, Joel Z. Garrod, Irene Gendzier, Sofía Pérez Gil, Philip Goldstein, G. Andrew Gonzalez, George A. Gonzalez, Jacinta Gorriti, Judith Grant, Laura Green, Margaret Groarke, Ruth Porter Groff, William F. Grover, Phillip Hansen, Emily Hauptmann, Mary J. Hawkesworth, Stephen R. C. Hicks, Peter Hudis, Petros Iosifidis, Russell Jacoby, Manal A. Jamal, Andrew Johnson, Kathleen B. Jones, Isaac Kamola, Mark Kaswan, Rafael Khachaturian, Timothy V. Kaufman-Osborn, Michael Keaney, Daniel T. Kirsch, Robert E. Kirsch, Maddy Koch, Jason Kosnoski, Christopher Kyriakides, Chad Lavin, Michael Lerma, Michael Anthony Lewis, Tracy L. R. Lightcap, Jake Lin, Michael Lipscomb, Nancy S. Love, Stan Luger, Timothy W. Luke, Bradley J. Macdonald, Robert L. Mack, Stacy Maddern, Stephen Maher, Rianne Mahon, Tom Malleson, Bonnie Mann, Mark Mattern, Todd May, Nancy E. McGlen, Sandro Mezzadra, Massimo Modonesi, Jeta Mulaj, Billie Murray, Paolo Murrone, Augusta Nannerini, Brett Neilson, William L. Niemi, Olga Patricia Velásquez Ocampo, Alix L. Olson, Julio Orellana, Brian L. Ott, Robert Ovetz, Umut Özsu, Bryan D. Palmer, Kari Palonen, James Parisot, Prabhat Patnaik, Mindy Peden, David N. Pellow, Joseph G. Peschek, Dusten R. Pettengill, Geoffrey Pfeifer, Stephen Pimpare, Frederick Harry Pitts, David J. Plante, William Clare Roberts, Joan Roelofs, Taylor Rogers, Melisa Ross, Olivier Ruchet, Emanuele Saccarelli, Jokubas Salyga, Meredith Reid Sarkees, Leandros Savvides, Gabriele Schimmenti, Sanford F. Schram, Michael Scipioni, Bryant William Sculos, Hamideh Sedghi, Alan Shandro, Joshua Simon, Dean Snyder, Claire Snyder-Hall, William W. Sokoloff, Manfred B. Steger, Michael Stein, Mark D. Steinberg, Roni Strier, Sarah M. Surak, Marvin Surkin, Donald Swartz, Katie Temple, Göran Therborn, Rodolfo D. Torres, A. Javier Treviño, Marcel Marius van der Linden, Latha Varadarajan, Vanessa Gauthier Vela, Henry Veltmeyer, Roberto Veneziani, Willow Verkerk, Jelle Versieren, Stanislav Vysotsky, Amentahru Wahlrab, Victor Wallis, Michael Wayne, Chelsea L. Welker, Sarah Marie Wiebe, Angela Wigger, Gregory P. Williams, Mary E. Witlacil, Mark D. Wood, Kenton Worcester, Katherine E. Young, Gillian Youngs, Patrizia Zanoni, Alan Zuege 
Alphabetical list of entries xiii
List of editors, editorial advisors
and contributors xxii
Preface xlvi
What is critical political science? 1
Clyde W. Barrow
1 Critique of pluralism 19
Clyde W. Barrow
2 Power structure analysis 25
Joseph G. Peschek
3 Critique of positivism and
the post-behavioral revolution 30
Josh Berkenpas
4 Critical theory as critical
political science 35
Bradley J. Macdonald
5 Ideology critique 41
Joshua Simon
6 Disciplinary history 47
Emily Hauptmann
7 Analytical Marxism 53
Roberto Veneziani
8 Black Marxism 58
Azaan W. Akbar
9 Historical Marxism 63
Bryan D. Palmer
10 Institutional Marxism 69
Stephen Maher and Scott
M. Aquanno
11 Latino politics and Marxism 75
Gilberto Garcia and
Rodolfo D. Torres
12 Open Marxism 83
Ana Cecelia Dinerstein,
Frederick Harry Pitts, and
Patrizia Zanoni
13 Quantitative Marxism 89
John Paul Dunne
14 Structural Marxism 94
Geoffrey Pfeifer
15 Structural-functional
Marxism 99
Rafael Khachaturian
16 Systems-analytic Marxism 104
Clyde W. Barrow
17 What is the state? 111
Clyde W. Barrow
18 Marxist theories of the state I 113
Rafael Khachaturian
19 Marxist theories of
the state II 121
Clyde W. Barrow
20 Transnational state 127
Joel Z. Garrod
21 Feminist theory and the state 132
Gillian Youngs
22 Theories of imperialism
and empire 137
Emanuele Saccarelli and Latha
23 World-systems analysis 142
Gregory P. Williams
24 Critical political economy 147
Angela Wigger
25 Global studies 153
Amentahru Wahlrab
26 Critical border studies 158
Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Neilson
27 Critical pedagogy 163
William W. Sokoloff
28 Critical university studies 168
Timothy V. Kaufman-Osborn
29 Critique of intellectuals 173
Russell Jacoby
30 Critical legal studies 179
Paul J. Baumgardner
31 Feminist critiques of
political science 184
Mary E. Hawkesworth
32 Critical race theory 193
Adolphus Belk, Jr.
33 Latinx politics 201
Julio Orellana
34 Ecology and environmental theory 207
Timothy W. Luke
35 Intersectionality 212
Jennifer Leigh Disney
36 Social movements analysis 219
Anthony R. DiMaggio
37 Autoethnography 224
Sanford F. Schram
38 Genealogy 229
Michael Lipscomb
39 Thorstein Veblen’s critical
social theory 234
Scott R. Bowman
40 Critical media studies 239
Brian L. Ott and Robert L. Mack
41 Critical film studies 244
Michael Wayne
42 Literary criticism I 249
David Anshen
43 Literary criticism II 255
Phillip Goldstein
44 Science fiction 263
George A. Gonzalez
45 Art 268
Mark Mattern
46 Music 273
Nancy S. Love
47 Capitalism, nature, socialism 280
Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro
48 Critical sociology 283
David Fasenfest
49 democracy 287
Olivier Ruchet
50 Hypatia: a journal of
feminist philosophy 290
Bonnie Mann and Brooke Burns
51 International feminist
journal of politics 295
Kathleen B. Jones and Gillian Youngs
52 Monthly review 298
Victor Wallis
53 New political science:
a journal of politics and culture 301
Clyde W. Barrow and Jocelyn
M. Boryzcka
54 Review of radical political
economics 305
Michael Keaney
55 Science & society 309
Leandros Savvides
56 Signs: journal of women in
culture and society 311
Mary E. Hawkesworth
57 Socialism and democracy 315
Victor Wallis
58 Socialist register 319
Greg Albo and Alan Zuege
59 Socialist revolution/review 322
Michael Scipioni
60 Strategies: a journal of
theory, culture, and politics 323
Bradley J. Macdonald
61 Studies in political
economy: a socialist review 325
Rianne Mahon and Donald Swartz
62 Academic repression 330
Clyde W. Barrow
63 Alienation 332
Ruth Porter Groff
64 Anarchism 335
Todd May
65 Antifascism 337
Stanislav Vytosky
66 Capitalist class 339
Kevin Funk
67 Class 341
Berch Berberoglu
68 Colonialism 343
Asma Abbas
69 Commodity fetishism 345
Julie E. Dowsett
70 Communism 347
Jake Lin
71 Community self-defense 349
scott crow
72 Contradiction 352
Bryant William Sculos
73 Corporate liberalism 354
Scott R. Bowman
74 Corporate power 356
Stan Luger
75 Council communism 358
Marcel Marius van der Linden
76 Economic crisis 362
Mindy Peden
77 Fiscal crisis 364
Mindy Peden
78 Legitimation crisis 365
Mindy Peden
79 Motivation crisis 367
Clyde W. Barrow
80 Rationality crisis 369
Clyde W. Barrow
81 Cultural imperialism 372
Stacy Maddern
82 Private debt 375
G. Andrew Gonzalez
83 Public debt 377
Daniel Bin
84 Student debt 380
Robert E. Kirsch
85 Deliberative democracy 383
Stephanie Burkhalter
86 Digital democracy 386
Petros Iosifidis
87 Economic democracy 388
Mark Kaswan
88 Participatory democracy 390
Clement Fatovic
89 Populist democracy 392
Tracy L. R. Lightcap
90 Radical democracy 394
Michael Scipioni
91 Dependency theory 396
James Parisot
92 Direct action 398
Billie Murray
93 Diversity of tactics 400
Benjamin Abrams
94 Domination 403
William Clare Roberts
95 Dual power 405
Mark D. Steinberg
96 Environmental justice 407
David N. Pellow
97 Ethnicity 409
Natasha Altema-McNeely
98 Exploitation 411
Mark D. Wood
99 Financialization 413
Michael Keany
100 Gender 415
Katie Temple
101 General strike 417
Robert Ovetz
102 Hegemony 419
Massimo Modonesi
103 Ideology 421
Nancy S. Love
104 Immigration 424
Carla Angulo-Pasel
105 Indigenous movements 426
Michael Lerma
106 Inequality 428
Tom Malleson
107 Internal colonialism 432
Pedro Gonsalves de Alcântara
108 Investment theory of party
competition 434
Joseph G. Peschek
109 Lumpenproletariat 436
Clyde W. Barrow
110 Marriage equality 438
Claire Snyder-Hall
111 Mass strike 440
Peter Hudis
112 Migration 442
Carla Angulo-Pasel
113 Mode of production 444
Joel Z. Garrod
114 Mutual aid 447
scott crow
115 Nation and nationalism 449
Berch Berberoglu
116 Neo-colonialism 451
Michael Keaney
117 Objectification 453
Willow Verkerk
118 Petit bourgeoisie 455
Katherine E. Young
119 Policy-planning organizations 457
Joseph G. Peschek
120 Postcolonialism 459
Michael Keaney
121 Post-Marxism 461
Clyde W. Barrow
122 Postmodernism 463
Stephen R.C. Hicks
123 Poststructuralism 465
Sarah Marie Wiebe
124 Poverty 467
Stephen Pimpare
125 Proletariat 469
David Beech
126 Racialization 472
Christopher Kyriakides
127 Reification 474
Mary E. Witlacil
128 Ruling class 477
Jokubas Salyga
129 Socialism 481
Bryant William Sculos
130 Surplus value 484
Dean Snyder
131 Syndicalism 486
Stacy Maddern
132 Vanguard 488
Alan Shandro
133 Althusser, Louis 491
Isaac Kamola
134 Amin, Samir 493
Prabhat Patnaik
135 Anderson, Perry 495
Gregory P. Williams
136 Aranowitz, Stanley 497
Jason Kosnoski
137 Ashcraft, Richard E. 499
William L. Niemi and Clyde W.
138 Baran, Paul 502
Dean Snyder
139 Barber, Benjamin 504
Clement Fatovic
140 Barrow, Clyde W. 506
William L. Niemi
141 Bay, Christian 508
Hamideh Sedhgi
142 Berg, John 511
William F. Grover
143 Block, Fred 513
Mathieu Charbonneau
144 Boggs, Carl 515
Carl Boggs
145 Bookchin, Murray 518
Maddy Koch
146 Bronner, Stephen Eric 520
Manfred B. Steger
147 Carmichael, Stokely 522
Beatrice Anane-Bediakoh
148 Carver, Terrell 524
Bradley J. Macdonald
149 Castells, Manuel 526
Melisa Ross
150 Chomsky, Noam 528
Joseph G. Peschek
151 Cleaver, Harry 530
Robert Ovetz
152 Cloward, Richard A. 533
Michael Anthony Lewis
153 Connolly, William E. 535
Bradley J. Macdonald
154 David, Angela Y. 537
Bryant William Sculos
155 BeBord, Guy 540
Gabriele Schimmenti
156 Deleuze, Gilles 541
Andrew Johnson
157 Domhoff, G. William 543
Joseph G. Peschek
158 Du Bois, W.E.B. 545
Lucien Ferguson
159 Ehrenberg, John 547
John Ehrenberg
160 Eisenstein, Zillah 549
Olga Patricia Velásquez Ocampo
161 Enloe, Cynthia 551
Vanessa Gauthier Vela
162 Frantz, Fanon 553
Irene Gendzier
163 Federici, Silvia 555
Jeta Mulaj
164 Ferguson, Kathy E. 557
Sofia Pérez Gil
165 Foucault, Michael 559
Clement Fatovic
166 Fraser, Nancy 561
Jason Kosnoski
167 Freire, Paulo 563
Melisa Ross
168 Galbraith, John Kenneth 565
Michael Keaney
169 Garvey, Marcus 567
Stacy Maddern
170 Gindin, Sam 569
Greg Albo and Alan Zuege
171 Gorz, André 572
Paolo Murrone
172 Gouldner, Alvin 574
James J. Chriss
173 Grant, Judith 576
Judith Grant
174 Green, Philip 578
Laura Green
175 Guattari, Félix 580
Chelsea L. Welker
176 Habermas, Jurgen 582
Nancy S. Love
177 Hall, Stuart 585
Andrew Johnson
178 Harrington, Michael 587
Peter Dreier
179 Hartsock, Nancy C.M. 590
Augusta Nannerini
180 Harvey, David 592
Dean Snyder
181 Hawkesworth, Mary 594
Jennifer Leigh Disney
182 hooks, bell 597
Olivia Atkinson
183 Jacoby, Russell 599
Joseph G. Peschek
184 Jameson, Frederic 602
Jelle Versieren
185 Jessop, Bob 604
Umut Özsu
186 Katsiaficas, George 607
Victor Wallis
187 Kesselman, Mark 609
Kenton Worcester
188 Kolko, Gabriel 611
Eli Cook
189 Laclau, Ernesto 613
Melisa Ross
190 Lefebvre, Henri 615
Alex Farrington
191 Love, Nancy S. 617
Chad Lavi
192 Luke, Timothy W. 619
Sarah M. Surak
193 Lustig, Jeffrey 622
Mark B. Brown
194 Lyotard, Jean-Francois 624
Kiff Bamford
195 Macdonald, Bradley J. 626
Clyde W. Barrow
196 MacKinnon, Catharine A. 628
Julie E. Dowsett
197 Macpherson, C.B. 630
Phillip Hansen
198 Magdoff, Harry 632
Stacy Maddern
199 Marcuse, Herbert 634
Robert E. Kirsch
200 McConnell, Grant 637
G. William Domhoff
201 McCoy, Charles A. 640
Clyde W. Barrow
202 Miliband, Ralph 642
William F. Grover
203 Mills, C. Wright 644
A. Javier Treviño
204 Mills, Charles W. 646
Taylor Rogers
205 Mouffe, Chantal 648
Melisa Ross
206 Newton, Huey P. 650
Omari L. Dyson
207 Nkrumah, Kwame 652
Jeffrey S. Ahlman
208 O’Connor, James 654
Michael Keaney
209 Ollman, Bertell 656
Clyde W. Barrow
210 Olson, Laura Katz 659
Michael Stein
211 Panitch, Leo V. 661
Greg Albo and Alan Zuege
212 Parenti, Michael 664
Dusten R. Pettengill
213 Pateman, Carole 666
Mark Kaswan
214 Peschek, Joseph G. 668
William F. Grover
215 Petchesky, Rosalind 670
Manal A. Jamal
216 Peterson, V. Spike 672
Meredith Reid Sarkees
217 Petras, James 675
Henry Veltmeyer
218 Piven, Frances Fox 677
Margaret Groarke
219 Polanyi, Karl 679
David J. Plante
220 Poulantzas, Nicos 681
Jacinta Gorriti
221 Reed, Jr., Adolph L. 683
Daniel T. Kirsch
222 Reinaga, Fausto 685
Ximena Cordova
223 Rensenbrink, John 687
Clyde W. Barrow
224 Robinson, Cedric J. 689
William L. Niemi
225 Robinson, William I. 690
Michael Keaney
226 Roelofs, H. Mark 692
Clyde W. Barrow
227 Roelofs, Joan 694
Joan Roelofs
228 Sarkees, Meredith Reid 696
Nancy E. McGlen
229 Schram, Sanford 698
Roni Stier and Guy Feldman
230 Sedghi, Hamideh 700
Sofia Gil Pérez
231 Singer, J. David 702
Meredith Reid Sarkees
232 Skinner, Quentin 704
Kari Palonen
233 Snyder-Hall, Claire 706
Claire Snyder-Hall
234 Steger, Manfred 708
Isaac Kamola
235 Surkin, Marvin 710
Marvin Surkin
236 Sweezy, Paul M. 712
Ludo Cuyvers
237 Therborn, Göran 715
Jelle Versieren
238 Torres, Rodolfo D. 717
Christopher Kyriakides
239 Wallerstein, Immanuel 719
Gregory P. Williams
240 Wallis, Victor 722
Chris Agee
241 West, Cornel 724
Mark D. Wood
242 Williams, Raymond 726
Joseph G. Peschek
243 Williams, William Appleman 728
James Parisot
244 Wolin, Sheldon 730
Olivier Ruchet
245 Wright, Erik Olin 732
Göran Therborn
246 Young, Iris Marion 734
Juliana Santos de Carvalho
247 Zeitlin, Maurice 736
Victor Wallis
248 Zinn, Howard 738
Alix L. Olson
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