Handbook for Sustainable Tourism Practitioners
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Handbook for Sustainable Tourism Practitioners

The Essential Toolbox

9781839100888 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Anna Spenceley, CEO, Spenceley Tourism And Development (STAND Ltd) and Senior Research Fellow, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 978 1 83910 088 8 Extent: 552 pp
Offering how-to tools and step-by-step guidance, this practical Handbook combines academic insight with extensive professional experience to outline best practice in undertaking environmental, socio-cultural and economic assessments that establish the feasibility of new tourism ventures and ascertains their impact over time.

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This insightful Handbook brings together the practical guidance of over 50 international practitioners in sustainable tourism. Applying strong research design principles it provides a workable and rational toolkit for investigating practical challenges while accounting for modest timeframes and resources.

Expert contributors illustrate how to undertake environmental, socio-cultural and economic assessments that establish the feasibility of new tourism ventures and ascertain their impact over time. Chapters cover fundamentals including how to conduct feasibility studies and business plans, and address key topics such as visitor management and overcrowding. Offering how-to tools and step-by-step guidance, this Handbook combines academic insight with extensive professional experience to outline the best practices for an array of tasks to inform sustainable tourism planning, development and operation.

Incorporating concrete solutions employed in numerous contexts, this Handbook is crucial reading for practitioners of sustainable tourism and agencies commissioning sustainable tourism assignments who are in need of innovative methods and up-to-date guidance in the field. It will also benefit tourism scholars, particularly those investigating practical methodologies for creating sustainable tourism experiences.
Critical Acclaim
‘Written by world experts in their fields, it fills a gap in the market for sustainable tourism research that is helpful and practical. It is gratifying to read all these chapters from consultants and practice-oriented academics that I have admired for years, which allow us an insight into the experience they have gained over decades of working for some of the most influential international organisations, overseas development agencies, governments and protected areas.’
– From the foreword by by Xavier Font

‘This book is a timely and important resource which includes relevant, practical guidance to support the sustainable development and growth of the tourism industry. Numerous case studies provide essential tools and techniques for promoting best practices, with insightful tips and advice from experienced practitioners.’
– Susan Snyman, ALU School of Wildlife Conservation, Rwanda
Contributors: E.A. Bigart, W.T. Borrie, W.-H. Chang, A. Chidakel, B. Child, N. Coetzer, T. do Val Simardi Beraldo Souza, R. Durband, P.F.J. Eagles, J. Erkkonen, M. Fabricius, S. Feyers, R. Goodacre, V. Gorsevski, A. Hamzah, V. Hull, L. Kajala, J.N. Kariithi, L. Koontz, W.L. Linklater, C. Lusby, A. Mandić, E.W. Manning, P.J. Massyn, S.F. McCool, M. Mic, J. Mitchell, J.R. Muntifering, R. Musavengane, D. Muzeza, M. Novelli, A. Novosel, A. Sharma, O. Škunca, L. Slabbert, S. Snyman, A. Spenceley, G. Stokes, C.C. Thomas, L. Twining-Ward, J. van der Sterren, J.M. Villascusa, V. Vukadin, M. Wright

Foreword xxi
1 Introduction to the Handbook for Sustainable Tourism Practitioners:
The Essential Toolbox 1
Anna Spenceley

2 Tourism Theory of Change: a tool for planners and developers 12
Louise Twining-Ward, Hannah R. Messerli, Jose Miguel Villascusa and Amit
3 Guidelines for tourism policy formulation in developing countries 32
Mike Fabricius
4 Tourism master planning: the key to sustainable long-term growth 52
Roger Goodacre
5 Commercialization strategies for tourism within parks and protected areas 70
Paul F. J. Eagles
6 Feasibility studies, business plans and predicting returns for new
lodging facilities 96
P. J. Massyn
7 Funding proposals for new tourism ventures 110
Michael Wright
8 Planning for optimal local involvement in tourism and partnership development 131
Amran Hamzah
9 Touching the earth, touching people: approaches to sustainability design 154
Nicholas Coetzer
10 UN Indicators Programme: informing sustainable development for
tourism destinations 172
Edward W. (Ted) Manning

11 Sustainable supply chains in travel and tourism: towards a circular approach 190
Jos van der Sterren
12 Using mainstream development economics to improve sustainability:
a value chain approach 204
Jonathan Mitchell
13 Establishing sustainability standards in tourism 233
Randy Durband
14 Designing and delivering wildlife viewing protocols that enhance sustainability 249
Jeff R. Muntifering and Wayne L. Linklater
15 Consultation approaches in sustainable tourism 273
Carolin Lusby

16 A research strategy to understand what biophysical and social
conditions are appropriate and acceptable in tourism destinations 287
Stephen F. McCool
17 Visitor use management framework 303
William T. Borrie and Elena A. Bigart
18 Developing targets for visitation in parks 323
Paul F. J. Eagles, Andjelko Novosel, Ognjen Škunca and Vesna Vukadin
19 Optimization of tourism development in destinations: an approach used
to alleviate the impacts of overtourism in the Mediterranean region 347
Ante Mandić

20 Visitor counting and surveys 366
Joel Erkkonen and Liisa Kajala
21 Economic effects assessment approaches: US National Parks approach 382
Cathy Cullinane Thomas and Lynne Koontz
22 Economic effects assessment approaches: Tourism Economic Model for
Protected Areas (TEMPA) for developing countries 395
Thiago do Val Simardi Beraldo Souza, Alex Chidakel, Brian Child, Wen-Huei
Chang and Virginia Gorsevski
23 Biodiversity and stressors rapid assessment 412
Shane Feyers, Gretchen Stokes and Vanessa Hull
24 Social and cultural impact assessment of tourism 435
Jacqueline N. Kariithi
25 Tourism certification audits: reviewing sustainable certification programs 449
Monica Mic
26 Case study research for sustainable tourism: towards inclusive
community-based tourism 477
Regis Musavengane and Darlington Muzeza
27 Establishing and managing research programmes in tourism
destinations: the case of South African National Parks 499
Liandi Slabbert

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