Handbook of Experience Science


Handbook of Experience Science

Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure

9781803926896 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Joseph S. Chen, Professor of Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management, Department of Health and Wellness Design, Indiana University Bloomington, US, Nina K. Prebensen, Professor of Marketing, School of Business, University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway and Muzaffer S. Uysal, Provost Professor, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst, US
Publication Date: 2024 ISBN: 978 1 80392 689 6 Extent: 318 pp
Carefully examining the challenges of meeting fast-developing consumer demands and preferences, this enlightening Handbook captures the difficulties involved in providing optimal service experiences. It provides invaluable theoretical guidance while emphasising the evolutionary nature of experience science.

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Carefully examining the challenges of meeting fast-developing consumer demands and preferences, this enlightening Handbook captures the difficulties involved in providing optimal service experiences. It provides invaluable theoretical guidance while emphasising the evolutionary nature of experience science.

With contributions from a diverse range of top international researchers, the Handbook of Experience Science explores fully up-to-date theories within experience studies as applied to tourism, hospitality and leisure. Chapters analyse the progress of recent research ventures, exploring fascinating case studies to further illustrate important concepts such as virtual tourism and slow tourism. Both the important frameworks behind experience science and real-world applications are discussed, providing the reader with a full picture of this rapidly changing subject.

This Handbook provides crucial new examinations of experience creation which will be perfect for students researching tourism, hospitality and leisure, international business and innovation. It will additionally be incredibly useful for consumer researchers looking to better understand the complex paradigm behind experience creation.
Critical Acclaim
‘The ability to provide an enjoyable visitor experience is a fundamental requirement for successful tourism businesses and destinations. This must read Handbook encapsulates the latest research in this area and provides readers with valuable insights to the many aspects of the visitor experience that tourism firms and destinations need to provide. The book covers experience theory construction, factors shaping experience creation, and global case studies.’
– Bruce Prideaux, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

‘Finally, a book about experience science for academics and practitioners. This is a book for students and researchers wishing to understand experience theory, its roots, current status and future research directions. The evidence-based case studies at the end illustrate how experiences in the THL industries are formed, guiding practitioners in how to design experiencescapes for value and well-being. This book made me happy.’
– Peter Björk, Hanken School of Economics, Finland

‘As “experience” has become a central domain of consumer behavior and the business world, this book nicely introduces its value from theoretical and operational perspectives. The book has also been enriched by selecting several global case studies from scholars from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, with its diverse concepts, it can be a valuable reference book for academics and students in tourism, hospitality, and leisure across the globe.’
– Metin Kozak, Kadir Has University, Turkey
Contributors include: Kubra Asan, Melissa A. Baker, Mateusz Bielak, Veronica Blumenthal, Johan Burger, Michael Burmester, Joseph S. Chen, Yuan-Chiu Chen, Zhaoyu Chen, You-De Dai, Hasan A. Erdoğan, Isabelle Frochot, Olga Gjerald, Ting-Yen Huang, Alice Y. Kang, Elsa Kristiansen, Thouraya G. Labben, Mehrnaz Moghaddam, Birger Opstad, Nina K. Prebensen, Ruiping Ren, Han Shen, Jon Sundbo, Muzaffer S. Uysal, Joosje Voordes, Jiahui Wang, Wenqi Wei Pi-Lien Yang, Yang Yang, Giun-Ting Yeh, Michał Żemła, Yaozhi Zhang

Preface xiii

1 Introduction: Convergence of experience science in tourism, hospitality,
and leisure 2
Joseph S. Chen, Nina K. Prebensen and Muzaffer S. Uysal
2 The four mechanisms of the immersion process 12
Olga Gjerald and Veronica Blumenthal
3 Extending the experiencescape: insights from Macao for the Greater Bay Area 24
Zhaoyu Chen
4 Neo-tribe theory and community experience in tourism and leisure 39
Kubra Asan
5 Virtual tourism experiences: exploring the concept and key elements 55
Wenqi Wei and Melissa A. Baker
6 Designing customer experiences: the importance of different types of
service encounters 71
Alice Y. Kang and Melissa A. Baker

7 Using digital technology to expand and intensify tourism experiences 88
Michael Burmester and Nina K. Prebensen
8 Interest regimes as a basis for meaningful tourism and leisure experiences 104
Jon Sundbo
9 Quality of life and tourism experience 116
Jiahui Wang and Muzaffer S. Uysal
10 The influential cultural factor shaping experience design and creation in
restricted areas: what archaeology tells visitors 131
Hasan A. Erdogan
11 Cultural encountering as a facilitator for slow tourism experiences:
a case in an Amish attraction 146
Ting-Yen Huang, Ruiping Ren and Joseph S. Chen
12 Video game-induced tourism as a pathway for improving the tourist experience 160
Michał Żemła and Mateusz Bielak
13 Development and validation of a consumers’ co-creation participation
measure in the event context 173
Mehrnaz Moghaddam, Elsa Kristiansen and Birger Opstad
14 Understanding the appropriation process to co-construct tourism
experiences more efficiently 188
Joosje Voordes and Isabelle Frochot

15 Promoting LOHAS experiences on a coffee farm 203
You-De Dai, Giun-Ting Yeh, Pi-Lien Yang and Yuan-Chiu Chen
16 Digital marketing practices in tourism: advances in the cultural heritage
of China 222
Yang Yang and Han Shen
17 Space tourism: a new frontier of tourism experience 237
Yaozhi Zhang
18 Value creation, innovation, and quality of life in a cultural setting 249
Nina K. Prebensen
19 Customer experience and tourist experience: what do we already know
about them? 262
Thouraya G. Labben and Johan Burger
20 Experience science: challenges and research directions 282
Muzaffer S. Uysal, Nina K. Prebensen and Joseph S. Chen

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