Handbook of Public Policy and Public Administration In China


Handbook of Public Policy and Public Administration In China

9781789909944 Edward Elgar Publishing
Edited by Xiaowei Zang, Chair Professor of Social Sciences, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, City University of Hong Kong and Hon S. Chan, Professor, Department of Public Policy, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Publication Date: 2020 ISBN: 978 1 78990 994 4 Extent: 512 pp
This Handbook offers a critical analysis of the major theoretical and empirical issues in public policy and public administration in China. Investigating methodological, theoretical, and conceptual themes, it provides an insightful reflection on how China is governed.  

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This Handbook offers a critical analysis of the major theoretical and empirical issues in public policy and public administration in China. Investigating methodological, theoretical, and conceptual themes, it provides an insightful reflection on how China is governed.  
Taking a multidisciplinary approach, expert international contributors explore the complex challenges and facets of public administration, inwards and outwards civil service issues, and policy configurations and implementations in China. Chapters provide in-depth analyses of government capacity-building and policy making, local bureaucracy, anti-corruption regimes, civil service evaluation, and the effectiveness of the public sector. This comparative study uniquely tests Western theories of public policy and administration in a non-Western country, evaluating and dimensionalizing the relevance of such perspectives. Through the examination of key areas of research, the Handbook also illuminates the present state of research and teaching on public administration in China and establishes a broad framework for future studies of the field.
Offering a detailed discussion of the characteristics of governance in China, this comprehensive Handbook will be a valuable resource for academics and students of public policy and administration, politics, sociology and Chinese studies. Its focus on management and performance will also be beneficial for public policy makers and analysts.
Critical Acclaim
‘This Handbook succeeds in providing a wealth of information in one place about the Chinese experience with public administration and public policy. The authors in the collection write with clarity and engage in sober, fair discussions of what are often challenging public policy issues; the context probably added to the challenge. The editors and authors for this volume are commended for amassing this contribution. Because the book has lessons to teach about public administration globally, there is no need to consider it a book relevant only to scholars of China-related topics. The book is recommended for library collections, especially those in academic settings representing schools of public administration and public policy.’
– Christopher L. Atkinson, Public Organization Review

‘This remarkable volume serves up a sumptuous buffet of theoretically informed and empirically grounded research into a wide range of issues related to public administration (civil service) and policy implementation in China. The contributors, most of whom are Chinese, turn a reflective and critical eye on changes in public policy and administration as China tries to adapt to unceasing challenges of social change, technological advance, entrenched practices and globalization. A gift to scholars and practitioners.’
– Thomas B. Gold, University of California, Berkeley, US
Contributors: Z. Bo, H.S. Chan, S. Chen, W.-H.Chen, Y. Chen, M. Chu, C. Ding, R. Fan, J. Gao, T. Gong, Q. Hu, A. Jiang, Y. Jing, K. Ko, W.-F. Lam, H. Li, W. Li, X. Li, H. Lian, F. Lin, L. Ma, M. Musheno, P.W.M. Pau, W.T.-M.-N. Phan, Y. Song, M. T.-W. Sun, S.-Y.Tang, E.L. Wang, B. Wen, A.M. Wu, H. Xiao, J. Xu, J. Xu, S. Yang, F. Ye, L. Zang, X. Zang, X. Zhang, L. Zhao

1 State of the field: research on public policy and public administration in China 2
Xiaowei Zang and Hon S. Chan

2 Selection of local leaders in China: meritocracy or personal connections? 22
Zhiyue Bo
3 Civil service pay in China 41
Shuo Chen and Hon S. Chan
4 Measuring public-sector performance and effectiveness 59
Jie Gao

5 Integrity management under state hierarchy: controlling corruption in China 81
Ting Gong
6 Beyond governance for economic growth: understanding incentive
distortions in the Chinese bureaucracy 96
Shui-Yan Tang and Bo Wen
7 Digital governance in China 121
Liang Ma
8 Regulation in China 135
May Chu and Pak Wan Major Pau
9 The development of fiscal transparency in China: a critical review 150
Hanyu Xiao and Jingyuan Xu
10 Ruling online and social media in China in the digital age 168
Xigen Li
11 Authoritarian transparency: a comparative survey on open government
information regulations in China 205
Fen Lin
12 Land use reforms and land finance in Chinese local governments 221
Alfred M. Wu and Fangzhi Ye
13 Revisiting China’s ethnic minorities policies: asserting a flavor of
Chinese Characteristics 240
Yangbin Chen
14 The Chinese dream and foreign language education policy in China 255
Lucy Zhao, Xiaowei Zang, and Shijia Yang

15 Family planning policies and fertility changes in China: a historical review 277
Yu Song
16 Urbanization like China? Implementation mode, policy regime and
sustainable transformation pathways 290
Xiaoling Zhang
17 Network structure and collaborative innovation processes: a comparative
analysis of two elderly service networks in Shanghai 304
Wai-Fung Lam and Wei Li
18 Land administration policy and illegal land use 324
Hongping Lian, Hui Li, and Kilkon Ko
19 Government capacity, citizen activism, and wastewater treatment in
China: evidence from provincial panel data (2004‒2014) 346
Xiaowei Zang
20 Organ donation in China and Hong Kong: learning from international
models and adopting proper motivational measures 361
Ruiping Fan and Chunyan Ding

21 Research on street-level bureaucracy in China: past, present, and future 377
Xiaowei Zang
22 Authoritarian capitalism and policing studies in China 391
Jianhua Xu, Qipu Hu, and Anli Jiang
23 Exploring frontline work in China 407
Xiaowei Zang and Michael Musheno
24 Leniency and severity in street-level law enforcement in China 423
Lisa Zang and Xiaowei Zang

25 Dissertation research in public administration in China 437
Yijia Jing
26 A review of public administration research in Hong Kong and Macau,
2010‒2019 452
Echo Lei Wang and Jie Gao
27 Crisis of relevance? Public administration theory and practice connections
in Taiwan 466
Milan Tung-Wen Sun, Wen-Hsueh Chen, and Windy Thi-Ngoc-Minh Phan

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